Last Updated: Jan-31-2019Although many type of of our original referrals still reprimary, we have entirely overhauled our post and chart on the best guitar stands, adding a couple of new models consisting of the beautiful Zither Wooden Guitar Stand also and also the pro-grade Hydra Triple Guitar Stand also from D&A Guitar Gear.

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Even the most dedicated guitarist won’t play their axe 24/7 – we all have to eat and also sleep! When a guitar is not in usage, more frequently than not you will desire it either defended in an excellent instance or relaxing on an excellent guitar stand. Because let’s challenge it – you don’t spfinish great money on an excellent guitar just to leave it resting dangerously versus a wall!

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The Top 8 Best Guitar Stands:
So, we’ve taken a look at the wide-varying people of guitar stands and also selected our favorite models that expectancy different styles and price varieties. Then stick roughly for a guide to the variety of various stands and exactly how to find the finest one for you. Let’s dive straight in!

The Top 8 Best Guitar Stands:

ImageGuitar Stand also / RatingSummaryCheck Price
+- Zither Wooden Guitar Stand

Total of 4.85/5

A one-of-a-sort stand fit for any type of high-finish axe.

+- Hercules GS523B Three-Instrument Guitar Rack

Total of 4.80/5

The sensible alternative for the player with multiple guitars.

+- D&A Guitar Gear Hydra Triple Guitar Stand

Total of 4.75/5

A solid triple-guitar stand that won’t tip over.

+- Hercules GS415B A/G Guitar Stand also

Total of 4.75/5

Hercules delivers a modern classical in the people of stands!

+- Hercules GSP38WB Mountable Wall surface Stand also

Total of 4.75/5

The safest means to hang your guitar from the wall.

+- On Stage XCG4 Tripod Guitar Stand

Total of 4.72/5

An affordable no-nonsense tripod stand for one guitar.

+- String Swing CC01 Guitar Hanger

Total of 4.70/5

A well-made wall hook that keeps your guitar hanging.

+- ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand

Total of 4.70/5

Basic and affordable, this is a smart choice for beginners.


Zither Wooden Guitar Stand

Check Price

If you’ve spent an excellent chunk of cash on a beautiful guitar, chances are you want somepoint equally beautiful on which to screen it. This stunningly easy stand also from Zither is well worth exploring if that’s the instance.

Each stand is hand-crafted from premium solid lumber (selections encompass mahogany type of, walnut and maple) in Brenham, Texas, featuring a hand-rubbed oil finish.

The pincluded yoke is pretty standard however features well, while the base also functions a padded spilgrimage. It’s not the cheapest stand out there, yet boy is it good looking!

Hercules GS523B Three-Instrument Guitar Rack

Check Price

Get supplied to seeing the name Hercules as the brand also renders some wonderful stands of all shapes and sizes. This popular rack is a testament to this, proving a smart solution for guitarists via a number of guitars.

With special foam padding on all call points, this stand also keeps three guitars or basses safely stored, although the option for including even more yokes is accessible.

It also folds away for basic storage and also is lightweight at just over 3kg, although incredibly secure as soon as loaded. A great option for both the house, studio and gigging guitarist.

D&A Guitar Gear Hydra Triple Guitar Stand also

Check Price

If a complete guitar rack seems a little too much for your home, but you still need to display even more than one guitar, this high-finish multi-stand also from D&A Guitar Gear is an excellent different.

It holds up to 3 guitars in a little space, utilizing six legs to ensure good stcapability – even if you rerelocate one or two guitars, the stand won’t tip over.

Up optimal you’ll find gravity-set off locking heads, all with soft polymer coatings to protect the instrument’s end up. Stylish, helpful and folds dvery own to half its size for straightforward storage.

Hercules GS415B A/G Guitar Stand

Check Price

One of the reasons Hercules is a leader in guitar stands is as a result of its Auto Grip System (AGS). This technology ensures guitars are locked in location when the neck is inserted onto the yoke.

The GS415B stand also features this AGS in addition to a tripod architecture, via 2 of the legs spanned in a one-of-a-kind foam to safeguard the guitar as it rests on the stand also.

This secure stand keeps the guitar upright and also feeling secure. It’s not the cheapest tripod stand also out there, however certainly one of the ideal.

Hercules GSP38WB Mountable Wall Stand also

Check Price

This solid wall stand also proves a solid choice for all guitarists for whom floor area is an issue. Although the standard architecture is shared with many wall hangers, Hercules’ distinctive Auto Grip System provides a really secure grip on the guitar neck once in area, ensuring tbelow are no accidental slippperiods.

With an all-round durable feel, the yoke is extended via a one-of-a-kind foam to defend the neck while hanging.

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Other attributes of this model encompass a wooden Hercules-branded base and included installation components.

On Stage XCG4 Tripod Guitar Stand

Check Price

This is a modern-day timeless in the human being of guitar stands and a design many guitarists of all levels rely on.

Of course, among the main factors is the extremely wallet-friendly price, yet it sits in a tier over some of the even more basic stands you might uncover in some beginner guitar packs.

With a tripod architecture, attributes of the XCG4 include a black powder-coated steel building, smooth rubber padding to support the instrument without damaging it, and also an adjustable size making it suitable for both guitars and also basses.

String Swing CC01 Guitar Hanger

Check Price

A cheaper choice than the Hercules model over, this affordable American-made wall stand from String Swing is an excellent option.

Proper for all layouts of electric and acoustic guitar, this stand also fixes secudepend to the wall (with consisted of screws and anchors) and also features an adjustable yoke permitting you to find the angle that functions ideal for your guitar.

The arms are also padded to protect the neck and headstock. In enhancement to functioning well, it looks pretty great, via an attractive base made of real North Amerideserve to hardlumber.

ChromaCast CC-MINIGS Universal Folding Guitar Stand

Check Price

The most standard stand also in our chart, but still well-worthy of its inclusion. At approximately ten bucks the CC-MINIGS stand is an extremely affordable solution for many guitarists, specifically those with multiple tools that need to purchase more than one.

With an A-frame and also stepped yoke, it would suit both electrical and also acoustic guitars, and also bass guitars, providing soft foam arms to safeguard the instrument.

This lightweight stand additionally has the advantage of being incredibly portable and straightforward to save when not in usage. A incredibly solid choice for such little bit cash.

Types of Guitar Stands

While guitar stands come in all forms and sizes, we deserve to break-up them right into around four various categories, all through their very own advantages and also disbenefits. Let’s take a quick look at them.

A-FrameThe A-Frame is the type of stand also most guitarists will start via bereason it is the most basic and also frequently the cheapest of the floor stands. These stands – which fold out into an A form (therefore the name) – look deceptively small and unstable, yet they actually organize guitars incredibly well. Due to the small dimension and foldability, they are likewise good for take a trip and also storage as soon as not in use.

Of course, they come with their negatives. Accidentally knock a guitar sitting on an A-Frame and chances are it will fall over – not great if you have actually children, pets or clumsy people adjacent. They frequently do not hold the guitar upappropriate – generally at an angle – interpretation a little of room in between the stand also and a wall is regularly compelled. But, for a cheap and also straightforward solution, A-Frame stands job-related well.

TripodTbelow are no prizes for guessing why these are called tripod stands – they have 3 legs (although, relying on the model, they deserve to sometimes come with more). These fall right into the exact same tier as an A-Frame in terms of being well-known with beginners bereason they are easy to use and cheap to purchase. They tfinish to market better stability than an A-Frame as they assistance the neck of the guitar as well as the base.

Their negative points centre around the fact that they are quite bulky and need even more floor room to hold the guitar in, while they aren’t as portable as various other stands due to their dimension (even if some do fold dvery own a little).

Wall-MountedIf you desire your house to resemble a guitar save (and yes – most us do!), then a wall-mounted stand might be a good route to discover. As the name suggests, these stands secudepend deal with to a wall, enabling the guitar to hang easily by the neck. The benefits of these affordable stands are multiple. In enhancement to a cool method to fill wall room and also display screen your axe collection, they are very valuable if floor space is at a premium. If you have children or pets moving roughly the house, having actually your priceless guitar elevated out of harm’s way is additionally a sensible move.

The disadvantages of these stands are that they take much longer to erected and more effort – with a drill, screwdriver, plugs and screws required (although many will certainly carry out screws and also anchors). Also, unmuch less you have actually strong walls, you run the threat of the guitar stand falling off.

Multi-Guitar/RacksWhile beginners will certainly make carry out via an A-Frame, Tripod or Wall-Mounted stands, more competent guitarists may take into consideration a stand also that deserve to cater for more of their repertoire. The majority of these multi-stands will certainly use a tripod style and also residence at least 3 guitars. Many kind of are designed to be anti-tipping, so removing one guitar won’t cause a catastrophe as the rack becomes unbalanced!

You deserve to additionally discover guitar racks, which are what you will discover in studios and on stages roughly the human being. These can house many guitars, inserted right into the stand also on their sides. These racks are excellent for gigs as the majority of models will certainly conveniently fold up for simple transportation.

The disadvantages of multi-guitar stands and also racks is that they are usually even more expensive. They additionally take up a considerable amount of room, regardless of how many type of guitars are being stored at once. Plus, if you accidentally knock the stand or remove/replace a guitar also easily, you threat the guitars on the stand also bumping into each various other.

What About Other Instruments?

The good news is that the majority of guitar stands – at leastern the models we have highlighted – will cater for electric and acoustic guitars, and also bass guitars and various other instruments such as banjos. Ukuleles are tricky as they are so tiny, but both tenor and baritone ukes will be suitable for many kind of guitar stands. Smaller ukuleles may be a little too tiny, although you can uncover dedicated ukulele stands.

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More Considerations

Whether you have actually one or ten guitars, it is advisable to have actually a stand for each of them – or at least the guitars you use consistently. If you usage an electric guitar and also a bass eextremely day, then buy two stands. If you use 2 electrics and an acoustic everyday, then have three guitar stands (or a rack). Otherwise you need to save them in guitar instances, which cost the exact same and also take up simply as a lot room. Or you deserve to leave them propped up versus the wall and take the hazard of them falling over (Note: Please don’t do that!).

Also, be sure to pick something steady and also something that has padding or a soft complete on all points of call via the guitar. Resting a beautifully-finiburned guitar against a difficult steel surconfront is a recipe for disaster.

Portability is also a big variable. Perhaps not for beginner or casual bedroom players, yet if you consistently practice with a band also or gig, then transporting a stand/rack is another consideration. When you have to carry guitars, amps, pedals, cables and various other things, a portable stand also keeps the hassle reduced.

At some point, go for the finest stand your budacquire permits. Of course, it is probably overkill buying a $200 rack if you only have one guitar in your arsenal, yet a good stand is somepoint that you will usually store hold of for years – many times lasting longer than your guitar. Buying top quality will usually avoid buying twice.

The Final Word

Tright here we have it! Buying a stand is absolutely not as facility as buying a guitar or an amp, yet it’s worth some consideration. We hope our chart has actually offered a tiny incentive and also our guide to the different layouts will certainly help you resolve on something that functions for you. Good luck!

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