Love your Fender Stratocaster but desire to upgraded the stock tone with the finest replacement Strat pickups on the market? Not a problem! As one of the most prominent guitars ever made, the Fender Stratocaster has actually a vast afterindustry pickup scene that offers almost any kind of Strat tone imaginable. Whether you"re looking for something as close to vintage as feasible, a collection that"s hotter than stock or possibly simply single-coil pickups that have the right to cancel the hum, we"ve ranked the extremely best Stratocaster pickups around.

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Check Out Our Recommfinished Replacement Pickups For Fender Strats

Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot Single-Coil Sets

The company’s best-marketing collection to date, these pickups are wound with 42 gauge Heavy Formvar wire and have actually beveled magnets and also fabric leads. The neck and middle pickups are average 50s specs, while the bridge is as warm as possible with this wire. Slightly hotter than stock Fenders however not as aggressive as the Texas Specials, Fralin’s Vintage Hot pickups enable for more chimey harmonics that highlight the top frequencies. When paired with a classic tube amp, these babies create an extremely lovely growl and also it’s pretty clear that the company didn’t mind sacrificing output for top-end and also clarity. These hand-wound pickups are definitely for tone connoisseurs!

Fender Custom Shop ‘54s

These babies are an magnified set of vintage-style Stratocaster electrical guitar pickups that function staggered, hand-beveled Alnico 5 magnets and Forvar magnet wires wound for classical bell tones and clear harmonic improvement, however those aren’t the only factors they made our list. The bridge pickup is calibrated for boosted, balanced output. Overall, there’s more emphasis on the lower-finish compared to the standard plastic bobbin array uncovered in today’s Strats. Tright here is sufficient bite on the treble without shedding its mellow flavoring that really makes the CS ‘54s shine. Those in search of a more contemporary sound could uncover the tone a bit thin however if that vintage sparkle and glassy voice of a ’54 Strat is what you crave, you will find these pickups have the right to certainly sing! Just make sure to remember one thing; these are NOT hum canceling – actual Strat fans only

Van Zandt Rock Model set

Although Van Zandt Pickups was started in the late ‘80s, founder W.L. Van Zandt had been repairing and also rewinding pickups approximately the Dallas/Ft. Worth location considering that the beforehand ‘60s in his garage. He began by rewinding the magnets on pickups for friends and also other players and also pretty shortly he had actually a tiny business going as his reputation grew by word of mouth. Today, they are among the ideal hand-wound pickups roughly and also the Rock Model set itself is among the company’s most popular brands. Built for rock, heavy metal, and alternative rock, the Rock Model has actually the majority of top-end and growl to permit for overdrive of amp or distortion box. Boasting a stronger output than stock for better lead job-related while still enabling the Strat’s signature chime and quack to shine, these pickups could not be as well recognized as some of the others on this list but they definitely deserve a lot praise!

Fender Custom Shop ’69s

Long story short – this collection is brimming with that timeless ‘60s tone that made the Stratocaster a legend in the rock world! Fender’s Custom Shop ’69 Stratocaster pickups were designed to create one of the most signature and sought-after sounds in popular music history – the thick, punchy late ‘60s blues rock tone that ruled the era and also can still be heard in today’s contemporary documents too. Because of the transparency and clarity created by unique coil wind and also magnet stricter, the Custom Shop ’69 pickup design functions extremely well through pedals, enabling the high-finish frequencies to stand also out without degrading the high finish one little bit. Think Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix or even David Gilmour. These pickups have actually a typical scooped mid tone via exceptionally clear peak in addition to a well-well balanced reduced end. The transparency of the tone in specific in addition to the reasonably low output makes these pickups ideal for keeping your sound clean when referred to as for. It’s no surprise that Fender stays firm in their support of the Strat’s classical sound as the search for the tones that identified an age are still as popular as ever!

Fishguy Fluence Multi-Voice Single-Coil Set

While there are a number of different techniques that guitarists employ to obtain various sounds from a single collection of pickups, such as coil-tapping or switching, those sounds are still bound to a general kind of tone. In various other words, you can’t convert your pickups" tone from vintage to hot, or from warm to line-in high quality clean, at least not without a noticeable loss in output level. With the Fluence line, Fishmale produced a collection that perform just that, giving pickups that attribute 2 truly unique and also useful Stratocaster sounds in one setup. Do you want the clear and existing sparkle of legendary vintage Strat single-coil? Or possibly you choose the enhanced output of the overwound Texas-Hot Specials? Well, you deserve to now have both in a solitary collection. Better still, these single-coil pickups likewise attribute a hum-free style. While they are a tiny pricier than various other pickups on this list, you"re fundamentally obtaining two good sets in one.

Seymour Duncan Strat SSL-1s

Matched and also calibrated, these vintage staggered Strat pickups have that signature biting tone perfect for surf, nation, blues and classic rock. If you want incredible, complete lows, smooth yet not overpowering mids, pristine highs and also an overall sound that is not as well harsh (a lot less than the Texas Specials for one), these The golden state ‘50s make an excellent replacement for the stock collection. They are likewise very responsive to pick attack and finger picking. If you’re trying to find a set of hot pickups for enhanced signal strength, don’t buy these; buy SSL-1s for the love of that pure, vintage Strat bell tone.

Seymour Duncan Classical times Texas Hot Stratocaster Set

Wound hotter for added fullness, these pickups are both magnetically and also physically aged to sound and look like actual ‘50s pickups however via an included punch! Each Texas Hot is carefully assembled and also hand-wound just prefer the typical standards. Careful attention to information like scatter-winding ensures that the Texas Hot looks and also sounds like a classic Strat should. The magnets are calibrated and also the coils are wound "peak going" with "north" magnetic polarity, the very same as the beforehand vintage models. The Seymour Duncan Classical times Texas Hot set was made especially for players wanting the closest re-development of a vintage pickup — period.

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EMG-S Stratocaster Set

Although EMG is best well-known for their metal-centric humbuckers, the company likewise manufactures top top quality single-coils too, such as the EMG-S set. These pickups function the same construction as the SA relocations the Alnico magnet via ceramic. It has the tantamount output of the SA yet the S functions a brighter tone quality accentuated in the upper middle to high frequency response (equivalent to later on version Stratocaster pickups). Counattempt artists such as Vince Gill choose the EMG-S device because it can translate a player"s strategy faithcompletely. Each S set contains a five-place selection switch, volume and also tone controls, and output jack that"s ready to install onto your pickguard with only 3 solder connections required, making installation as simple as it gets.

In conclusion ...

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Well, tright here you have it, our picks for the top replacement pickups for the Fender Stratocaster. Of course, there"s a lot even more where that came from so if you didn"t favor our picks, there"s assuredly a collection of pickups out there perfect for your style.

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