Fingerpicks, Reinvented. Finger Picks are reusable guitar picks that wrap approximately your fingernails to substantially enhance the endure of playing your instrument


Huge Tone No More Broken Nails Finger Picks define a totality brand-new category of guitar pick innovation somewright here in between man-made nails and traditional fingerpicks. They wrap around and also solidly lock to your genuine nails—yet are completely removable and reusable. Available in literally hundreds of sizes we are confident that you will certainly find a set of Finger Picks that perfectly fit on your nails.

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You don’t have to fuss over your nails or gain manicures every 2 weeks to sound choose the pros. Finger Picks are good for guitar lessons making it a lot much easier for guitar students to learn just how to fingerpick. Intermediate players find huge tone and also articulation and boosted volume, State-of-the-art players prevent nail breakage and also develop totality brand-new methods and levels of expression. Great for advanced Fingerstyle Guitar approaches and Classical Guitar. Hybrid pickers love the well balanced volume across all fingers and also a flat pick. Finger Picks feel as natural as genuine nails, yet these fingerstyle fingerpicks are specially designed for plucking, picking, snapping, strumming, and shredding on the strings of a guitar—or any kind of other stringed instrument. And as soon as you are done playing, you just pop them best off. It almost feels magical.

See more: Best Budget Classical Guitar S For The Money 2021 Reviews, 7 Best Budget Classical Guitars Finger Picks are presently available in opaque white only.

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New Product Alert We are currently marketing Replacement Adhesive! Get a roll of our Premium Activator Adhesive or our interesting brand-new Press and Play Removable Finger Pick Adhesive this day. Great for extfinishing the life of your Finger Picks. Just remove the old adhesive once it is worn out and also stick on the new one. Use one or more adhesive circles as necessary to secure Finger Pick to Fingernail.

New Product Alert Finger Pick Samplers are right here. Whether you desire to try out Finger Picks on one Fingernail, the primary 3 fingers or all 5 we have the Finger Pick Sampler for you

We are situated in the USA. Internationwide Shipping currently obtainable to Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland also, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Portugal, United Arab Emiprices, and the UK. 

COVID-19 Info – We are a tiny family owned service and also occupational in an equipment shop on our residential property. Safety prewarns consisting of wearing masks and also social distancing are oboffered at all times in the shop. All Finger Picks are wiped dvery own through rubbing alcohol prior to shipping as a precaution. So much, the virus has not influenced our order fulfillment times or our ability to purchase raw products. Be safe and remain well!

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