The Fender Champion 50XL Combo is designed to be easy to use, whilst providing an "unbeatable" performance. This amplifier is a restricted edition design to the Champion series, adding an extra aggressive appearance and also output. The black on black cosmetic with babsence textured vinyl exterior and Fender"s classic logo is specific to look excellent from the rehearsal room to the phase. Four stomp box results adds versatility to the amp"s 12 tones. Additionally, you have the right to likewise reap the Champion"s 12 timeless impacts that array from vibratone to delay and also reverb. Lastly, the Fender Champion 50XL is equipped through a 12"" Celestion Midnight 60 speaker, adding a fuller tone, increased output, and also adaptability.

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The Fender Champion 50XL attributes two flexible networks, one through selectable amp voices and also one based about the iconic Fender Blackchallenge clean tone. With EQ options on both channels, the Fender Champion uses the ability to tweak and also optimise your tone.
Including 1/8 inch auxiliary and headphone connections, the Fender Champion 50XL have the right to be associated to media players such as laptops, smart phones and tablets for jamming along to all your favorite tracks. Additionally, the headphone connection is perfect for silent practice.
The Fender Champion 50 XL functions 4 stompbox results, including more sonic-possibilities to the 12 amp tones that differ between pristine clean to heavy steel distortion. These four results include distortion, compressor, overdrive, and octaver.
Distortion is ideal for playing rock, steel, or punk. This result satuprices the enhanced sound, including snarl, grit, and also plenty of mindset to live performance. The distortion result is additionally ideal for band also work and also for rhythm playing.

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The compressor result offers manage over the dynamic selection of the guitar"s tone, whilst increasing the output of sustain. Compressors additionally make the all at once level of your playing style exceptionally constant. In addition, the compressor impact is an idyllic solution for live performance as it avoids unpreferable volume spikes and jobs the more delicate nuances in your playing style.
The overdrive effect offer a crunchy, normally propelled sound. Overdrive also adds singing sustain and wealthy harmonic content, also while creating feedback.
The octaver result fills out your intensified sound, effectively harmonising with yourself. For live use, the octaver result really adds somepoint distinctive to your sound, by thickening up riffs and creating cutting lead lines.

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