Archpeak Hollowbody Electric Guitar through Maple Top, Maple Back and Sides, Mahogany type of Neck, Rosetimber Fingerboard, and 1 Single-coil Pickup - Cherry

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Sorry, the Epiphone 1966 Century - Cherry is no much longer accessible. We"ve left this page up for reference only.Check out the great choices on this page or contact toll-complimentary (800) 222-4700 to speak through a Sales Engineer about equivalent products.

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Packed with Vintage Appointments

Powered by Epiphone"s exceptionally expressive P-90 Pro single-coil pickup, the Encouraged by 1966 Century archtop hollowbody electrical guitar exhibits a distinctive growl and wide tonal variety. From its comfortable lightweight body and also rounded C-shaped neck to its pearloid dot inlays and aged gloss complete, this vintage-patterned thinline archtop is teeming through personality. Experience how easily this guitar bends to your distinct touch, and you"ll quickly find why mid-"60s Epis are prized by collectors. The Epiphone Encouraged by 1966 Century archtop hollowbody electrical guitar"s warmth, woody character is equally at residence for rock "n" roll, pop, jazz, and also country.

Epiphone Inspired by 1966 Century Hollowbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:Classic style with loads of irresistible vintage appointmentsP-90 Pro single-coil delivers accurate vintage tonesSolid classic-styled hardware achieves great performance and playabilityClassic style with loads of irresistible vintage appointments

At, we"re very impressed by the variety of eye-catching vintage appointments that Epiphone packed right into the Encouraged by 1966 Century. A stunning, aged gloss end up blankets this archtop"s hollow maple body, which is framed by ivory-colored single-layer binding. An elegant roselumber fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays tops this guitar"s rounded C-shaped mahogany type of neck, which attributes a sloped dovewing headstock via historical gold Epiphone logo. A "60s-era "E" logo adorns a black-and-white layered pickguard. Anvarious other timeless touch is the replica blue soundhole label that"s visible with this guitar"s upper F-hole.

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P-90 Pro single-coil delivers specific vintage tones

The Epiphone Motivated by 1966 Century is fitted via a P-90 Pro pickup. When crafting this pickup, Epiphone employed 18% nickel silver covers that were retooled through historically accurate bobbins, Elektrisola magnet wire, sand-actors Alnico V magnets, and also pole shoes manufactured with correctly spec"d alloy. This pickup is vintage best dvery own to the last detail - it uses plated brass base plates choose those offered in "50s- and also "60s-era Gibboy P-90s.

Solid classic-styled hardware achieves good performance and playability

The Wilkinchild Vintage 3-in-a-row machine heads on the Epiphone Inspired by 1966 Century function plastic ivory butlots through a 14:1 tuning proportion. This archtop hollowbody"s dual-action truss rod is embelliburned with a "60s-era babsence Bullet cover boasting a white vintage "E." A floating adjustable rosetimber bridge and conventional trapeze-style tailpiece round out this stylish electrical guitar.

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Epiphone Inspired by 1966 Century Hollowbody Electric Guitar Features:A reproblem of a classical "60s-era hollowbody archtopLaminated maple optimal, back, and also sides create a clear, responsive snapP-90 Pro single-coil pickup exhibits a distinctive growl and also wide tonal rangeLightweight thinline archoptimal body and 14th fret neck joint for impressive comfortRounded C-shaped mahogany kind of neck is insanely playableBlack-and-white layered pickguard via eye-recording "60s-era "E" logoElegant roselumber fingerboard via attractive pearloid dot inlaysSloped dovewing headstock via historical gold Epiphone logo"60s-era replica blue soundhole label is visible with the upper F-holeAged gloss complete and hardware offer a true vintage lookThe Epiphone Inspired by 1966 Century is an awesome hollowbody electrical guitar reissue!

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Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number: ETCNCHNH1