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Choon Artist HoneyChrome on Choon #artistsonchoon.

Launched May 1st, 2018!

Update – July 9th, 2018

Released hip hop / rap record exclusively on Choon!

Darkal’s first ever track, featuring HoneyChrome and Rue. Out now on FutureHip Records.

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Update – June 16th, 2018

I’ve launched a remix contest on Choon for my song “Relief.”

• 45/45/10 split on Choon (You, me, playlist curators)
• Must use the file provided and not alter the tempo or key of the song.
• Song will be listed and managed by my account
• Email with your finished remixes
• I am taking submissions until July 31st, 2018
• I will list all remixes that are up to par, on Choon.
• The 4 most popular remixes on Choon will be uploaded to Spotify, etc as an official HoneyChrome remix EP after the content closing date with a 50/50 split via Distrokid.


(click the word “Download” in bottom left)

Other than that, you are free to make this your own!

Update – June 11th, 2018 crytpo blockchain music streaming artist honeychrome
It’s been just over 1 month since Choon launched. I have been promoting the heck out of my music on there. We still have a few weeks until we know the value of the Choon cryptocurrency, NOTES, but if one NOTE is worth $0.05, I have made some real money. There is a slew of artist who will earn small fortunes from the early days of Choon.

Choon is helping indie artists get paid more. Visit my new release page to stream my music on Choon! Every second counts toward my streams! This is ground breaking since Spotify requires 30 seconds of play time to be considered a pay-able stream.

What is Choon?

Choon is a music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem powered by the Ethereum blockchain designed to solve some of the music industry’s most fundamental problems.  There are so many great things about Choon for the artist and the listener! A few of the features I am excited about are…

  • When you play a song on Choon, your money goes directly to the artist or band via a cryptocurrency called Notes (NOTES.)
  • It’s going to be free for the first year!
  • Listeners get PAID to listen to new music. 
  • Playlist curators get paid too!
  • Smart Contracts automatically handle revenue splits! 

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