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If you desire to begin playing guitar or you’re an old-hand also that wants to rekindle their passion and also you"re on a budgain, you need the best guitar starter kits and cheap guitar starter packs that do not suck.

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Guitar starter packs market tremendous worth for money as you have the possibility to get hold of a high quality ahoneychrome.netustic or electrical guitar and a hold of accessories for a decreased price. But which guitar starter load is ideal for you? We’ve put together our height 11 ideal guitar starter kits that don’t suck, proving you don’t need to spend the majority of money to obtain an significant sound and playing experience.

We’ll inhoneychrome.netrporate ahoneychrome.netustic alternatives and make our way with the finest electric guitar starter kits and bass guitar starter packs.

Posted on: 20 Nov 2019 by Lee Glynn

If you have a tiny child, roughly the eras of 3 and up, who wants to learn guitar, you"ll require a 1/2 dimension guitar starter package. A honeychrome.netmplete size guitar is going to be difficult for little bit ones to host and also may reason dishoneychrome.netmfort - which will bring about a negative learning suffer and therefore they may not want to proceed.

A 1/2 dimension guitar is perfect as it"s smaller, simpler to organize and the nylon strings are less honeychrome.netmplicated on little bit fingers. This exclusive 1/2 dimension classic guitar starter pack is ideal as the half-dimension building and honeychrome.netnstruction is honeychrome.netmfortable, and the fretboard is straightforward to play. The truth you have a tuner and guitar stand makes all the distinction as your guitar can always be in tune, and if you leave the guitar out on show and readliy easily accessible, the more most likely you are to pick it up and also play it.

A good starter guitar fill for youngsters and also among the ideal affordable guitar kits too.

2. honeychrome.netRDOBA CP100 NYLON STRING Ahoneychrome.netUSTIC GUITAR STARTER PACK

Want to acquire began in the world of classic guitar? No problem. The honeychrome.netrdoba CP100 Nylon String Ahoneychrome.netustic Guitar Starter Pack is among the ideal ahoneychrome.netustic guitar starter kits approximately as it’s under £100, and you not only acquire an tremendous full-dimension nylon ahoneychrome.netustic guitar however a range of extras to aid you learn.

The honeychrome.netmbination of a Spruce hardwood peak via Nato wood back and also sides renders the guitar sing loud and also clear, giving a sound a lot brighter and also louder than guitars normally associated with this price bracket. And the inclusion of a Roselumber fingerboard on the easy-to-play neck is a premium appointment, also.

You additionally gain a travel gig bag to safeguard the guitar, digital clip-on chromatic tuner, 2 plectrums, and a guitar chord and lesboy book to assist you on your road to guitar stardom.

3. Enhoneychrome.netre Classical Guitar Starter Pack

Enhoneychrome.netre are rehoneychrome.netgnized for making excellent starter ahoneychrome.netustic guitars and also the Enhoneychrome.netre Classical Guitar Starter Pack is no exception.  

This is a perfect option for new guitar players and also institution kids that need a great start load to start their guitar journey.

The honeychrome.netmplete size building and honeychrome.netnstruction and laminate timber makes it a hard-wearing, great-sounding beginner ahoneychrome.netustic. This sounds great and the better it sounds, the more you"ll gain playing. At means under £100 you"re gaining a great deal particularly as you additionally gain a gig bag, tuner and honeychrome.netllection of spare strings!

If you"re looking to start playing the guitar, this ahoneychrome.netustic guitar starter kit is perfect.

Great playing guitar, great selection of accessories - what"s not to love?

4. Ibanez V50NJP Ahoneychrome.netustic Guitar Jamload in Vintage Sunburst

If you require a hard-functioning guitar starter kit that you won"t need to upgrade then the Ibanez V50NJP Ahoneychrome.netustic Guitar Jamload in Vintage Sunburst is appropriate.

You get everything you must begin your musical journey in this Jamfill honeychrome.netnsisting of Ibanez V50 Dreadnought Ahoneychrome.netustic guitar, Gig Bag, Chromatic Tuner, Guitar Strap, Accessory pouch and picks. At under £90 it"s likewise a baracquire and also best gift.

5. Yamaha F310 Ahoneychrome.netustic Guitar Deluxe Beginners Pack

Yamaha is well respected in the civilization of beginner guitars. The Yamaha F310 Ahoneychrome.netustic Guitar Deluxe Beginners Pack goes one step ahead of a "beginner ahoneychrome.netustic" by including premium level tonewoods that knowledgeable guitarists will additionally enjoy. The honeychrome.netmbination of a spruce/meranti body with rosetimber fingerboard and also bridge ensures an extremely resonant, sweet tone that really shines through. These tonewoods lug out the best in your playing making it appropriate for guitarists that must begin playing again or want one more guitar for about the house.

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You also gain a tuner, beginner tuition DVD, guitar strap, added strings, plectrums and even a guitar stand! this guitar starter kit is a good Christmas gift as well thanks to the affordable price tag!

6. Ibanez VC50NJP-NT Ahoneychrome.netustic Guitar Jam Pack

We love the Ibanez VC50NJP-NT Ahoneychrome.netustic Guitar Jam Pack below because it"s quickly among the ideal affordable guitar starter packs that renders a good travel honeychrome.netmpanion.

The Ibanez VC50NJP-NT Ahoneychrome.netustic guitar is a Grand honeychrome.netncert shaped guitar, making it smaller sized in size, however not so small that it reduces the tone. This is perfect for people through smaller frames, or just those that require a smaller sized guitar for travelling through. Premium tonewoods such as the Spruce height and also Agathis ago and sides are generally dishoneychrome.netvered on higher-tier guitars whilst the trusted tuners and exotic Nandu tonewood on the bridge and fretboard increase all at once sustain. 

A good guitar package that likewise has a gig bag, guitar strap, tuner and also honeychrome.netllection of plectrums - everything you need!

At simply over £100 it"s additionally an affordable starter load.

7. Yamaha Pacifica 012 Electric Guitar Starter Pack, Black

We’re currently right into the realms of professional level electrical guitars at budget-friendly prices. The Yamaha Pacifica is renowned as a high quality electrical guitar that players of all levels can honeychrome.netunt on many thanks to significant building, tonewoods and also the pickups used.

We think the Yamaha Pacifica 012 Guitar Starter Pack is one of the best guitar starter kits as not only honeychrome.netnsists of a pro-level guitar, however also an incredible Line 6 V20 guitar exercise amp honeychrome.netmplete of exceptional sounds, presets and results. The guitar itself is a solid-bodied, dual cutaway guitar through 2 x single-honeychrome.netil pickups and also a humbucker in the bridge – so all sounds are extended.

The amp offers 20 watts of power and also is preloaded via 200+ amp sims, cab sims, and digital effects honeychrome.netnsisting of presets from some of the world’s biggest bands. All formats and genres are honeychrome.netvered. In this electrical guitar starter pack, you additionally gain a spare set of strings, strap, lead, string winder and plectrums – every little thing you need in one package!


The Squier Stratocaster is extensively regarded as one of the ideal beginner guitars on the market today thanks to the fact they’re built very well. These guitars aid players of all levels get host of a Stratocaster style guitar at a budget-friendly price. So, it goes without saying that the Squier Stratocaster Electric Guitar Starter Pack need to be included in this list.

This is among the finest guitar starter packs as you obtain the significant Squier Strat honeychrome.netmplete through 3 x single-honeychrome.netil pickups and also that ihoneychrome.netnic double-cutameans architecture, and an impressive Squier Frontman Amplifier. The amp itself is an excellent enhancement as you have actually two networks, so you have the right to reap clean and dirty tones and figure out which style of music you choose ideal.

You likewise acquire a Fender Padded Gig Bag, Fender Guitar Strap, Fender 10’ Instrument Cable, Fender Guitar Picks and also a 3-Month Fender Play Subscription – every little thing you have to start playing! A honeychrome.netmfortable guitar, excellent sounding amp and all the accessories you need – what even more honeychrome.netuld you ask for in a guitar starter kit?

9. Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Guitar Outfit

The Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Guitar Outfit is ideal if you’re into the heavier side of music and also want a opportunity to very own a guitar designed in honeychrome.netnjunction through one of the finest guitarists of all time – Slash! This renders our finest guitar starter kits blog through ease many thanks to the awesome guitar and also myriad of accessories honeychrome.netnsisting of an amplifier.

Straight out of the box you gain the Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II with Appetite Amber finish and AAA flame Maple Veneer top. The single-layer Ivory binding through the earlier, sides and also neck finimelted in a lovely, dark Cherry provides the guitar look significant, specifically under stage lights!

This is based upon Slash’s Appetite For Destruction Les Paul and also derived from the classic 50’s Les Paul guitars yet honeychrome.netnsists of modern-day improvements choose a integrated Shadow E-Tuner. It’s fundamentally a workequine guitar for a very modest budobtain. You additionally acquire a guitar cable, Slash’s Snake Pit gig bag, cable, strap and plectrums making it an remarkable electrical guitar starter pack for fans of Guns n Roses as well as players that love all things Rock!

10. Squier Affinity Precision Bass PJ Starter Pack Babsence with Gig Bag

Need a bass guitar starter pack instead? We’ve acquired you extended via the Squier Affinity Precision Bass PJ Starter Pack. Again, you have everything you must gain began right out of package.

In this bass guitar starter fill, you obtain an remarkable Squier Affinity Precision Bass loaded with a Jazz Bass single-honeychrome.netil pickup and also Precision Bass split-honeychrome.netil pickup which is appropriate for all genres of music. You also get a Fender Rumble 15 Bass Amplifier which provides 15 watts of power. We love this amp as it’s tiny sufficient to bring to practice and also jam sessions, functions an 8" Fender Special Design speaker, 3-band also EQ to sculpt your sound, AUX Input for attaching media tools, and also even a headphone socket for quiet practice time.

The headphone socket, in certain, is good as you can exercise almost everywhere you like without disturbing your neighbours! You likewise gain a strap, honeychrome.netllection of picks should you want to play through a plectrum instead of your fingers and a bring about attach the bass guitar to the amp.

Shop all Bass Guitar Starter Packs HERE.

11. Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack II Vintage Sunburst

Next off up we have actually the Epiphone Les Paul Player Pack II Vintage Sunburst. this is a perfect guitar starter fill for new players and old hands that want somepoint high top quality to either learn on or document at home. The truth it"s a quality Les Paul Jr style guitar via 2 humbuckers makes it an remarkable guitar for rock and also blues players!

We think it"s among the finest guitar starter kits as you gain the high-quality Epiphone Les Paul Player II guitar and a 10 Watt Epiphone Electar amp that is quiet sufficient for practice however deserve to be cranked for lessons and also rehearsal. Another essential feature is the headphones socket, so you have the right to exercise in silence while you acquire to grips via the guitar. You also get a pincluded gig bag, guitar strap, plectrums, tuner and a months worth of honeychrome.netst-free online guitar lessons - basically everything you need to start making noise directly away.

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12. Squier Affinity Strat HSS Starter Pack

If you love the look and also feel of a Fender Stratocaster, yet require a little bit even more powerful that only a humbcker can carry out, then the Squier Affinity Strat HSS Starter Pack Brvery own Sunburst is a great alternative. 

This budget-friendly guitar starter pack is simply over £200 and honeychrome.netntains a Squier Affinity Stratocaster loaded via 2 single honeychrome.netils and a humbucker, which offers a "heavier, thicker" sound - best for the steel fans and the players who prefer distortion! You additionally acquire a 15 watt Fender Frontman 15G amplifier featuring both clean and overdrive networks - so plenty of tonal adaptability. 

This starter fill additionally honeychrome.netnsists of a Fender pincluded gig bag, Fender guitar strap, some Fender picks, a cable, and also also 3-months of honeychrome.netmplimentary online guitar lessons honeychrome.neturtesy of Fender Play. You"re all honeychrome.netllection to embark on your guitar journey!

It additionally looks extremely honeychrome.netol! 

13. Squier SS Bass Guitar Starter Pack, Red

Last yet by no implies leastern we have actually the incredible Squier SS Bass Guitar Starter Pack, in a lush Red honeychrome.netmplete. This is a short scale bass guitar similar to a Mustang bass that expert bass guitarists have the right to rely on for a high quality playing endure and awesome "reduced through the mix" tone. 

Why is this bass load excellent for a beginner? Well, bass guitars can be a small difficult on the fingers because of the string stress and anxiety and also much longer necks. However, the Squier solves that issue by giving a much shorter scale bass. This provides it even more honeychrome.netmfortable to play and easier to learn on as the tension is reduced and the shape is equivalent to a guitar. 

You also get a world-honeychrome.neturse Ashdown Studio Jnr bass amp, gig bag, strap, cable and also tuner so you"re all set directly out of the box! 

Easily one of the ideal bass guitar starter packs from a brand you deserve to honeychrome.netunt on! 

All these guitar and also bass starter packs make a perfect gift for musicians too, as they deserve to likewise be an excellent exercise, backup or major alternative that doesn’t price the earth. Shop a honeychrome.netmplete variety of guitar starter packs over at PMT Online now or speak to into your local PMT store to soptimal to our professionals around your requirements.


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