Patrick Allen from New York February 12, 2017 Music Background:Intermediate going for Full time performer

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It exceeds what I was expecting. I"m an electrical guitar player, but assumed about dabbling a small in acoustic tonality. Worth every penny and also then some.
1 year via this guitar ... bought it warm soundgreat preampcomfortableexcellent for recordinglightweightsounds good mic"ed live or through DI box
This guitar is exceptional, especially at this price point. Not to mention the plush difficult shell instance that was component of the deal. Awesome sound. It arrived on time. Took it out of shipping carton and let it collection at room temperature for 24 hours before dressing the worry board via lemon oil. 12 hours later I tuned it and also have actually been playing it considering that. Three weeks later on it is still in perfect tune. I have a 3 grand Les Paul that won"t continue to be tuned even more than a day! Bottom line is that this guitar is all set for any assignment out of package. And then there"s the finish.....Gorgeous! I love it!
Everypoint around the deal I acquired was pretty excellent, if not downideal exceptional. The guitar showed up incredibly quick, much less than 36 hrs from the time I put my order. It confirmed up double boxed and packed extremely well. This is the initially time I have bought a guitar without playing it initially, so I was apprehensive about the condition it would be in when it arrived. It was intact, spotmuch less and in tune. Action was a small little on the high side up past the 12th fret. But, after living via it for a few weeks I"ve figured out that it really isn"t that poor. After doing some dimensions, it"s actually pretty a lot put up to factory specs. The Fishman mechanism is pretty cool and supplies a lot even more adjustment to the tone than I supposed. I was simply looking for an acoustic guitar to play approximately with outside, or the back porch, or whenever I simply wanted to strum ameans. What I acquired was a guitar that would certainly be comfortable doing anypoint from sitting approximately a campfire to doing gigs through. The consisted of hsc was just the included bonus that made me decide to buy it. And I"m glad I did.
I haven"t had actually an acoustic guitar in 40 years so it"s been fun learning aacquire. I discussed on whether to obtain a straight acoustic or acoustic/electrical. I"m so glad I made a decision the last. It sounds so good via my Fender Super Champ X2 with the Greeago speaker! It also sounds great with a Strymon Flint. The guitar is not master-crafted yet it sure sounds excellent to a beginner like me.The onboard tuner works surprisingly well. Pretty a lot just as good as my TC PolyTune. The pickup EQ dials really perform change the tone substantially. They"re not Fischer Price dials. As exceptional as the guitar is, the tough situation that comes through it? Divine cow. 1/3 of the price of this guitar must be in the instance. I really don"t think you have the right to carry out much better than this guitar and case for the price. I"m super happy via it so far.
I have Taylors, and Martins numerous fenders Strats and also Tele"s so once my child expressed an interest in finding out to play guitar I was incredibly happy... after looking around at the enattempt level guitars I decided this one, once it arrived I tuned it up played a couple of chords and was exceptionally surprised at the tonal top quality of this guitar... to the suggest of briefly reasoning about maintaining it :-) it"s exceptionally straightforward to play and also after one leaboy my boy has actually G, C, and also D down pretty excellent
I really enjoy this guitar. I ordered it on May 11, 2016 and also it landed on May 13, 2016. I ordered a DEMO version which saved me about 10% on the purchase. The guitar looks excellent, sounds good and also the electronics job-related excellent.
For the price, you"ll have a tough time finding a much better sounding guitar. This point has a really complete, rich and crisp sound once play acoustically. Plug it in and also the electronic devices will certainly blow you ameans. Amazing sound. I"ve played 4 gigs in the month I"ve owned it and originally bought it bereason my main acoustic guitar was going to be in the shop as soon as I had a gig. I necessary a ago up that was great sufficient and wouldn"t break the financial institution. Well my this guitar went from earlier up to major. At each of those gigs I"ve had actually a professional guitar player ask me about it and also complement its sound.
Great play ability and beautifully made. Sounds sweet and beautiful. It is also even more lovely than I believed it would certainly be. This guitar has good tone! I am incredibly happy via my purchase.
went I got the fender guitar is feel like a brand-new born baby went I obtained it it an excellent guitar to hold on to give thanks to for it
I bought this guitar as my first guitar. I kbrand-new Fender was a reputable name and also made great products. I couldn"t be happier through my purchase! This is a beautiful guitar through great sound... Buy it and also you will not regret it. The people at are impressive and also the customer service is top notch. I"ll yet all my future equipment from them. Thanks! Love you men.
This is the second one that I brought .Love the sound of this Guitar. Then it comes via a nice instance additionally. Can"t beat the sound and and so on, that you acquire for the price.It"s great.
this is a great sounding guitar for the money. nice action. did a good project with setting it up.
This guitar has actually a substantial sound and also plays exceptionally well. Never before been a Fender acoustic male, but I am now.
I simply acquired this in over a hour back by means of Fed-EX and also I am blvery own away at the quality and also sound of this beautiful instrument. My just fault via it is that the action is a tad too high but, I deserve to settle that by sanding dvery own the bridge saddle. This is my brand-new baby and also is not going all over !
Edith Daniels from Bonners Ferry, ID September 2, 2014 Music Background:Played piano, flute and also guitar for many years.
This guitar is wonderful. It is beautiful, has a good sound and also many type of upqualities, such as the hard-shell situation and built-in tuner, for free!
I´ve bought this product and also i im extremely happy through this guitar. This guitar sounds remarkable, it has a awesome bass response, has a beautiful mid and treble, good for fingerstyle and also to play live. Better than some martins and taylors.
Great birthday existing for my son! He was surprised and also excited to include this to his guitar collection!
They delivered my brand-new CD 60 CE today and also within an hour I was entirely impressed. Better than I intended in all elements. Plays well, sounds great and looks fabulous. The congregation will certainly be pleased through the outcomes. Thanks again for a Sweet deal!

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Ken S. from West Chicago, IL USA June 19, 2013 Music Background:Long term hobbyist and consistent student
Everything around this guitar was better then I meant for the price. The finnish, the tone with or w/out utilizing an amp., the Fishmale Electronics and also also the high quality of the had situation. Nice Deal!
This guitar is what I have been looking for. Beautiful tone and looks excellent. Fishmale electronic devices allows good plugged in sound. All mahogeny consruction offers a warm sound without sacrificing volumn. I would certainly love to check out a 12 string variation of this guitar.
Ordered my brand-new guitar and it arrived within a couple of days. Just as explained. Very beautiful guitar and also sounds great. The Fishguy pre-amp and also tuner works good and also it sounds wonderful once plugged right into my Danelectro amp that I have actually had for years. The mahogany type of body looks exceptionally attractive and produces the ideal sound I have heard from comparable acoustic guitars. Best customer business I have watched in years. My sales engineer called me the day after I area my order to confirm everything through me. I appreciate the interaction and also the rate of distribution for my order.
I inserted my order virtual for one of these on a Tuesday morning. By 2:30pm the following day, I had the guitar in my hands. I only supplied the complimentary shipping option and it still just took 32 hrs for the guitar to arrive. It was boxed incredibly well and survived the pilgrimage completely intact. The string elevation is a little high appropriate out of package, however that is to be meant. Eextremely guitar needs to readjusted a tiny bit for each individual player. The tamong the guitar is everything I intended an all mahogany type of Dreadnought would certainly sound like. Nice heat, bellowing tones. The tuner works excellent sufficient to be thought about a complimentary alternative. The Fishmale mechanism functions very well and I was surprised by how much the eq actually alters the tone. I do not have actually an amplifier particularly for acoustic guitars, but I couldn"t resist trying out the Fishguy mechanism. I tried the guitar through a Vox AC30C2 through a tiny little bit of reverb and tremolo and also it sounded pretty darn good. For the beginner to intermediate level players this guitar is a good barget. The contained lockable Fender hardshell instance is a nice included touch to the deal.
This is a lengthy review, but I think it will certainly aid some of you that can be on the fence around this guitar. This is my first acoustic-electric guitar. I purchased it because it is well within my budget, and also I preferred the look of the mahogany. The tough case fits the guitar well, and is well built. When I opened the instance for the initially time, I was amazed at just how beautiful the guitar is. None, and I expect NONE of the pictures you view on any kind of website does this guitar justice!!. I spent 10 or 15 minutes just looking at the guitar before I tuned it up and started playing. My understanding of guitars is limited, yet the fit and complete on this instrument is beautiful! I wasn"t sure how excellent the Fishguy tuner would certainly work, so I provided my Korg digital tuner and also the Fishman tuner at the same time. For me, the Fishmale tuner will be simply fine. If you"re worried about leaving the tuner on and also running the battery down, you really have nothing to issue around...once the tuner is on, the green "in tune" light flashes until the tuner is turned off. Also, if the tuner is on, audio to your amp is muted. When I began playing, I smiled a large smile and giggled simply a little little. For me, this guitar sounds as beautiful as it looks...a nice warm, rich sound. I"m a 63 year old male, and my fingers are sensitive to a string activity that I think is also high. I have no trouble playing all over on the fretboard on this guitar. The initially time I hooked the guitar as much as an amp, I was very pleased through the sound (The amp is a Fender Acoustasonic 15). If I had it to execute almost everywhere aobtain, I"d still buy this guitar. If someone I know wanted to begin playing a guitar, I"d tell them to get this guitar. So after all the praises of this guitar, why only 4.5 stars??? Due to the fact that the wires from the tuner/amp manage to the cable plug are visible in the sound hole, and if I pick up the guitar and also provide it a shake, the wires will hit the guitar body. If I were responsible for QA at Fender, that **** would certainly not pass.
My initially mahogany kind of acoustic, likewise my initially acoustic electrical. The guitar arrived in tune, and played beauticompletely. Nice deep base and suited for most styles of music. I play a lot of Eagles and country blues, and also guy does it have a sound! Much different than my spruce peak Washburn. More bass, and also an overall warmer tone. The constructed in electronics job-related very nicely...constructed in tuner is spot on. I frequently lug my guitars to a luthier for set-up, yet this one more than likely won"t must make that trip. Very pleased via my purchase.
thomas tidwell from griffin ga. February 16, 2015 Music Background:hobby 40 years now

excellent guitar gain it incredibly a lot plays excellent sounds great.

ideal guitar for its price ,told friends about it .
Ron Friedman from Canton, GA November 12, 2014 Music Background:Professioanl hobbyist and lifestime student.
Guitar arrived in what appears to be good form, simply got it yesterday. The action is a tiny high and I will inevitably have it recollection and also strung again professionally from my Luthier, after I play it awhile. The Fishguy electronics sound actual nice and also was actually surprised it had a battery already mounted. The one I got was detailed as a Demo (excellent price), however I was told it was "brand new" and also only the shading was off a small on the front and rear. I was sent photos while on the phone with of the guitar. When I very closely rerelocated the Fender sticker from the pick guard.. it shows up to have numerous scratches that were under the sticker. No substantial deal but wondering how they gained their.
obtained my brand-new fender and it was beautiful....was a little worried around the strings however now am afrassist to change them bereason they sound so great for cheap strings...didnt recognize it forced a battery for the electrical side untill it quit playing after i had left it on....addressed that and its fine currently...had actually several excellent comments on its looks and also significantly pleased with this guitar....
Got this fender out of the instance ready to jam. Solid body, continues to be in tune, and also excellent low tones. perfect for the price
all the other reviews i had actually read around the CD-60CE are very accurate. it is a good guitar through good sound. the truth that it came via a tough instance was a real bonus.
Wanted a nice acoustic without breaking the bank - this Fender fit the bill! Beautiful sounding an looking guitar for the money. The consisted of Fender hard take a trip situation renders this deal also much better. Would highly recommfinish this guitar to any type of beginner or intermediate player.
The scratches on the pick guard turned out to be bereason " I ".. did not take the clear plastic off... after sending some photos to Clint at he dubbed me back instantly and also solved the mystery. DUH ME! Thanks Clint
Fender CD-60CE Mahogany kind of. This thing it Gorgeous! The tone is heat & cozy. Plays great. The difficult shell case is exceptionally nice. Not thrilled via the Fishguy Tuner. For the price, a good worth.
I got this as a knock approximately piece and also bereason it looks so darn excellent. The sound is excellent but not favor my various other models. The consisted of case is a bonus.My sales engineer, Donte, was exceptionally beneficial and also over any various other sales world I have actually encountered at various other sites.Overall, I am extremely pleased through the totality experience.
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