While picking to play bass over a six-stringed guitar might seem prefer an simpler option, it have the right to still be a physically demanding instrument for beginners – specifically those through smaller sized hands – due to the thicker strings and also much longer neck. This is why a shorter scaled instrument, such as this Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS from Fender’s budacquire subsidiary Squier is such an excellent bass for beginners. Let’s inspect it out.

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Body And Neck

Beginners playing this bass don’t need to issue around whether it looks excellent – as the name blatantly states, it’s a Jaguar, via the timeless and instantly acquainted curvaceous body form. The body is made of agathis, and finiburned in glossy Black, sleek Silver, or – our favorite – the cool Candy Apple Red.

As well as good looking it’s additionally comfortable to host, whether sitting or standing, if a tiny on the hefty side. Beginners will really benefit from the size of the neck, which is shorter than your usual bass (a 30” scale size instead of the usual 34”), interpretation it’s easier to gain up and also dvery own. Moving about is also helped by the neck’s polyurethane complete, which is rapid and also smooth.

The neck itself is bolt-on and also made from maple, with a comfortable C shape, and a rosewood fretboard through 20 frets, every one of which are very easily accessible. In spite of its affordable price tag, this Jaguar feels made to last, and doesn’t require a lot erected out of the box.



This bass is loaded through the classical Fender PJ pickup configuration, via a break-up single-coil Precision Bass pickup at the middle position and also a single-coil Jazz Bass pickup at the bridge, giving you plenty of flexibility. There’s no pickup selector switch, however the 2 plastic volume knobs (one per pickup) enable you to pick between the two.

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There’s likewise a understand tone manage simply listed below these. The rest of the hardware is pretty traditional at this price range: the headstock features 4 chunky open-equipment tuners, while at the other finish you’ll discover a traditional four-saddle bridge, maintaining your tuning pretty stable.

There’s additionally a black plastic pickguard and also a artificial bone nut. Nopoint superior below, however every little thing does the project.


Tright here are better sounding pickups in this affordable price selection – especially the bridge single-coil – however the two on sell on this affordable Jaguar definitely provide beginners sufficient clarity and punch to sound excellent. A decent range of tones are on offer, and also the brief scale lends itself to a nice fat low finish.

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It’s all you really need for practicing, and also would definitely work if you wanted to jam via friends or even take on small gigs. Battle of the bands at school? No problem!


For roughly $200 it’s hard to complain about this solid offering from Squier. Its style, price and playability make it a favorite with beginners, but it’s equally as suited to even more competent bassists (or also guitarists) wanting to try an affordable short range version. Its high quality develop also gives an excellent platform for upgrading pickups and also components. Classic bassists might not be also keen on this one, yet they aren’t the targain audience!

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