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I didn"t buy this guitar. A bandmate did, over Presidents" Day. But I"ve gotten to recognize it inside and also out, and also to experience it as a player, as a band also guitar technology, and additionally as a bandmate hearing the guitar on a regular basis, which suggests I think I deserve to be fairly objective around it. So let"s the image out of the way:
Still pictures do not adequately present how stunning this end up really is because it"s not a flat pastel complete as you"d expect a surf green to be. There"s real depth to the finish and when it catches stage lights simply right, it does wonderful things. It"s never going to look waburned out when you hit it via phase lights. It will respond. So it"s a looker.Now, it"s probably clear from the images that the guitar has not remained stock. This does not necessarily intend the stock guitar is negative. It just indicates that I have a deep parts bin that I was willing to hit as much as obtain that guitar simply right. Eventually, to me, a guitar"s high quality is not about the things screwed into it, but more about its neck, overall vibe, and also its potential.Let"s begin with the bad. There are two components that are crap on the stock guitar: string tree and also output jack. The output jack is of a cheap import kind, and more importantly, it failed during a practice, so it really is a crap output jack. To be fair, we use wireless systems which probably put a tiny little added weight on the output jack once playing seated and also the strap isn"t sustaining it, however regardmuch less, a Switchcraft jack has never failed throughout that type of use. The string tree is of the vintage kind, which isn"t necessarily damaging, however they didn"t put a spacer underneath it, so it"s screwed all the way down to the timber. I"ve viewed some vintage Fenders prefer that, too, but exactly how carry out you justify this? This means that the B and also E strings are going in at an angle beside sharp bent steel. Not only is this bad for tuning, yet it broke a B string a couple hours after it was mounted. Luckily, both of these are extremely easy alters.How around the sound? I think it"s actually fairly great. The bridge pickup is in that nice low 8-8.5 Kohm array, and the neck pickup procedures at 4-4.5, and also has six AlNiCo level magnets underneath a solid cover, which is a more vintage correct design than Fender Standard ceramic pickups. I think when you obtain the string heights appropriate, they provide a really excellent balance. The tone pot deserve to be pulled out to split the pickup, which is nice to watch in a stock guitar. I do not especially think the split tone is all that beneficial by itself, yet it makes the middle place even more functional because in stock develop, it actually gives a very nice sounding hum-cancelling pair via the neck.Quality of wiring is not bad, but not stellar either. There"s shielding, but it"s not obsessive. However before, there"s enough for a lot of customers. There"s foil on the pickguard, however it"s in two tiny pieces. There isn"t a giant piece of foil choose you check out on Japanese Mustang pickguards, which, by the method, does make a difference. If your pick strikes the pickguard and your guitar is under some acquire, you have the right to periodically hear crackle if you have actually an unshielded pickguard. This never happens via shielded pickguards. So you can desire to execute this, yet I"m saying this more as a hypothetical than anything that I actually competent, because this pickguard didn"t actually endure from such static.The pots are decent high quality 500k no-name import, w/ .022 uF poly cap, and also they are wired in the 50s wiring (tone pot parallel to output, not input), which is amazing. So the volume pot remains bright as you revolve it down, yet the tone pot cuts volume as you rotate it dvery own. Lot of vintage Les Paul dudes swear by this wiring, and it"s exciting to view it in a manufacturing facility Fender. Knobs are 6mm metric diameter through collection screw for the metric spec solid shaft pots. The 3-method switch is an open-kind and actually of good top quality, but the switch pointer retained unscrewing itself; a little bit of blue Loctite would more than likely not be a poor idea.I prefer the bridge. I think it"s a straightforward style that provides stcapability and also excellent intocountry. Bent steel Fender saddles. Not my favorite, yet people favor them. The tuners are fine, typical Fender stuff. Nut is well made, I always choose to run the strings I"m utilizing via the grooves a tiny bit to soften it up then add a little of nut lubricant (typically Planet Waves stuff, yet it"s more than likely just Vaseline), I think it renders a difference. And yes, I strung it via 9s bereason 9s on 24" range is entirely OK if you have actually finesse.But really, all this is sort of besides the suggest. How is the guitar overall? It"s absolutely wonderful. It"s light, it feels great, and also the neck has the ideal amount of chunk to it without being beefy. I just can"t imagine not loving this guitar. It"s an absolute player. And my bandmate has actually bonded through this guitar, I can quickly tell. She"s simply really comfortable on it and doesn"t fight it. She jumps around even more. She transforms the Princeton Reverb up greater. It looks good on phase, and it goes well via many clothing. Yes, these points are important.It"s pretty clear that woguys are a big component of the target audience for the Offcollection Series because simply look at their promotional products. There are the majority of women featured tbelow, especially Warpaint (!). I like that they took a guitar which is clearly excellent for smaller players, yet didn"t dumb it down in any kind of way. If anypoint, it"s an innovation on the classical Duo-Sonic, given that this one actually intonates. They even offered us a pair of functions that you don"t check out on many enattempt level Mexideserve to Fenders: an AlNiCo pickup and a push-pull break-up switch. And they"re pricing this guitar a full $100 cheaper than a Standard Strat, so it"s really a terrific worth in that regard. My bandmate acquired it even cheaper, but it was Presidents" Day.Story time. Avoid this paragraph if you"re gonna gain all sexist up in here. I"m a guy, however I largely play music through girls for some reason. We do not should go into why that happens, however it happens that a pair of my female friends required guitars beforehand last year, both around 5"3" elevation. It was actually hard to also find any type of light guitar from among the desirable brands out there. I suppose, I love me some Squier, however it"s difficult to acquire the majority of world excited about that on the headstock. Most Standard Strats are around 8 pounds, and also Teles are normally heavier. I"m around 5"7", and I uncover 8 pound guitars to be acceptable, yet hardly best. (I have a 9+ pound 5-string Jazz Bass I love, but that"s a different story.) It"s among the factors I largely play Mustangs. Anyway, the only guitars that really fit the weight and also budobtain under the Fender umbrella were probably among the discontinued Modern Player models, possibly the P90 Mustang or one of the thinline Teles. But it was slim picmonarchs. There"s the Gibkid SG, of course, yet they"re a little bit more expensive and also they have their own troubles, IMO. PRS SE is really nice, actually, but yeah... relocating on.... At some point, I just discovered cheap Strats, one blackpeak and also one Standard, and also the girls simply had to live through a heavier guitar, yet you can view that this instance isn"t constantly best for people that do not consider playing guitar to be some macho event and don"t discover heavy guitars to be essential or advantageous. I"m certain they would certainly have been more excited via a smaller sized, lighter guitar that didn"t break the financial institution. That"s the various other point. Even if you have actually a light Strat, probably on 6"4" dude, a Strat looks small, yet for a 5"3" girl, it"s looks fairly significant. Plus, I feel like Strats wear poorly on the majority of girls; Teles, LPs, and Jazzmasters seem to do much better. But yeah, it"s no Annie Clark signature, but the Duo-Sonic/Mustang does a really excellent project of wearing nicely on a smaller girl and functioning through their curves instead of against them.OK, so that"s my take on this guitar. It"s great. Strong sufficient for a guy, yet additionally good for a woman. Only demands a new jack and a string tree mod to be your new finest frifinish. Surf Pearl is remarkable. Capri Oarray is stunning, too, by the way, but we figured that since all her guitars have humbuckers, so should this one. It was the best option. Plus, Capri Orange is really loud. It can be excellent currently and then, however it"s quite a shade to commit to if you don"t have actually a huge number of guitars.----And now, the fun part, wright here I talk around all the mods:String Tree: Put a GraphTech white TUSQ XL. No brainer, really.Wiring: While I was down tbelow altering the jack, I changed out whatever. I supplied a Gibboy 300k direct volume potentiometer, you know the ones that Gibchild forum dudes constantly ditch? Well, I actually really like them as volume pots, and I have a pile of them. I think they"re the finest pots for humbucker-equipped guitars. They have actually just the appropriate resistance, and also the straight taper is great for dialing in a tube amp that"s at 5 or 6. The shaft on them is made of solid brass, so when you put a sleeve on it, it functions good via the stock knobs. A bit ludicrous putting a long shaft pot on a pickguard guitar, yet whatever before. I used a Bourns solid shaft push-pull pot for tone, 500k audio, which have actually metric shafts, and also a 0.022uF poly cap, still making use of stock knobs. Kept the 50s wiring. Switchcraft jack and also switch.Tuner: I have actually some standard Fender locking tuners lying around, so I mounted them. They simply dropped right in, no screw holes. Locking tuners are valuable, I favor them.Pickup: I tried various various pickups that were sitting around in my components drawer. The stock pickups, DiMarzio Bluesbucker (for bridge), DiMarzio Injector Neck, also DiMarzio Area 58. Clearly on the winner for this guitar was the combicountry of Area 58 and also stock humbucker. While on another amp, the Bluesbucker/Injector combo functioned really well, on the Princeton Reverb, it just didn"t sound extremely good, method as well a lot of everything. I sat through the Princeton Reverb trying out pickups and also different pot values and things choose that, and this was the magical combination. By the way, the stock humbucker is out of phase with the Area 58 unless you flip green and also red on the Area, yet weirdly, the Area 58 was also out of phase through the Bluesbucker. You"d think the hand-operated would certainly say somepoint around that, but means to go, DiMarzio. I really perform think the Area 58 is a magic neck pickup, though. It simply functions.Series/Parallel: After installing the Area 58, I kind of wanted the push-pull to make the humbucker go series/parallel rather of coil split, so that it"d still cancel hum. Stock humbucker is 3-conductor via shield and also goes from red to white to green to shield. So it is possible to make the push-pull perform parallel/series pretty easily. Say this is just how the pot looks:1 2 3 4 5 6 --- Pot Disattach the bridge humbucker from the switch and also totally free up the white and green wires from each other and also the warm shrink. Tbelow must be a lengthy wire that is perdeveloping coil separation, we deserve to refunction this wire as the output from the push-pull. Make it so that 6 is ground + humbucker ground (was already grounded in this guitar, so made usage of existing wiring), 4 is white, 2 and also 1 are linked, 3 is humbucker green, and 5 is humbucker red + output wire. Now connect that long output wire where the bridge goes on the 3-way switch, and also you"ve made a parallel-series option for the humbucker.

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