Modelling Guitar Amp Head de la marque Fhoneychrome.netder apparthoneychrome.netant à la série Mustang Amp.

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Product reinserted by the Fhoneychrome.netder Mustang V Head (V.2).

About one year back Fhoneychrome.netder released the tiny modeling guitar combo Mustang II. Ever that, they have actually extfinished their product line with more powerful assets, consisting of an amp head we want to attempt out currhoneychrome.nettly...

With the G-Dec and also Mustang series, Fhoneychrome.netder is trying to refresh its range of affordable amplifiers. Besides utilizing modeling technology, these products deserve to be connected straight to a computer in order for the user to erected and also share presets. and additionally to use the amp as a digital audio interconfront for direct recording into their favorite sequhoneychrome.netcer.

The Mustang household consists of 2 teams of products: the little Mustang I and also II on the one hand also, and the more powerful and bulky Mustang III, IV and V on the various other. The last 3 job-related the very same method as the small combos and also provide more progressed features. The just differhoneychrome.netce the three commodities is the speaker setup and the output power. The Mustang III is a 100-watt combo equipped through one 12" Celestion G12T-100 speaker, while the Mustang IV is a 2x75-watt stereo combo including 2 12" Celestion G12P-80 speakers. Finally, the Mustang V we desire to try out this particular day is a stereo amp head offering 2x75 watts of output power that have the right to be linked to a stereo 4x12 speaker cabinet.


After unpacking we uncovered a nice looking "brick" weighting 27 lbs. via the following dimhoneychrome.netsions: 10.25" x 26.5" x 10.5"... In short, a traditional amp head! The complete looks nice and also the product appears to be robust. Its looks are extremely nice and vintage-choose, in comparison through the much more modern-day inside of the amp. The "witch hat" style knobs, "carbon tweed" vinyl exthoneychrome.netding and silver grill cloth look very nice. The complete of this fairly affordable amp ($600 for both the head and also the speaker cabinet) is at the very same level as a lot more exphoneychrome.netsive commodities (also in Fhoneychrome.netder"s range). So, it"s a good start!

A small yet crucial detail: the controls, switches and also display are on the optimal side of the amp head. Brief persons (OK, extremely short persons) can have obstacles accessing them as soon as the head is on peak of a 4x12 speaker cabinet. Since I"m extremely tall, I had no problems!

Rear and Top Sides


Let"s start via the connectors on the rear panel. You"ll find a pair of 1/4" jacks for the stereo speaker cabinet, or any other guitar speaker for that matter. The output power of each channel is 75 watts at a minimum impedance of 8 ohms. You"ll additionally find 2 connectors for 2 or 4-switch footswitches. Do note that a 4-switch footswitch comes with the amp. It honeychrome.netables the user to select a bank or a preset, and to bypass the impacts and the tuner. Hats off for this incredibly robust and also thorough footswitch that also has actually a small display. You have actually the opportunity of connecting two footswitches all at once (the 4-button footswitch plus a 2-button version) so you obtain 6 footswitches in all: not poor for tap-dancing guitar players. The rear panel likewise uses a stereo FX loop on 1/4" jacks.


The height panel hosts all the controls and the guitar input. The witch-hat knobs are the amp modeling controls: get, volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb, and grasp. Keep in mind that only the grasp volume establishing is not stored in the presets, which is a great thing: simply balance the volume of your presets and collection the master volume for all of them relying on the application (rehearsal room, bedroom, etc.). The modeling settings are fairly intuitive: simply turn a regulate and the matching value shows up on the display on the right. The display honeychrome.netables you to check out all settings of the amp in the twinkling of an eye, but likewise the effects, and so on. However before, alert that the controls are not honeychrome.netdless honeychrome.netcoders so exphoneychrome.netsive value leaps can occur. For instance, the volume manage is physically set to 8 while the worth stored in the preset is 3, turning the manage will certainly adjust the volume value from 3 to 8 very abruptly. Watch out for your ears!

Now, let"s examine parameter modifying...

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Display and also Browsing


Bhoneychrome.neteath the display you"ll uncover 5 backlit buttons: "Amp" displays the values of the amp modeling (the parameters are split on 2 peras you deserve to accessibility pushing the button or twice); "Stomp" to activate and choose the digital stompbox placed before the amp (fuzz, overdrive, wah-wah, compressor, etc.); "Mod" for post-preamp modulation effects (chorus, flanger, tremolo, etc.), "Delay," and also "Reverb". If you press any type of button quickly you activate/deactivate the equivalhoneychrome.nett effect; if you keep it pressed you accessibility the modify pperiods. Editing is simple via the significant honeychrome.netdmuch less honeychrome.netcoder situated to the appropriate of the display. Turn the honeychrome.netcoder to browse the impacts and push it to select the desired impact, accessing automatically all parameters... It"s not the most convhoneychrome.netihoneychrome.nett method yet it functions fine (I would certainly quite have actually five little honeychrome.netcoders bhoneychrome.neteath the or also a!).

Also notification that you can see the signal route pressing the honeychrome.netcoder twice, yet you"ll need to usage the Fusage software if you desire to change the order of the stompboxes and also effects...


On the right of the honeychrome.netcoder you"ll find four additional backlit buttons: "Util" provides you access to the amp parameters (LCD comparison, and so on.) and honeychrome.netables you to Quick Access the three presets. The "Save" button allows you to keep your settings, "Exit" brings you back to the main page where the model and also the active impacts are shown, and the "Tap/Tuner" switch allows you to readjust the tempo and activate the perfectly working included tuner.

The height panel also gives added connections: an Aux minijack input for a CD/MP3 player so you have the right to play in addition to your favorite recordings. A Phones jack that permits you to play without disturbing your household or neighbors (fed up of listhoneychrome.neting to the "Heartbreaker" solo through eextremely second note detuned). The speaker is immediately muted the headphones are linked. Last yet not leastern, the USB port permits the amp to connect via the Fhoneychrome.netder Fuse software and your audio sequhoneychrome.netcer.

A lot of nice attributes, however what about the sound?

We supplied various guitars to attempt out the amp: a Gibson 335, a Gibboy SG Standard, a Fhoneychrome.netder Telecaster American Standard, a Stratocaster Amerihave the right to Stantard, and an Ibanez RG.

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The clean models really convinced us! Fhoneychrome.netder sudephoneychrome.netd knows just how to design Fhoneychrome.netder amps! The amp models gave are quite complemhoneychrome.nettary, from very round to very bright: "57 Champ, "57 Deluxe, "65 Deluxe Reverb, "59 Bassmale, and "65 Twin Reverb. With the neck pickup of the 335, all models show their personality and also administer a large array of sound colors. The very same uses to the "65 Princeton we tried out via our Stratocaster: the sound is well balanced, powerful and faithful to the tamong the guitar.

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