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The Masterbilt Zenith Classic Acoustic/Electric Guitar is a medium-sized archtop with an arched Solid Spruce optimal via typical Longitudinal Bracing, a laminated Flame Maple body, and timeless f- holes. Inside the top f-hole is a 1930"s era replica Epiphone label. The Zenith Classic is accessible in aged gloss end up inspired by Epiphone’s pricemuch less vintage arsenal in Nashville, Tenneswatch. The tortoise style pickguard comes unattached. Pickguard hardware comes included.

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Epiphone Masterbilt Century Zenith Standard Archheight Features Arched Solid Spruce peak through conventional Longitudinal Bracing Laminated Flame Maple body Hard Maple/Mahogany neck eSonic HD preamp mechanism and Shadow NanoFlex HD Under-saddle pickup Ebony fingerboard Pearloid ‘Falling Snowflakes’ fretboard inlayLike Epi’s first generation of archtops, the new Zenith Classic has actually a distinct body profile with a 16 inch reduced bout, a 11.6 inch top bout, a 9.4 inch waist, and also a body length slightly over 20 inch. Many archpeak collectors consider a 16 inch archpeak the appropriate size for its concentrated sonic punch and also overall tone. With its signature f-holes and Solid Spruce height, the Zenith Classic is an ideal rhythm instrument for singers and also soloists.Flatheight guitarists will certainly uncover it can quickly reduced through a mix better than the majority of any other acoustic. Both the body and top attribute 3-layer Ivory and Black color binding while the Ebony fingerboard has single layer Ivory shade binding. The f-holes have 2-layer binding. The 5-item Hard Maple and also Mahogany type of neck has actually a full rounded ‘C’- profile that is glued to the body through a dovetail joint for an accurate fit so the Zenith Classic will certainly resonate as one piece of lumber. The Ebony fretboard has actually 20 medium frets, a 25.5 inch range size, and also pearloid ‘Falling Snowflakes’ inlays modeled after the original Masterbilt Zeniths.The compact tone of the Zenith Standard sounds beautiful unamplified on a tiny phase or in the studio. But currently the cutting edge eSonic HD (High Definition) preamp device and Shadow NanoFlex HD Under-saddle pickup make it possible for archpeak players to hear their instrument intensified specifically as they hear it unplugged. No archtop player has actually ever before heard an acoustic guitar even more accurately stood for through a sound system before.The Shadow NanoFlex HD Under-saddle pickup has actually easy-to-accessibility controls for Master Volume and Master EQ mounted just inside the reduced f-hole. Now you have complete control over just how a lot of the acoustic guitar is amplified. The pre-amp system is powered by a typical 9-volt battery that is simple to accessibility, situated close to the solid nickel 1/4 inch output jack.

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Historic Epiphone HardwareThe Zenith Standard comes through Historic Epiphone Re-problem Tuners with Marboloid Crvery own butloads through an upgraded 18:1 tuning ratio for quick and also exact tuning. The tuners are placed on an Epiphone Dovewing headstock via Pearloid Banner logos. Unchoose many kind of vintage archtops, the Zenith Standard has actually a dual action truss rod for simple and perfect set-up.The Floating Flexible Ebonoid Bridge is made from a synthesized material that has the grain-like texture and also look of Ebony yet is harder and even more reputable for years of playing. The historic aged all-nickel Trapeze Tailpiece is also influenced from Epiphone’s vintage Masterbilt repertoire. Eincredibly brand-new Masterbilt Century guitar is set up at the factory with Cleartone 12-53 gauge strings. An optional vintage-styled hard situation is likewise accessible.CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
WARNING: Cancer and also Reproductive Harm -

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