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how to earn choon notes with facebook ads by honeychrome

Welcome to my guide on designing Facebook Ads to earn Choon NOTES. We’ll be going through the basics of building a Facebook ad to drive traffic to your songs on Choon.

First, let’s decide which track you want to promote.

Which one has the best production? Typically we are going for ear candy. I love lyrics but here it’s all about the sound. You have to have something solid to catch users on Facebook.

Then, before we begin building the ad, we need to create the creative content for the ad. Videos work best.

Use only a professional video, photo or artwork. Instagram style pics are good for some things but you are competing with Facebook content and these people that will see your ad don’t even know your name yet. Show them you are serious about your music.

Not a video editor? No problem. You can use a simple video editing app (like Splice) to stitch some pics together and add your music in the background. Easy and professional.

Here are some suggestions for making an effective video:

  • 10 seconds or less run-time
  • Use the best part of the song (usually the chorus)
  • Use an eye-catching thumbnail

Writing The Ad Copy

Use something simple and defined. Your text needs to speak directly to the target audience. Why should they click on your ad? Use context.

We are going to be targeting users interested in blockchain/crypto and whom also like EDM music, so we’ll say something that proves we know who we are talking to, show the Facebook user that you know something about them. This builds trust.

Once the creative for the ad is done, head to Ads Manager. If you haven’t created an ad account yet, you will be prompted to do so.

go to facebook ads manager - choon


Once in the Ads Manager, click “Create New Ad”

create new facebook ad - choon notes honeychrome


Select “Guided Creation”

select guided creation facebook ads - choon honeychrome


Choose “Traffic” – we want to send people to our Choon pages. This is the most appropriate objective for our campaign. Then name your campaign. 

This is the top-level of the advertising campaign, so lets be general. It’s just “Choon 1.”

Don’t want to mention songs or genres because you can do multiple within a campaign. Click continue.

select traffic facebook ads - choon honeychrome



Next, name your ad set.  We are going to be targeting Facebook users that are interested in blockchain/crypto and your genre of music.

Naming ad sets helps with organization. Leave traffic to “Website,” which is selected by default.

When the Choon apps arrives, you can switch this to “App.”

create ad set in facebook ads - choon notes honeychrome


Next we create a target audience. We want to exclude the US and other 1st world countries because they are expensive to market to. The users that get 1 cent clicks aren’t living in any of the countries I have excluded below.

FYI This strategy is meant to be short-term, though it will evolve as Choon evolves and grows.

You’ll need to consistently target new audiences with new ads to keep generating Choon NOTES from this method. 

You can choose the age range you think is appropriate for your genre.

I think you should leave it both men and women, but if you know that your fanbase is made up of mostly one gender you can exclude the other.

setting a target audience in facebook ads - choon notes honeychrome


Next we will set the interests. I chose a few cryptocurrency/blockchain interests.

setting interests for facebook ads choon notes honeychrome


In addition to crypto & blockchain, we want our audience to also like our genre of music. Since we also want to target users that like our genre, we need to narrow our audience. 

narrow audience facebook ads targeting - choon notes honeychrome


Scrolling down you will see Placements. Facebook ads are served in many ways. You can play with the different placements to see them in action, however, we are going to stick with the classic Facebook feed and nothing else.

setting placements for facebook ads


Next we set our budget. This is completely up to you. You WILL see results from $5 but it may be underwhelming. I’ve been doing $20-30 a day. You’ll to leave everything as in below that, unless you really know what you are doing. I have been using the setting seen below.

setting a budget for facebook ads - choon notes honeychrome


Now we are creating the actual ad that will come through users’ feeds. Name the ad based on what the copy says, the song name and whichever media you are using with it.

Videos get the most engagement, but an eye-catching photo can work as well. Make sure to assign the correct Facebook page. The Facebook Page selected here is the account that will be associated with the ad. Be extra careful if you manage more than one page.

creating the actual facebook ad - choon notes


Now, upload your video or photo.

upload video for facebook ad - choon notes


If uploading a video, choose a thumbnail that catches some attention. It may be a frame from the video or an image you design and upload, like mine.

Don’t worry about captions. You may get an email from Facebook saying your captions are ready, but you don’t have to publish them. Just ignore it.

choosing a thumbnail for your video facebook ad


Now we’ll set the copy. You want to use something that stops them in their tracks. Talk to them like you know them, like you would talk to a friend that likes music.

You can use my idea as inspiration. Use all available text fields to craft your message. 

Finally we’ll set the link so Facebook knows where to send users that click on your button.

Make sure you select the “Listen Now” button, as this increases clicks. You can use the box on the right to preview the desktop and mobile versions of your ad.

setting the text copy for facebook ads


Then that’s it! Hit the confirm button on the bottom right and you’re good to go!

Have questions? Want to share your ideas? Contact me

@honeychrome (Twitter/FB/Insta)