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A Real Fender Twin - Mini Size!

Hey, you! Lusting after the classical looks and tamong a vintage Fender Twin Amp yet have no cash to spare? You have the right to still own a item of Fender background via the Mini "57 Twin Amp. The Mini "57 captures the vibe of "50s era Fender, ideal dvery own to the tweed covering. It pumps one mighty watt via twin 2" speakers through volume, tone, and obtain controls. Plus, the Mini "57 Twin has actually integrated distortion.

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Is tbelow any type of question the Fender Mini "57 Twin Amp is an excellent exercise amp? You can take it almost everywhere, thanks to 9-volt battery power. Or you can get an optional AC adapter and constantly have actually an amp prepared on your nightstand! For practicing without waking the kids, there"s a headphone jack. The Fender Mini "57 Twin Amp is a blast to own!

Fender Mini "57 Twin Amp Features:1-watt solid-state amplifierDual 2" speakersSingle channelPower, volume, tone, and get controlsBuilt-in distortion1/4" headphone jack (powers outside speaker cabinet)Tweed coveringReal leather handle9-volt power adapter jack (adapter optional), likewise runs on single 9-volt batteryThe Fender Mini "57 Twin Amp is a genuine amp you can hold in your hand!

NOTE: This product is available in the USA just - no international sales.

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Tech Specs

Type: Solid State Number of Channels: 1 Total Power: 1W Speakers: 2 x 2" EQ: Tone Control Inputs: 1 x 1/4" Headphones: 1 x 1/4" Power Source: 9V DC power supply (sold separately) / 9V Battery Height: 7.8" Width: 11.4" Depth: 3.5" Manufacturer Part Number: 0234811000
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Rated 4.5/5
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by David Blaylockfrom Tennesseeon February 22, 2021
Rated 5/5

Useful general purpose amplifier

I realized as soon as I observed this amplifier for the first time that it not just is a neat little bit novelty, yet is a really handy general objective amplifier. I necessary one for all kinds of experimentation attributes in audio work, hobby electronics and also amateur radio. This amplifier is rugged, compact and functions great! All for a price that is similar to that of commercial G.P. amplifiers I could have bought. It"s an excellent product at a good price. A frifinish of mine that is an electronics hobbiest observed mine and also ordered one himself. I"m very happy with it!
by Keith Brownfrom St. Louikid February 13, 2021
Rated 5/5

Perfect for my needs.

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I acquired this little bit amp to usage at my workbench to test pickups, and so on. I wanted to replace a larger, more cumbersome amp. This thing is excellent! It has actually a tiny footprint and sits on a narrowhead shelf over my workbench. And it sounds great!
by Benjamin Etheridgefrom Coloradoon December 21, 2020
Music background: 50 yrs playing/repairing guitars
Rated 5/5

Awesome little amp that will not wake anyone up

I have actually a zillion amp models on my computer system, yet wanted something wright here I do not have to close other jobs or other applications. Sounds great, plenty of volume for in-your-face practicing. The only minor problem is that the battery compartment is a tight fit, making it tough specifically to leave a battery in however unplugged so it won"t shed any type of juice.

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