Epiphone Sheraton II At a Glance

With the Sheraton Pro II, Epiphone have actually expertly modernised their timeless semi-hollow body while retaining all the vintage charm and tone that made it so beloved.

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With terrific construct high quality, peak notch hardware and some extremely impressive pickups, Epiphone display that they’re so a lot more than a budget Gibkid manufacturer.

A beautiful and flexible sounding instrument that is certain to please everyone from jazz and also blues players to indie and rock fans.

Tone & Sound: 10/10Build Quality: 10/10Playability: 9/10Hardware & Electronics: 10/10Value: 10/10
First presented in 1959, the Sheraton has actually been Epiphone’s a lot of enduringly well-known semi-hollowbody electric guitar.

First marketed as a souped up, thinner version of the Gibson ES 339 or ES 335, it has given that become a commemorated guitar on its very own merits, as soon as being famously described by blues legend John Lee Hooker as “an outdid 335”.

This new updated variation sees the classical Sheraton updated with Epiphone’s acclaimed ProBucker coil tappable pickups, improved construct top quality and a slimmer 60s style neck.


Deauthorize & Build Quality

While Epiphone may be best recognized for creating affordable, lower spec versions of classical Gibchild guitars, their even more expensive models such as the Sheraton II present that they have the right to still construct great mid and top selection guitars.

The Epiphone Sheraton II has actually been designed to be as close as possible to the original late ‘50s specification, however through some essential modernisations.

The body is made from solid maple, alongside a 5 piece maple/walnut neck. These are top quality tonewoods, precisely manufactured and exceptionally well put together. It exceptionally a lot feels and looks prefer a expert quality mid selection guitar.

It uses extremely high quality inner binding alongside a solid center, which reduces feedearlier and also adds sustain and resonance to semi-hollow body guitars – something that even more conventional archheight hollow body guitars have the right to battle with.

Using timeless 2 ply babsence and also white binding on the peak, earlier, neck, headstock and f-holes alongside pearloid and also abalone fretboard inlays, the Sheraton II captures that timeless vintage look and also feel, making for a great looking guitar.

Sound & Tone

Like all semi-hollow body guitars, the Epiphone Sheraton II has that distinctive round, warmth tone that just this type of body have the right to create.

However before, while a lot of semi-hollowbody guitars have the right to sound a tiny under powered for anything various other than jazz and blues, the addition of the Epiphone ProBuckers gives the Sheraton II a little even more kick.

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Modelled on hot-rodded 50s PAF humbuckers, when played with an overmoved amp the ProBuckers provide plenty of mid selection bark and also a tighter low end than you’d generally expect of a semi-hollow archoptimal.

This makes it a very tonally versatile guitar, that perdevelops simply too through classic rock and indie as it does jazz and also blues. For extra versatility, the ProBucker pickups are likewise coil tappable, meaning that you have the right to gain single coil tones too, which we uncovered was wonderful for nailing Beach Boys style surf rock as well as country lead tones.

While the wealthy, resonant tamong the hollow maple body lends itself ideal to jazz and blues, we discovered the Sheraton II to be a surprisingly excellent sounding rock guitar, perfect for players looking for a more unique sound and also instrument.


Unprefer many Gibkid semi-hollow body guitars of this era, which had fairly chunky “basesphere bat” style necks, the Sheraton II has a 60s style slim taper neck.

This was not just slimmer but also flatter that we’d intend from this kind of guitar, which is sure to make it well-known via jazz players, that often like flast propapers for playing rhythm comping as well as even more complicated lead lines.

This is additionally something rock and blues players will certainly gain, as this neck form lends itself very well to nailing quick blues runs and also wide, expressive vibrato and also bends.

The thinline body and light weight is additionally a big plus, as many kind of guitarists uncover the classical Gibson ES 335 style guitars also significant and unwieldy for long gigs and playing sessions.

Electronics & Hardware

Epiphone hasn’t got the best reputation for hardware, with a lot of of their budgain Gibboy copies being equipped via solid, if unimpressive hardware as a price cutting measure.

However before, via the even more expensive Sheraton II, Epiphone has actually reduced no corners. With gold plated nickel hardware, it absolutely looks the part. With a LockTone Tune-o-Matic bridge and StopBar tailitem combo and also top shelf Grover Rotomatic tuning heads, this is some incredibly high performance hardware that you’d expect on a Gibson. As a result, the tuning stability and intocountry is excellent.

Epiphone has gone the extra mile when it concerns the nut, with the Sheraton II having actually a Graph Tech NuBone XL nut – one of the cutting edge brand-new man-made bone composites that provide all the tone of bone, but exponentially even more durable and crack proof.

Epiphone Sheraton Pro II Verdict

We found the Sheraton II to be an extremely impressive guitar. It’s apparent that Epiphone have actually really valued this guitar and it has the specs and build top quality of a flagship model, however priced comfortably within the mid-range bracket.

Sonically well-off and also resonant, it nails that sweet, heat jazz and blues lead tone it is designed for, however many thanks to the critically acasserted ProBucker pickups it have the right to comfortably take care of rock, while the coil tappable attribute provides players some of the best Fender-esque nation tones we’ve heard from this sort of guitar.

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Perfect for anyone trying to find a more affordable, but high quality, alternate to the Gibkid ES 335, we think the Epiphone Sheraton II gives the Ibanez Artcore AS73 a run for its money as the best affordable semi-hollow body guitar.

Tone & Sound: 10/10Build Quality: 10/10Playability: 9/10Hardware & Electronics: 10/10Value: 10/10

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