The V was one of the original designs Dean Zelinsky introduced when he introduced Dean Guitars in 1977, and it’s had a regular visibility in their directory ever before since.

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The Stealth variation of the V has been out for a tiny while, and also was designed to market players as high a quality V as feasible, yet still affordable. This is a suitable method for intermediate players, that are searching for a higher quality instrument, without the require for committing to the price of a high-finish, professional instrument.


So, let’s view what it has going on!

Core Features and Specs

Getting a in-depth summary from Dean around the Stealth isn’t basic. At its heart, is a mahogany body through a maple top. It’s not clear if this is an actual maple topor a veneer.

The stand-out attribute is an ebony fingerboard on a guitar at this price.

ConstructionSet neck
PickupsEMG humbuckers

There’s not really an awful lot even more to say around it. It’s one of those instruments that’s focused on keeping a basic formula for constructionyet utilizing high-top quality parts to complete a desirable and playable instrument.

This will certainly occupational well for…

Given the visibility of a collection of EMGs, the Stealth V is pretty much prepared to go for difficult rock and steel.

The body form, and the fact that the only complete obtainable is babsence, does perhaps lean it a tiny little more in the direction of metal.

This one is for the players who desire that classical Dean form, however don’t have actually the $1k+ to go on a USA design, and this really is a perfectly acceptable compromise. Think of it as Dean maintaining an in-brand also indistinguishable to the partnership in between Gibkid and Epiphone guitars.

Does it do what it should?

As mentioned, the parts on this guitar are high top quality as intermediate level guitars go, and all add to a none-more-black instrument.

The EMG 85 and 81 in the neck and bridge positions respectively are a well-known pickup configuration for a reason, and anybody even looking at such a configuration will certainly have an expectation from them.

Dean has actually employed Grover to take care of machinehead duties. Similar to the EMGs, this is a popular option based on their relicapacity. They’re securely solved to Dean’s standard V-shaped headstock style.

A Tune-O-Matic bridge is contained – I don’t respeak to ever seeing one in a babsence end up prior to. Strings go through the body, via the wood on the top side safeguarded by among Dean’s metal plates, that sets the string holes in a V shape. Personally, I love these. I haven’t determined any type of value for it sonically, yet I think it looks cool!

The white binding on the body and also headstock breaks the babsence themeand gives a touch of course to the guitar. It feels prefer a subtle visual effort to demonstrate that it’s a premium guitar.


The Dean brand also had actually a rough time with its picture during the 90s, because of the appalling high quality of their imported guitars. Luckily, those days are firmly in the previous, and also these days, Eastern-made Deans are awesome tools. This reviewer has owned one!

That build quality is very much evident in the V Stealth. One of Dean’s trademark points of building in their Vs, is the little bit additional little bit of cutting wright here the neck joins the body, ensuring those greater frets are as easily accessible as possible. It’s a subtle suggest of design that has actually a large impact on playing.

Tbelow are no surprises with the top quality of just how the hardware is attached to the guitar.

The neck is perfectly fitted to the body. The neck has a nice feel to it – not too slim, not also fat. That should appeal to a wide variety of players. When it’s the only version Dean have actually at this price, I guess trying to aim for a middle ground renders sense.

The neck is smooth, yet the end up doesn’t seem to be specifically geared towards rate playing, as is popular via some pointy guitars. The same deserve to be said of the ebony fingerboard


I plugged the V right into a 50 watt, 2×12 hybrid combo, as it seemed a most likely candiday for the kind of amp the owner of this guitar would be playing via.

Active pickups, such as the EMGs, are a contentious point via guitarists. They’re designed to minimize noiseand have actually a higher output, the last allude of which suggests the appeal for tough rock and also steel guitarists.

Some chords and licks before plugging in, demonstrate an excellent setup out of package.

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I began on the amp’s clean channel, through the bass set to four, and the middle and treble each collection to 6. Given the metal-emphasis of the guitar, it appears pretty unlikely that owners will certainly hang out much in this part of its sonic spectrum, however there’s no damage in seeing what’s going on tright here.

The warm EMG 81 in the bridge place offers the bbest sound you’d intend. It’s reminiscent of the bridge/middle pickup setting on a Strat. Selecting both pickups is typically a personal favorite anymeans, and here, it’s no various. I’m thinking that through a touch of reverb, it would certainly job-related fairly well in achieving sounds akin to Nothing Else Matters – not all steel is heavy metal!

Switching to the amp’s overdrive channel, and also dialing the acquire as much as 6, you’re extremely a lot in the zone for tough rock. With the bridge – and also even through both pickups – selected, the combination of mahogany kind of and EMGs lug a wonderful existence to the notes played.

Cranking the acquire just a smidgin even more, and it sounds a lot choose metal! The clarity of the bridge pickup continues to provide presence for solo work-related, while there’s sufficient cajones in the bridge pickup to meet any type of riffing requirements.


V-shaped guitars are generally very fun to play. They’re very much for standing up and also looking badass though. They are not sitting dvery own guitars.

It was exciting that through binding on the body and headstock that tright here was none alengthy that lovely neck. Regardless, the edges of the fingerboard are perfectly smooth, and also there’s not a hint of sharpness.

The ebony fingerboard is such a key suggest in highlighting the enjoyable playcapability of the V Stealth. An intermediate player investigating better high quality tools from their beginner outfit is certain to be overwhelmed once comparing it to various other instruments throughout the research stage.

The neck is exceptionally comfortable to play, however that is somepoint that’s subjective to player preference. If a player’s beginner instrument has an extremely slim or exceptionally fat neck, they can uncover the V’s neck weird at initially.

Dean clintends the V Stealth as giving iconic looks and also skilled sounds, and that really does pretty much hit the nail on the head. And professional sounds at this price are not somepoint to be disrelated to.

It is hard to asspecific just how a lot influence the alleged maple top has actually on the tone.

● An impressive instrument in this price range

● Top-notch parts and also hardware

● Construction is sturdy and also clean

● A mainly fun instrument to play

● EMG pickups aren’t for everybody

● Neck and also fingerboard may not be favored by speed players

● The limited color choices might not appeal to everybody


If you find yourself intrigued by the flying V body form, there are plenty of providers supplying products in a similar price array to the Stealth V.

Gibboy Government Series II Flying V


Gibson was the agency that initially brought out a flying V guitar, in 1958. Alas, all the points were a little bit radical for the time, and its run was short lived. The flying V from their Government series (attach to website) is the model closest in specs to the V Stealth.

The Gibkid shares the mahogany kind of body, babsence hardware – including Grover machineheads and also a Tune-O-Matic bridge – and also warm humbuckers. The humbuckers are Gibson’s own Dirty Fingers+ This guitar has actually a good story, in that it was made via wood returned to Gibchild by the FBI after being confiscated some years back.

Schecter V-1 Platinum

Schecter Guitar Research has actually establiburned themselves as a little bit of a go-to brand also for steel guitarists, so if you’re searching for V-shaped guitar, they’ve got a couple of options. Similar to the Dean, the V-1 Platinum comes with a mahogany kind of body and also ebony fingerboard, but through a maple neck.

It likewise comes equipped via active EMG pickups – a 57 at the neck and a 66 at the bridge. Compared to the 81 and also 85, these are designed to retain the high output and also noise reduction of EMGs, yet with a voicing reminiscent of some of the great vintage humbuckers of old.

ESP LTD Arrow-401

Another brand very a lot connected via steel guitars is ESP. Their LTD instruments are their Eastern-made affordable array. Aesthetically, the Arrow-401 (attach to website)has a curve reduced into the break-up of the V. Unusual, yet pretty, right?

This shares the EMG 81 and also 85 pickup configuration with the Dean, regulated through a single volume knob. It also functions babsence hardware – a recurring design template throughout the tools in this testimonial. The stand out attribute on this guitar is the inclusion of the Floyd Rose tremolo.

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The Final Note

The Dean V Stealth is a pretty phenomenal instrument in this price array, and I’d highly recommend it for an intermediate player, through a penchant for pointy guitars.

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It combines good components and also construction, through the affordability of being manufactured in the east. Additionally, it’s most fun to play, with high-top quality tones, courtesy of the EMGs and also mahogany, the beating heart of this fine instrument.

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