The Epiphone Wildkat semi-hollow guitar is one of those original Epiphone models. You view, aside from making affordable Gibson-designed instruments, Epiphone also manufactures original deindications that date the company’s origins.

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The times wright here you choose an Epiphone instrument ssuggest for its Gibson aesthetics are over. Gibson’s subsidiary is currently much even more than that. They have actually end up being a fully-fledged musical gear manufacturer that covers the budget segment as much as the professional branch of the sector.

As the brand increases, I think it’s time to revisit some of their original models and see what they’ve gained to offer. In specific, the Wildkat is a recent enhancement to their shelves that stands out bereason of its attrenergetic, almost luxurious design.

What we’re going to see, then, is how the classy looks of the Wildkat incorporate with its tone and also playcapability. Is this guitar just a gamble? Or is it a reward?

Let’s see…

A Bigsby tremolo is a delicate however top-tier level whammy bar created blues, timeless rock, and also comparable genres.


This guitar offers a solid and comfortable neck. Its fingerboard also supplies plenty of grip and also ease of play.

That renders this guitar very comfortable. Even through the Bigsby, it feels light, concentrated, and also balanced. However, this guitar still feels a bit heavier than your constant beginner’s guitar, so beware.

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The arched-top body and also smaller-sized body likewise make this guitar primarily more comfortable for inknowledgeable players than bulky hollow and semi-hollow guitars.

Lastly, its 22 frets give you plenty of range. There’s also a little reduced on the body so you have the right to teach the higher frets quickly.

Downside & Alternatives 

The downside is that the Widlkat sounds a little average out of the box. That’s because it demands the ideal setup in order to reach its complete potential.

The first thing you need to do as soon as you obtain this guitar is taking treatment of the tuners. These guitars are extremely delicate in the tuning area, no matter exactly how much they cost.

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That shelp, you need to tune this guitar and then get yourself a tuning pedal if you’re going to take this into a scenario. Here’s the budacquire pedal I recommend.

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