Fender took a leap last year by presenting a new version acomponent from their genre-defining Precision and also Jazz basses. The Dimension Bass started as a design in their Modern Player Series prior to branching right into their Deluxe and also Amerihave the right to Deluxe series. But now the double humbucker model has been cemented right into the brand’s lineup with an Amerihave the right to Standard version. We gained our hands on a Fender Amerihave the right to Standard Dimension IV HH in tobacco sunburst to see how it holds up.

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The Amerideserve to Standard Dimension is developed with an alder body that comes in Babsence, Ocean Blue, Olympic White, and also 3-Color Sunburst finishes. Each variation has a maple neck while the Babsence and also Burst models add a rosetimber fingerboard, however it’s the sculpting that provides the neck a vital factor to the bass. Fender took an extra contemporary method through the bass’s neck by employing an asymmetrical “C” form profile matched via a 9.5″-14″ compound radius fingerboard.

On Fender’s standard P and also J basses, the necks and fingerboards have set profiles. The Dimension’s neck puts even more beef on the bass side of the neck while the fingerboard flat10s out as you go for higher notes. This instills a feeling of a familiar rounded touch in the “money” zone with a flatter, more comfortable method in the higher register. If you’re unacquainted through the concept and also this sounds prefer somepoint you’d need to change to – it’s not. The effect is one of those subtle feels that will certainly have actually you wondering why this bass plays so nicely till you review the specs. Even even more, an asymmetrical neck joint offers your thumb more clearance to reach the notes at the peak of the fretboard. Fans of 24-stress basses might gripe at the Dimension’s 21-fret board, however the combicountry of these features make for a smooth-playing neck with access to every note.

The bass balances nicely sitting or standing and at about 9.3 pounds, it won’t break your earlier. While the American Standard variation of the Dimension doesn’t have actually the graphite reinforcements took pleasure in by the Amerihave the right to Deluxe, it does have actually a heel-installed spoke wheel truss rod adjuster. This might not seem prefer a huge deal to some, yet it makes establishing the bass up a heck of a lot faster and less complicated through on much less tool to worry around. Other hardware includes a hefty hi-mass bridge through chrome-plated brass saddles and Fender’s tried and also true vintage-paddle tuning keys.

Of all the previous models introduced, the Amerihave the right to Standard Dimension carries many kind of of the exact same features of the Amerideserve to Deluxe through the the majority of remarkable distinction being a absence of active electronics. The Standard comes in a dual humbucker format through a pair of Fender’s Dimension pickups that are matched up through a volume/volume/tone control layout. The setup will be acquainted to J-Bass players and also simple to pick up for everyone else.

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Tonal diversity is this bass’s forte and also even as a passive bass it has a lot of existence and also definition to rival an energetic sound. Its tone is somewhat complicated and distinct to itself but not totally out of Fender’s wheelresidence. Favoring the front pickup and rolling off the tone a little bit will certainly gain you a warmth, round sound to rival a P-bass while favoring the bridge pickup will obtain you closer to a J-bass growl.

It’s not tough to coax anypoint from fat dubby tones to to a clear, bbest mid-rangy vibe. The bass’s humbuckers are also great for slap and also redevelop that timeless sound tinged through modern clarity. No matter what you collection your tone to, the pickups offer well balanced sound across the instrument even to the peak of the fretboard.

The American Standard Dimension IV HH ships in a beautiful hardshell situation finish with a cable and strap. The strap isn’t a lot to look at in my opinion, but if you’re buying based upon the strap that’s contained you may desire to rethink your playing. It carries a street price of $1,399 so it may take a little saving up, yet it’s an excellent price for a sturdy, American-made bass that should last a lifetime.

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Fender has actually been typeactors to the P and also J-basses for over fifty years. The Dimension is a thoughttotally designed worksteed of a bass through its own that deserve to stand side by side via its precursors. The Amerihave the right to Standard version will be perfect for any kind of busy baid looking for an axe to handle a number of gigs. Only time will tell if the D-bass will certainly end up being an sector typical, but Fender absolutely put in their work to gain it tright here.

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