In this Epiphone DR-100 acoustic guitar review, we discover out simply how excellent a deal this long standing well-known brand supplies.

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Epiphone DR-100 Recheck out – Dollar for Dollar, Is This The Best Acoustic Guitar For The Money? Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar Rundown From a Storied Acoustic Maker Comes a Budget Friendly Option: The Epiphone DR-100 An Acoustic Meant for Players of All Levels Who is the Epiphone DR-100 for? What’s In the Box? DR-100 Acoustic Features Highlights See it in Action Available Colors: Pros and also Cons Other Affordable Acoustics to Try Final Thoughts: Is the DR-100 Acoustic a Good Guitar for You?

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Epiphone DR-100 Review – Dollar for Dollar, Is This The Best Acoustic Guitar For The Money?

The Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic at a glance:


Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar


4.4 / 5

Slim taper neck makes it comfortable for students and pros alike


4.2 / 5

Surprisingly top quality tone woods matched with sturdy and also dependable design


4.1 / 5

Records that classic Epiphone/Gibboy acoustic tone for fraction of the price


4.4 / 5

Hard to discover an extra trusted, finish acoustic for much less than $200


Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar Overview

Given Gibson’s long history of top quality acoustic guitars it must be no surpclimb that Epiphone has a quality budget alternative of their very own.

Much favor Yamaha and also Fender’s offerings, the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic is targeted at serving beginners and also pros alike, particularly electric guitar players that will certainly love the DR-100’s neck.

Available in black, organic, or sunburst, it must be pretty straightforward for any type of player to enjoy the DR-100. The familiar dreadnought shape and also Epiphone’s lengthy track document of customer satisfactivity make it a have to try acoustic.

From a Storied Acoustic Maker Comes a Spending Plan Friendly Option: The Epiphone DR-100


An Acoustic Meant for Players of All Levels

Much favor Fender/Squier, Epiphone is the bit brother of the guitar giants Gibchild. Their family tree of high high quality acoustic and also electrical guitars helped them craft the DR-100 to be exceptionally player friendly.

The DR-100 features upgraded tone woods as soon as compared to some similarly priced acoustics, yet retains the slim, rapid neck that renders it easy for beginners to play.

That exact same slim neck profile likewise renders the acoustic an excellent alternative for players that mainly play the electrical guitar.


Who is the Epiphone DR-100 for?

The Epiphone DR-100 is certainly finest suited for beginners, thanks to the affordable price tag and also friendly features.

In spite of having actually somewhat rough stress edges, the neck is quick, smooth, and slim making it straightforward on the hands of beginner guitarists.

Having a guitar that doesn’t discourage you from playing it deserve to execute wonders for students, making it an essential part of the DR-100’s appeal.

For knowledgeable players who just desire an acoustic guitar to include to their arsenal, the DR-100 is an affordable options from a firm they most likely know and also trust currently.

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What’s In the Box?

Unfavor some of its competitors, the Epiphone DR-100 isn’t regularly offered as component of a worth or beginner load. You’re more likely to discover the guitar available by itself, as they regularly don’t even come with a gig bag or case.

To some beginner’s this might limit the value of the DR-100, as others come with a bag, guitar strap, tuner, picks, and extra strings.

However, the DR-100 is still really affordable, well under $200, and also is a high quality product that won’t let you down. Plus you deserve to tailor your accessories to suit your particular requirements later.

If you’re strongly considering a DR-100, carefully consider exactly how much budacquire room you will have left for the vital accessories.


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DR-100 Acoustic Features

Epiphone’s DR-100 is a really straightforward and easy acoustic guitar, which helps store the price so low. The Select Spruce top is paired with a Mahogany type of body and neck, giving it a bass heavy, complete bodied acoustic tone.

The slim taper neck functions a Rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays, and the neck meets the body at the 1fifth stress. The Roselumber bridge is likewise very closely selected to aid stand also up the high anxiety points where the strings meet the pin holders.


Epiphone’s DR-100 attributes their renowned sloped dove-wing headstock and also die cast hardware, consisting of chrome tuners.

The dreadnought form provides the guitar a balanced acoustic tone, making it great for rock, folk, or country players aprefer. Beginner guitarists and songauthors will certainly both be impressed by the volume of the guitar, making it easy to hear and play.

However before, without many kind of of the extras featured consisted of in the rivals worth packperiods, you might be left wanting for a capo or guitar strap.

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Select Spruce topReliable chrome tunersRosehardwood bridge looks great versus topResonant, bass heavy tonesSlim, fast neck

See it in Action

For a look at the DR-100 in action, inspect out this connected video demonstration! You’ll notice the full, warmth tones of the Mahogany-made acoustic, and also all the formats it can cover thanks to its versatile and rapid neck taper.

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