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The PRO-1 is a dreadnought-style acoustic guitar, more than likely the many well-known acoustic guitar profile in the world and a design that Epiphone has actually been perfecting since 1932. Dreadnought-style guitars are recognized for their significant volume and tonal range. They are a both a songwriter"s and also rocker"s finest frifinish. There"s hardly a recording made that doesn"t feature a dreadnought acoustic guitar. But conventional dreadnoughts are also "big" guitars and also hard for new players to learn on as their initially guitar. Now the PRO-1 alters all that for the much better.The PRO-1 functions the timeless dreadnought profile and also tonewoods such as pick spruce and mahogany kind of however via a decreased body depth, which provides it less complicated and also even more comfortable to hold and play. The select spruce top-the source of the PRO-1"s tone - has actually "sealed" Custom PRO-Prietary Bracing that permits the full variety of the guitar to ring out with clear highs and also solid lows while also maintaining the guitar steady in any kind of atmosphere. If the heart of a great guitar is its peak and bracing, its heart is uncovered in the neck - exactly how it feels in your hands and how basic it is to go from one chord to another.The PRO-1 offers classic tonewoods choose mahogany for the neck and rosetimber for the fingerboard, but via innovative features that alleviate hand exhaustion and also finger fatigue. Whereas vintage models generally have massive chunky necks, the PRO-1"s EZ-PRO "C" Shape is simple on your hands. The shorter scale renders finding out chords and licks faster. PRO-Ease Lubricant makes the neck feel smooth and "worn in" on your fingers, and JumboPRO frets make it easy to organize down light gauge strings.Epiphone"s Deluxe tuners have actually 18:1 tuning gears that make finding the correct pitch quick and intuitive. The GraphTech NuBone and also bridge saddle are made from tough and resonant tusq material, raising the guitar"s volume and also harmonic "voice." The PRO-1 additionally attributes an additional innovation that even pros have actually been asking for: the EZ-String Bridge doesn"t require string pins. No more obtaining your string recorded on a string pin (or losing a pin in the dark while you"re on stage). The PRO-1 provides the world"s a lot of famous style of guitar simple.Less fatigueWrap your hand also around the PRO-1 neck and also you"ll instantly feel just how comfortable it is. The EZ-Profile neck is designed so your hand also can conveniently develop chords without feeling fatigued.Effortless FrettingEpiphone JumboPRO frets make fretting notes and chords seem effortless. JumboPRO frets are taller and also bigger than smaller frets. So, as soon as you push dvery own a string, it"s easier to make string contact through the fret with less hand tiredness and also finger friction.

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Shorter is EasierScale size is the distance from the saddle to the nut. The shorter the scale size, the "looser" the strings feel. Since the PRO-1"s scale length is practically 1" shorter than many acoustic guitars, the strings are under much less anxiety so you don"t need to press tough to acquire excellent tone. And - since the frets are closer together - making chords is less complicated.Make friction fictionString and also fingerboard friction not only slows your playing but likewise can hurt. The PRO-Ease string and also fingerboard coating offers sleek, smooth action through decreased string noise.No pain, no gain?Nonsense! Epiphone believes in "no pain." Lighter gauge strings are simpler to play so every PRO-1 is setup and equipped via Epiphone Ultra-Light strings.

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Easy actionWith Epiphone"s Dual-Action truss rod, you have the right to change the neck in both directions, which not only stabilizes the neck yet additionally renders set-up easier and more precise.


BodyBody type: DreadnoughtCutaway: Non-cutawayTop wood: Spruce SelectBack & sides: Mahogany kind of SelectBracing pattern: CustomBody finish: GlossOrientation: Right handedNeckNeck shape: CNut width: 1.68" (42.67mm)Fingerboard: RosewoodNeck wood: MahoganyScale length: 24.75"Number of frets: 20Neck finish: GlossElectronicsPickup/preamp: NoOtherHeadstock overlay: OtherTuning machines: DeluxeBridge: RosewoodSaddle & nut: GraphTech NuBoneNumber of strings: 6-stringSpecial features: Easy to playCase: Sold separatelyAccessories: eMedia lessons, HumidifierCountry of origin: ChinaMaster the basics on this ingenious entry-level guitar. Order today!

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