Check out what UG area considers the meanest-looking six-string of all time.

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UG Team

This week"s Wednesday Question witnessed the esteemed members of UG communitydebating the matter of the coolest-looking guitar of all time.

Plenty of votes and also suggestions, your thoughts were neatly rounded up, and also an additional UG optimal list awaits listed below.

15. Gibson ES-335

Kicking it off via a touch of course, the Gibboy ES-335 is not only the world"s initially commercial thinline archtop semi-acoustic electric guitar, yet a rather a looker. You can recognize it as the actual version name of B.B. King"s Lucille or as among the fine six-strings wielded by Rush master Alex Lifeson.

14. Angus Young"s Red Gibson SG

Up following is the bit red devil Gibson SG wielded by bit red devil guitar god Angus Young. In many kind of methods, this thing epitomizes what AC/DC is all around.

13. Les Paul Custom - Babsence Beauty

There"s simply something around a sly, slick and subtle black Les Paul...

12. Brian May"s Red Special

It"s made from a firearea, of course it"s friggen" cool.

11. Tenacious D Master Exploder Guitar

Just look at this classy gentleman!

10. Jackkid RR

It has an iconic shape and a really intend vibe. Tright here are many kind of fine Jackson RR guitars to select from, however we"ll place the one honoring the late grasp himself.

9. Ibanez Iceman

You could know the Icemale as the guitar of KISS frontmale Paul Stanley, however virtuoso Paul Gilbert actually crafted the design of his Ibanez Fireman by flipping over the Iceman body in Photoshop.

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8. Bill Bailey"s Six-Neck Guitar

We"re not certain how it deserve to maybe acquire any kind of cooler than this.

7. Millennium Falcon Guitar

Star Wars fans are alive and well, and also they brought the Millennium Falcon six-string all the method to No. 7.

6. James Hetfield"s Custom-Built Ken Lawrence Explorer

That gorgeous herbal vibe, the classy finish, the decorated neck, the sharp headstock - Metallica frontguy James Hetfield sure is a lucky male.

5. Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck

Basically, Mr. Jimmy Page.

4. Jimi Hendrix"s Flying V

The iconic Flying V shape and a hefty fill of hippie vibe.

3. Fender Stratocaster

Probably the best family members name on the list, the one and also just Fender Stratocaster gets the bronze this week. It"s safe to say that not only is the Strat among the finest-sounding six-strings in history, yet likewise among the a lot of beautiful guitars ever before. Simplicity is the key.

2. Gretsch White Falcon

Pure class. Introduced at a NAMM display method back in 1954, the White Falcon is among those instruments you have the right to gaze upon day and night.

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1. Wangcaster

You pranksters most likely assumed that this one can get discarded. Nope. The thing that UG community likes the the majority of this week is a penis.

Honorable mentions incorporate Devin Townsend"s semi-hollow Framus, Dimebag Darrell"s Dean Razorback, Mark Tremonti signature PRS custom-painted by Joe Fenton (this bada-s) and 1969 Ampeg Dan Armstrong. Stay tuned till following week for yet an additional standard WQ!

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