As a beginner guitar player, it’s tough to decide what guitar you want to buy. There’s most option in the market and it have the right to be fairly confusing regarding what is a good brand and model. I know how hard this can be bereason I struggled as a beginner to discover an excellent guitar just choose you. There’s no should be frustrated as you have even more choice than ever before before in good inexpensive guitars.

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To make it simpler for you I have created this guide of the finest electrical guitars under $200. You have the right to get a great guitar for under $200 if you have some basic expertise behind you. These guitars are all excellent options and would certainly be perfect alternatives for any kind of beginner. Let’s have actually a good look at our list.

List of 10 Electric Guitars under $200 with reviews

1. Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster Electric Guitar - HSS

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Fender renders a wide rage of good guitars at all price arrays. The Fender Squier Bullet is a lower price guitar, yet it still has a lot of great features which make it at standout at under $200. Here’s what you get for your money.

The finest part around this guitar is that it’s an HSS model. This indicates you get a humbucker together with the two single coils. You’ll have actually more tone choices for rock, steel, shred, blues and also even more. The HHS Fenders are excellent bereason they appeal to a wider audience and I really love how they sound. The neck of the guitar is maple and also there’s a roselumber fingerboard through 21 frets. The guitar features the standard Fender volume, 2 tone controls, and also the pickup selector switch. The bridge is a hardtail though the body which helps keep the tuning of the guitar stable.


Extra sound optionsLooks great for the price


No standard Fender tremolo systemLacks the standard 22 frets

Final Verdict

For those obtaining right into playing the guitar, you can’t go wrong via a Fender Squier Bullet. I played Squiers once I was finding out just how to play guitar and also they sound excellent for the price you pay. Naturally they don’t have actually the features of greater priced guitars, however they offer you a great sound at this price and also they can’t be beat in regards to their all at once value. This is a solid choice for any beginner that wants to experience that Fender sound without the significant price tag.

Epiphone is the lower priced Gibson version and they have actually guitars in all price varieties even under $200. This guitar offers you most value and also has actually many kind of excellent features.

The guitar has actually the classical Les Paul form so it’s a acquainted shape that you’ll love to play. There’s 2 700T/650R open-coil humbuckers pickups for rock, blues, steel and various other guitar layouts. You obtain a tone, volume, and a pickup selector switch on the instrument. The fretboard is rosehardwood and also it functions 22 frets. The neck is bolt-on and also made out of Mahogany so its steady. The bridge is a Tune-O Matic so your guitar will certainly continue to be in tune for much longer.


Easy to playBeginner friendly


Bit heavier than some guitarsLacks another tone and volume control of constant Les Paul

Final Verdict

The Epiphone Les Paul SPECIAL-II is an inexpensive guitar under $200, and also well worth that great price. The guitar has actually an extremely nice neck for a cheaper version and also it feels great to play. My favorite component on the Epiphone is the neck which is smooth so you’ll hit all those rapid leads with ease. I think Epiphone is one of the best low-cost models as most of them just sound much better than the traditional standard guitar. These tools store their tune incredibly well and also will certainly last you a long time if you look after it. You can’t go wrong through an Epiphone which renders this guitar a solid buy in my opinion.

Dean renders great guitars and also they have models at all price levels, even beginners. The Vendetta version from Dean offers you the majority of value at a reasonable price.

This guitar has actually a 24-stress roselumber fingerboard which is a real value at under $200 as many kind of models from various other manufacturers don’t attribute 24 frets at this price. The neck on this design is smooth so it’s right for fast guitar leads or crunchy rock rhythms. There’s two humbuckers for rock, blues, metal and various other sounds so you have a broad range of tone selections with this instrument. You likewise acquire a volume, tone, and pickup selector to control the sounds of your pickups. The guitar has actually a straightforward tremolo mechanism so you can perform guitar tricks and dive bombs which is nice to see in an inexpensive guitar under $200.


Solid value for low priceExtras that equivalent models don’t have


Need one more tone controlTremolo doesn’t lock

Final Verdict

This Dean guitar is a genuine value at this price and also I was impressed at exactly how well it plays. It’s an amazing value at this price for any beginner that is in search of a bit more in their guitar. You can’t go wrong via this Dean as it has a lot going for it. I prefer the double cutaway attribute as you deserve to hit the greater notes with ease and play quicker solos. While this guitar lacks a couple of functions that higher expense guitars execute, it’s the best alternative for any beginner and also well worth what you’ll pay.

Ibanez makes excellent guitars and among the ideal for new players bereason they are so simple to play. One excellent alternative for an inexpensive electrical guitar under $200, is the Ibanez GRGA120 GIO RGA Series.

This guitar attributes 2 humbuckers so you’ll be able to play rock, metal, shred, and various other formats on the instrument. I think the pickups on this guitar are fairly good for what you pay and that renders this instrument a standout at this price. To regulate the pickups there’s a volume, tone, and pickup selector switch so you can get excellent sounds out of it. I favor the double cutamethod function which is ideal for beginners bereason you have the right to reach all the high notes through ease. This is appropriate for beginners because their fingers aren’t as developed. The cutaway provides it even more comfortable to play. The Ibanez cutaway attribute is just one of the best in the market. There’s a well-known body and also the neck is maple via a rosehardwood 24 stress fretboard.


Classic Ibanez look for low priceNice hardware


No locking nut choose various other Ibanez guitarsNot as flexible as other guitars

Final Verdict

I think about Ibanez a top alternative for many beginners. The reality that you can gain a top quality Ibanez for under $200 is a fantastic value. This would certainly be a great guitar for a beginner because it’s exceptionally simple to play and has nearly every little thing you must make some great music. It could usage some additional features, however what you gain at this price is pretty superior. I didn’t have guitars like hence once I was discovering so this instrument has some excellent worth going for it and it’s a good choice.

ESP provides some excellent guitars, but they deserve to be expensive. They perform have actually a couple of that are under $200 which you need to take one more look at such as the ESP LTD EC Series EC10.

This instrument is the perfect option for a beginner. It has 2 humbucking pickups for blues, steel, shred, rock and also other guitars styles. The pickups are ESP Designed LH-100N, and also LH-100, so they are much better than the average pickups you’ll uncover in various other guitars. To control your pickups there’s a volume, tone, and pickups selector switch. There’s a maple neck with a 24-worry fingerboard which is comfortable to play and straightforward for beginners. The bridge is a Tune-O Matic, so the guitar continues to be in tune well and also it renders for easy string transforming.


Nice shapeSounds great


Needs another volume and tone controlA little smaller than some guitars

Final Verdict

This ESP LTD guitar is a great pick for a beginner bereason it has actually the majority of worth. The instrument has actually jumbo frets which are easier to play than standard frets which I choose. The Les Paul shape is acquainted and easy to organize and play for beginners that are just beginning to learn. I discover the necks on these ESP guitars are fairly nice, even at this price so you’re acquiring something that will be straightforward to pick up and also play appropriate away.

Yamaha renders some nice guitars and also they have numerous models which are cost less and also offer you a great value for your dollar such as the Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012.

This guitar has actually a humbucker pickup and two single coils so it offers you even more value for your money. To control the pickups there’s a tone volume, and pickup selector switch. The guitar has actually a traditional fender style tremolo device so you can execute dive bombs, guitar tricks, and fancy bends. You’ll have the ability to play blues, rock, nation, shred and other layouts with this guitar. You obtain a maple bolt on neck and 22 frets.


Looks greatEasy to play


Need one more tone controlNo locking nut

Final Verdict

I really choose this Yamaha Pacifica as it’s a fine instrument at this price. The double cutameans is nice for beginners so they can play better notes comfortably without straining their hands. I love the tones you deserve to acquire out of it through the pickup configuration A humbucker via the two single coils is right for so many different styles. I have actually this in my guitar and also love just how it sounds. This is an extremely nice inexpensive guitar under $200 which you’re going to reap for a long time to come.

The Fender Jazzgrasp is a distinctive shape and also simple to play and also a perfect alternative for beginners. Fender supplies the Affinity Series Jazzunderstand that has actually many worth for you.

This guitar has actually two humbucking pickups which many kind of Fender guitars don’t have actually so that’s a huge plus to this guitar.

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There’s a tone control, volume, and selector switch to control your pickups. The bridge is a hardtail so it helps keeps the instrument in tune and provides for less complicated string changing. You acquire 22 frets on a rosehardwood fingerboard.


Nice classic lookEasy to play


Lacks an additional tone controlNo tremolo system

Final Verdict

The C shape of this neck is very comfortable and it’s great for beginners that battle via bigger guitars. The Jazzgrasp is normally tiny so it’s perfect for those just founding out and also recommended alternative. The tuning pegs on the guitar are likewise outstanding so it will host its tune. Many kind of reduced expense guitars have actually negative tuners which go out of tune easily, but these are a lot better. It sounds good for the reduced price and it has actually great tones that you’ll love. At under $200, this guitar is a actual steal and also must cost more. The value of this instrument can’t be beat.

Schecter features some good guitars at assorted price points. They additionally feature models that are low expense and also perfect for beginners that are in search of a little bit more such as the C-1 SGR which supplies you the majority of worth for your dollar.

This guitar has actually two humbucker pickups so you can play the latest metal, rock, and also comparable styles. To manage the pickups there’s a volume, tone, and also selector switch. The neck is made out of maple and it functions a 24-fret fingerboard. I love the 24 frets on this guitar as many kind of others at this price just have actually 22, so you have the right to play even more songs on this guitar. The instrument has a Tune-O Matic bridge which stabilizes the tuning and makes it less complicated to adjust your guitar strings. The tuning pegs on the guitar are additionally extremely stable which further boost the tuning of the guitar.


Sleek deignEasy to play


No tremolo systemNeeds one more tone control

Final Verdict

This guitar is a good option for beginners that want to play metal and difficult rock layouts. The pickups sound extremely great and it holds its tuning well. I prefer the cutamethod feature so you have the right to play all the high notes through ease. The guitar comes with an attrenergetic gig bag to protect your guitar which is an added bonus. This guitar is a solid option for any beginner that desires a little more in their guitar. It’s a good worth at under $200 and well worth the purchase.

It’s not frequently you have the right to gain a full guitar package for under $200, yet you deserve to through the Silvertone guitar package which uses you a lot of worth for your dollar. This package has every little thing that any beginner is going to need to start to play best ameans.

This package comes complete through a guitars, amplifier, tons of accessories and software to help you play. The guitar is a conventional Fender style guitar which looks excellent and also even has actually attributes tan some conventional cheaper models. The instrument has 3 single-clip pickups, two tone controls, volume knob, and pickup selector switch so you deserve to get a vast selection of excellent tones out of the guitar. Many type of cheaper models don’t have the added tone control that this one does, so there’s most worth in this guitar. The instrument has actually a traditional Fender style tremolo system for dive bombs. The neck and also fingerboard are maple and you obtain 21 frets.


Huge value for a low costGreat beginner guitar


Some accessories a little weak

Final Verdict

This Silvertone package supplies you a ton of worth for your dollar. The package comes via leskid software program so you can begin to play best amethod without having to buy those first lessons, so you save money. I was exceptionally impressed with all that’s include in this package. It has actually everything that any type of beginner requirements to begin to play guitar which many various other guitars at this price don’t also come close to providing you. It’s all at a really low price suggest so it provides for an excellent investment. There’s not a totality lot of downside to this package that costs under $200. I think this is some of the ideal value for your dollar and well worth the purchase.

Ibanez is a great choice for any kind of beginner and they have actually many kind of great guitar models. The Ibanez GRX20ZBKN is a solid alternative for an electric guitar under $200. This instrument has actually a lot of impressive functions for beginners that want a small more.

This guitar functions 2 humbucking pickups so you have the right to make a wide selection of sounds from rock to metal and also everything in-between. To control your pickups there’s a volume, tone, and pickup selector switch. The neck is rosehardwood via 22 frets and also the body is made out of alder. The bridge is a standard Ibanez tremolo mechanism which enables you to play guitar tricks but keeps the guitar in tune. The guitar likewise has actually secure tuners which better enhance the tuning of the guitar. This is a solid beginner instrument and all for under $200.


Solid designGood hardware


Lacks 24 fretsNo locking nut

Final Verdict

Ibanez guitars are straightforward to learn on. The body has actually a deep cutaway in both sides so you deserve to reach all the notes. This is best for beginners because they deserve to struggle with guitars that have actually a tiny cutamethod or don’t function one. Ibanez renders most of their guitars have a nice deep cutameans, even the much less expensive models. I love the sound of this Ibanez and it provides you the majority of great value at a low price. Higher expense Ibanez guitars have even more features, yet this is an excellent option at under $200 for any type of beginner that desires a top quality guitar at a reduced expense.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Your New Guitar

As a loved one beginner to guitar, you have a couple of things to consider prior to you buy your brand-new instrument. This guide will aid you acquire the a lot of out of your guitar and also protect against a lot of the headaches that many kind of new players endure through their instrument.


The pickups on inexpensive guitars have the right to be fairly weak, they will certainly product decent sounds, but this can be a little bit lacking on some models carry out to the cheaper price. You can make the guitar sound eve better by changing the pickups. Many kind of famous players will buy cheaper guitars and then add much better pickups so this might be an alternative for you through your new guitar. There’s two types of pickups which are referred to as humbuckers and single coils. The humbucker produces even more harder rock tones and also it sounds rather excellent. The single coil produces even more mellow tones which are perfect for average rock, country, and blues. Pickups all come dvery own to individual choice. Many guitars have both humbucking and also single coil pickups which have the right to be right as you get a broad array of tones out of the instrument. A excellent guitar tech deserve to assist you decide the ideal pickups to put in your guitar if you decide to change them out for better ones. Just remember that you don’t have to do this as it’s all just individual choice. It deserve to include more price to your guitar if you buy new pickups.


The strings on new guitars are rather negative. They have actually been sitting in a store of manufacturing facility for some time. It’s appropriate to take the strings off the guitar once you get it residence and also put fresh ones on it as the guitar will certainly sound a lot better. Strings are quite cheap and also you need to have several sets so you have the right to readjust strings regularly. It’s essential to put fresh strings on frequently as this gives you better tones and they are much easier to play for beginners. For currently, players, I recommend 009s gauge as these are easier to bend and also play in general. The 010s are a bit as well heavy for new players and also can cause frustration. You must usage what you favor, however 009s are going to make it easer for you to learn on than the heavier 10s will certainly.


The setup of your guitar is incredibly important and also this can be a problem for inexpensive guitars. They will ship from the factory as traditional, however this is generally not ideal for playing. The activity or how high the strings are from the fretboard are be also high. This have the right to be lowered or raised depending on what you like. In basic, lower action provides it simpler to play quick a greater activity make sit easier to carry out string bending for most civilization. A guitar tech have the right to set this for you. New guitars usually need to be intonated too. This will certainly set the guitar in tune across the entire neck, so all notes have actually the right tuning. A guitar tech deserve to likewise percreate this for you if you don’t know just how to perform it as it can be a little bit tricky for beginners. In some situations, the neck may also need a little bit of adjustment to eliminate a curve or a little bit of warping which the technology may execute too for you. Once a beginner guitar is setup appropriately it will mostly play a entirety lot much better and you’ll acquire even more use out of it so this must be somepoint that you must consider having actually done on your beginner guitar.

I have actually a Best Guitar Under $200, What Now?

Once you have your new guitar you have actually a couple of even more things you need to think. Your guitar is essential, but tright here are other factors which will certainly make you a great guitar player which I will certainly cover below.


Once you have a good beginner guitar you may desire to upgrade the amplifier you have actually currently if it’s a cheap version. There’s many excellent amplifiers in the $300-$500-dollar range which make great intermediate amplifiers for beginner or early on intermediate players which you should take into consideration. I generally recommfinish an excellent solid-state amplifier for a beginner bereason it’s much easier to use than a tube amplifier and also you don’t have to hassle via the tubes. Manufacturers like Marshall, Fender, Blackstar, Ovariety, and other manufacturers make some impressive solid-state amplifiers at a sensibly low price. Other amps include amp modelers which reproduce the sounds you like from historic amplifiers such as those from the 1960s. These are nice because you have the right to usage the software with your computer and also also try your hand also at recording. Marshall and Yamaha have some nice amp modelers that you could consider.


You can likewise begin to experiment through pedals to widen the sounds you make. Pedals can be right if you have actually a poor-high quality amplifier because they tfinish to enhance the sound of a cheap amp to some degree. They have the right to additionally be offered through even more expensive amplifiers to adjust the tone. Distortion, overdrive, wah, flanger, chorus, and digital delay are the a lot of widespread pedals you deserve to buy. You have the right to have actually the majority of fun via a good guitar pedal amplifier, and your brand-new guitar so don’t be afraid to experiment some to make new sounds.


You have to proceed to take lessons if you don’t already. Lessons will certainly assist you learn the basics well. Many players that try to learn on their own will certainly struggle if they don’t have actually the basics dvery own initially. By taking lessons, you’ll mitigate common mistakes many brand-new players make and have actually an excellent musical foundation which will help you improve even even more. You deserve to additionally take advantage of the many kind of cost-free lessons from sites such as YouTube as these deserve to be incredibly useful to you as a newer player.

Avoiding Frustration

Asa guitar player for many type of years, I wanted to offer you a couple of tips to stop frustration as a guitar player which aided me. The initially point you should do is simply relax as soon as you play. You don’t desire to attempt and also force somepoint that your fingers can’t do yet. If you relax, it renders it less complicated to play facility things. Take every little thing slow and also learn to fret the notes properly. Far as well many players attempt to play as well rapid once they aren’t all set for it. By slowing down, you’ll actually play much better and also will have the ability to play rapid as soon as you’re ready bereason you have learned the music progressively. Another things you deserve to do is gain a metronome as this helps you save time and also it’s a huge help in discovering music. Try to play with others as much as possible as you’ll learn around timing and also maintaining the beat, so your music sounds exceptional.

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There’s the majority of option in inexpensive guitars under $200 that would make solid options for any beginner or intermediate player that wants to action up from the average beginner guitar. These guitars all sound good and also have actually many worth for the dollar.

Beginners are going to have actually an excellent time with these guitars as they have nearly every little thing you require as a beginner. It’s still an excellent idea to have actually them setup by a guitar tech or someone that’s recognize what they are going. A lower expense guitar deserve to be made to sound excellent with just a few minor adjustments. Have fun through your brand-new electrical guitar and also don’t forobtain to store practicing and also finding out all you deserve to about music. Now, gain jamming!

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