Danelectro is a brand also with retro at its heart, through their wide variety of guitars and also amplifiers soaked in 1950s nostalgia. When it comes to portable amps, Danelectro’s Honeytone N-10 has been a famous choice among guitarists for its super affordable price, awesome design and solid vintage tone. Let’s take a closer look.

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As you’d suppose from such a tiny, affordable amplifier, the controls for the Honeytone N-10 are pretty standard, however carry out the job forced. Set on peak of the amp – which is exceptionally convenient if clipping it to your belt – the control panel comprises three rotating controls: one for power/volume, one for tone, and a final one for overdrive. These are all stable and responsive, featuring a cool effect (although these knobs are absolutely plastic at this price!).



The primary attract to the Honeytone N-10 is the style – it literally looks like it has been lifted right from the fifties, through a suitcase-style plastic situation that resembles the front of a fifties warm rod, especially through that cool chrome-effect grille. The amp comes in an option of three retro-colors: Burgundy, Aqua, and Black, all through a small real leather delivering strap on the peak.

The Honeytone N-10 is powered by a 9v battery, although you can additionally plug it right into the mains through an adapter (not included). As for relationships, you get your conventional ¼” guitar input on the optimal, with a headphone jack on the side for quiet exercise. Finally, on the ago, you’ll find a belt clip, enabling you to connect the amp to a belt and also walk around via it while you play – convenient!


Ultimately, while it looks really cool and also features well, it’s still extremely much a exercise amp. It packs fairly a punch in terms of volume, yet only when playing in a little room – usage this amp at band practices and also it will be completely overshadowed.

Tonally, it favors vintage blues and also classical rock ‘n roll. The cleans aren’t particularly clean, through a continuous light grit, however the overdrive is full of throaty crunch and sounds very acceptable for such an affordable, battery-powered mini amp.

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It’s far from perfect, however for the price of a huge pizza we really didn’t intend it to be. However before, it continues to be among the many stylish portable amps, it sounds decent and it functions well – no even more than you have the right to ask for. For a complete beginner wanting a cheap initially amp or for anyone who demands something cool, light and also portable, the Honeytone N-10 is a good choice.

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