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honeychrome.net is reader-supported. When you buy with web links on our website, we might earn an affiliate commission. Find Out even more.

Whether you simply desire to experiment for a few licks, or desire to base your whole playing style around it, the guitar slide is a very cool and unique tool.

It’s likewise a fairly simple tool, and also while picking out the ideal guitar slide slide for you isn’t rocket science, tbelow are some determinants to think about, namely the size of the slide and also the product it’s made of (since it affects the sound).

The Best Glass Guitar SlidesThe Best Metal Guitar SlidesThe Best Ceramic Guitar Slides

Slide Guitar 101: The Basics

If you’ve found your means to this short article, possibilities are you understand about slide guitar, so feel complimentary to skip this part. Here are some slide guitar basics for the uninitiated:

The technique of playing guitar through a slide has actually been roughly for a long time, because the beforehand 1900s.

There are 2 styles of slide guitar: One is on a stringed instrument that lays horizontally via the strings facing up prefer a lap steel guitar. The other is placing a little tube-favor device (i.e. the slide) on your finger and also playing a guitar in the more traditional style, held versus your body. That’s the style we’re focusing on in this overview.

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Slide guitar is the majority of renowned in country-style and blues-style music. Once you buy your desired slide, you location it on your finger - generally ring or pinky - and also “drag” the slide over the strings lightly, maintaining the slide parallel through the strings and not actually hitting the frets which results in an extremely smooth sound when gliding from one pitch to the following.

How to Choose Your Guitar Slide

Let’s store it basic and also break this dvery own into the 3 points you need to know before including a slide to your shopping cart:

1. Material

Guitar slides are made from:

Glass: A smooth texture that gives the warmest, mellowest tone. Keep in mind glass slides are even more fragile!Metal: Normally brass or steel. Metal slides are sturdier and also more durable than glass, and the sound is a tiny louder and also even more “unstable approximately the edges” in a great means.Ceramic: A middle ground in between the method glass and metal slides sound. 2. Comfort/fit

Since your finger is inserted in the slide, it demands to be comfortable and also not squeeze so tight that your circulation is cut off!

Due to the fact that everyone's fingers are slightly different this might call for some testing. If the slide is also big you have the right to always area some type of a lining inside to save it from flying off your finger.

3. Dunlop (probably)

Dunlop is the industry leader when it concerns making the many range of slides. They make them in all sorts of products and sizes, so if you notification the majority of the list is Dunlop slides, it’s not bereason we have any type of sort of one-of-a-kind connection via them - they sindicate make the the majority of.

Here are the ideal guitar slides roughly, grouped by material:

The Best Glass Guitar Slides

Dunlop DT01 Derek Trucks Signature Blues Bottle Slide


If you’re into slide guitar you must absolutely be familiar via Derek Trucks (of The Derek Trucks Band, The Allman Brothers Band, and also Tedeschi Trucks Band). Well, this is his signature slide by Dunlop.

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It’s a “glass medicine bottle” style, extremely exceptionally smooth, and also sounds great. Functionally it’s exceptionally comparable to the Dunlop 276 Blues Bottle slide, however it has the bonus of featuring Dereck Trucks’ signature.

The just things to keep in mind are 1) it only comes in a huge dimension and 2) you won’t automatically sound prefer Derek Trucks!

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