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About This Item

Set of two Fender Strap Locks for use on practically any kind of Fender instrument. Special strap buttons for the instrument and also distinct locks for the strap keep guitars and also basses safe and also secure. Mounting hardware had.

Features: Set of 2 Fender Strap Locks Includes buttons, locks and also mounting hardware



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4.50 average rating from 2 reviews

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Throughout usage, one of the spring loaded plunger buttons was sticking in the open position. Took it apart, removed the spring, chucked the moving black steel component in a drill, rotated and also poliburned edges lightly via fine black wet r' dry sandpaper. Oiled lightly, put it back together and also no more sticking. Work does not present because the babsence plunger end you check out in the image is not influenced. Was most likely an concern of close tolerances/interference with chrome plating. These locks job-related by implies of a little spring loaded plunger that slides in and also out of the strap switch. You understand the bit dome shaped cap in the photo and also pull "out"; thereby releasing the strap switch from the recess in the "fixed" switch on the guitar. This product is my first endure through locking strap buttons- I've not taken on the Schallers and so on



By Jim Bohnen from Millersville,MD

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Thursday, February 27, 2020 Verified Buyer

Put these on eight guitars (acoustic & electric). They job-related precisely as supposed, switching tools during a set is much much easier & much faster.

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