We’ve reviewed many instruments right here at Beginner Guitar HQ. Yet, we’ve never detailed the best expensive electrical guitars before.

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Making justice to our name, many of our listings include budacquire options and also amateur alternatives. Beginner and intermediate musicians are not looking to waste their savings on a solitary piece of equipment.

It’s what we carry out. We list top-value choices; information the sweet spot. Do you know what the “sweet spot” is? It’s that precise price line wright here going up a few bucks returns fantastic rewards, but going dvery own a couple of bucks transforms out depushing.

Our favorite musical gear squeezes as much as it have the right to from its price tags. Now, though, we’re doing somepoint different. What if we go all out and forgain money is a problem? What could we find?


Fender is regularly overpriced, as in paying a bit for various other brands more gets something twice as great. That’s what the Suhr Classic Stratocaster represents over Fender’s high-finish choices.

The Suhr Standard S is the sort of guitar that shows why high quality matters.

First off, it’s made of alder (body), tinted maple (neck), and Indian Rosetimber (fingerboard). Additionally, it features the brand’s 60’s C vintage neck profile for super-smooth lead playing.

The finish originates from satin acrylic urethane, a top quality product that protects the organic feel of the hardwood. Additionally, it protects the wood from moisture and also all at once destruction.

The sound originates from its trio of V60LP top-tier single-coils. These tapers are wound with a proprietary winding process that mimics old-school hand-wound trends. As an outcome, the highs are sweet and also round, whereas the lows are rolled up.

That renders the sound complete, loud, clear, and also with terrific lows. It’s a little bit on the vintage side, however it can play nearly anything. They deserve to also play steel as these are noiseless, high-output single-coils. See, these beautiful pickups come with the company’s SSCII noise reduction device, so they run without any interference.

As for controls, the Classic S packs 2 distinctive tone knobs plus a understand volume knob. Then, it packs the typical 5-means pickup selector switch: a classic and also functional layout.

Hardware-wise, it packs a Gotoh 510 tremolo bridge through a system that pivots left and best to administer greater usability. Plus, it has actually a steel block that improves sustain and also tuning stcapability.

Likewise, you’ll find pitch-perfect Goth tuners on the other side of the guitar.

Just listen to exactly how this sounds. I bet you will have an “OMG” moment. Nopoint classier than this one.

Ibanez Prestige AZ2204

Most functional expensive electric guitar

This is the guitar that mirrors just exactly how far and also how a lot the Japanese instrument manufacturer can do. And it have the right to perform it all.

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Its design is all about attribute. It’s a tool. In specific, the AZ2204 is a multi-objective guitar via the the majority of dynamic pickup system you’ll uncover.

The Ibanez Prestige AZ2204 packs the AZ exclusive pickups, a trio of Seymour Dundeserve to Hyperion bobbins through an HSS configuration.

On height of that, it packs the Dyna-MIX 9 device you deserve to use via its 2-method mini-toggle switch. It permits you to “alter” the tone for a whopping amount of 9 different pickup sounds.

For controls, it also packs the standard master volume and also tone knobs plus a 5-way selector switch. Simple, yet delivering an endless flexibility. It enables you to go from ‘50s jazz & swing music all the way to the Ibanez shred sounds. It deserve to do it all, and also no various other guitar mimics this quality.

It’s additionally a gorgeous instrument through its Ice Blue Metallic finish. It could bvarious other you that there’s only one shade easily accessible, though.

Other than that, Ibanez created this guitar with care. It has actually an alder body, a roasted glued-in maple neck, and also a roasted maple fingerboard on a 25’5’’ scale and 24 tool jumbo frets.

Then, it has a Gotoh T1802 tremolo plus Gotoh Magnum Lock tuning pegs via H.A.P. technology. Top-of-the-line, if you ask me.

Overall, the AZ2204 is a seriously flexible instrument via an excellent sound and also a superb built top quality. Going above what this prestigious instrument provides is quite tricky.

Alternative: Ibanez Premium S1070PBZ

I had to offer you an alternative as I can’t go on without naming the gorgeous S1070PBZ guitar via celluloid complete.

It’s made through Afrihave the right to Mahogany (body) Panga Panga/Maple/Walnut/Purpleheart (neck), and Panga Panga (Fingerboard). It packs laminated tops made through a combination of Walnut, Curly Maple, Panga Panga, and also Poplar Burl. Add Ibanez’s proprietary cerulean body complete to gain the most exotic-looking guitar in the sector.

Keeping his guitar on your trophy cabinet is tough, though. It packs two top-tier humbuckers plus one single-coil. As for controls, you obtain a solitary volume and also regulate knob plus a 5-means switch.

It additionally packs an Edge-Zero tremolo bridge to complete the package. Overall, the Premium S1070PBZ has the very same levels of complete, feel, and also sound high quality as the twice-as-expensive Prestige series.

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The downside of this guitar is its 4-screws bolt-on neck. Ibanez swears on the quality of this style, but we would have desired a glued-in or a set-in neck at this price allude.

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