Fender’s amps are known for their pretty certain tone. The one we are going to look at this day brings a decent portion of that tone, only in an extremely compact format. Meet Fender ’57 Mini Twin – a portable occupational of art that supplies most bang for your buck. As a matter of reality, if you need to have actually a decent guitar tone on the go, tbelow will be only a handful of amps which will certainly do a much better job than this Fender.



Fender’s ’57 Mini Twin amp comes through a reasonably limited selection of controls. However, that is to be expected given that mobility was the vital objective during the design process. Even so, tbelow is some flexibility in this tiny Fender box. Controls obtainable come in create of a power, volume and tone knobs. On peak of that, you also have actually a toggle switch that enables you to choose in between the clean channel and also the constructed in distortion. The tone regulate enables for a decent amount of tone shaping considering the size and format of this amplifier.Whether or not it will certainly be enough is going to depend on your expectations. With that sassist, opportunities are you will certainly uncover the tone you are in search of.



Fender has done a beautiful task via the aesthetics of the ’57 Mini Twin. The cab is made of actual wood and also covered through a soft, quality tweed. However before, considering that looks don’t market amplifiers, this little box comes through 1 Watt of solid state power. While that is not a lot, you have the right to gain a whole bunch of volume from that single Watt.

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The the majority of interesting thing is the reality that Fender ’57 Mini Twin comes with not one, but 2 speakers. That’s appropriate, Fender has actually set up 2 2 Inch speakers in this small and also portable amplifier. When it comes to power options, you are looking at using either a 9V battery or a power adapter. This renders it suitable for both prolonged residence use as well as take a trip usage.


Most guitar players will certainly agree that performance is constantly questionable when you are pointing out portable exercise amps. Being so tiny, it is fairly unrealistic to mean a entirety lot of tone high quality. However, Fender actually hit a pretty fine mark with this one. Cleans are reasonably decent and reminiscent of their older, prcooktop deindications. On the other hand also, kicking in that distortion gets you a sweet, gain-saturated growl. The truth that you have two speakers rather one, compensates a fair lot when it involves thequality of tone you are hearing. Being a 1 Watt amp, Fender ’57 Mini Twin is reasonably loud. In reality, you can most likely use it for busking and also not feel underpowered.


What Fender has shown us with Fender ’57 Mini Twin, is that they understand just how to range down a great guitar tone. This amp offers simply the right combination of features and performance, which makes it attrenergetic to both budgain users and those searching for portable solutions. In all honesty, there are much better mobile amplifiers out tright here, however hardly at this price.

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