This is the ultimate fight for the unquestioned king of exercise amps. We’re going to pit the two head to head – the digital whizzes versus the legendary luthiers.

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The Boss Katana 50 and also the Fender Champion 50XL are fighting for the sole spot at the peak of the solid-state tree. Both are highly-trustworthy amps made by knowledgeable groups at two of the greatest names in the service. These combos aim to cram as much as feasible right into their compact sizes.

Both cater to a big pool of people: brand-new players after a taste of different sounds, to guitarists via restricted room, and even to expert musicians who desire a more straightforward setup than their complex live rigs.

Let’s have actually a look at the major features:

The Boss Katana has 5 preamp settings – clean, crunch, lead, brown and also acoustic (for electro-acoustic guitars)It offers a Class A/B power amplifierAccess to 58 Boss pedal effectsThe Fender Champion has a superb clean sound over 2 channelsHosupplies a Celestion Midnight 60 speaker

Boss Katana

The Katana 50 is brilliantly flexible. It deserve to manage house playing and also tiny gigs through ease. This amp is genuinely loud at 50W, whilst the 25W and also half watt settings lend themselves perfectly to those late-night jams.

It covers a large array of sounds as well. The Katana isn’t the kind of amp to hone in on a certain genre. It percreates every little thing admirably, from classical cleans to metal distortion.

Class A/B Amplifier

This is partially dvery own to the reliable Class A/B amplifier, which compresses the sound to get the biggest frequency array possible out the Boss-designed Propriety speaker. It deserve to sag or tighten favor a genuine valve amp bereason of the vintage component modelling. It’s one of the a lot of earthy and also dynamic practice amps we’ve heard.

Just the small enhancements, choose simulating tube response on low volume and also speaker emulation for headphones, audio interdeals with or a PA mechanism makes the Katana very adaptable.

Controls & Effects

Boss packed the Katana with an unbelievable amount of control, from the dedicated acoustic preamp to the complete app editor suite. You can save it all to a memory tone bank so you won’t forgain that impressive setting you taken place across.

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The real icing on the cake is the ridiculous array of Boss impacts, modelled after some of their many iconic pedals. The version 2 revision carried the total to over 50, consisting of octave, pitch, modulation, delay, reverb and whatever before else you can imagine.

One of the best determinants in establishing the Katana over its competitors is the broad target sector. Users of all different abilities and also demands have actually pumelted this amp beyond its borders and also right into new regions. It’s clear the developers put a lot of time and effort right into making this the all-encompassing exercise amp. You could not pay much attention to little features below and tbelow at first, however you’ll no doubt come roughly to realising the ridiculous sound-shaping depth they administer.

Fender Champion

There’s no denying it. The Fender Champion 50XL can’t complement the versatility of the Katana. Although extremely outstanding, it has fewer networks, sound shaping alternatives and relations.

Wbelow the Katana excels in depth, but, the Champion produces outstanding shimmery cleans, through the option of high get. It doesn’t neglect the results either and even has a tap tempo for the delay to store it in time through what you’re playing.


Celestion Speaker

The Champion comes right into its very own when set to the famed Fender clean sound. It’s not rather a Hot Rod, yet it does a good project of recreating those vintage ‘blackface’ vibes. The Celestion speaker is a actual highlight for a genuinely cheap combo. You can easily dial in an airy and also complete tone with the assist of the larger cabinet (hence the XL).

It does so well in the sound department that it doesn’t even need a mids EQ. Take the Champion back a couple of decades and it would certainly look pretty indiscernible to its surroundings also.

The channel selection is a proceeds knob that adds gain at each action. Essentially, the Fender has actually one preamp. It loads up on gain from clean through to crunch, British and metal settings, plus a super cool octave at its a lot of distorted. Like the Katana, the Champion is exceptionally tube-choose for solid-state innovation.

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With incredibly equivalent specs and also prices, the Champion 50XL and Katana could be determined at the toss of a coin. But for simplicity’s sake, if you’re after a good ‘plug in and play’ heat tone and also silky impacts, the Fender is the method to go. But for recording, a massive amount of tweaking and also basic experimentation, the Katana owns it.

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