I am a bassist and also I am looking for an electrical guitar, yet I don’t want to buy one more amplifier. Can I play the guitar with the bass amplifier?



Bass amps have actually been supplied by guitarists for many kind of years. In some instances, they work much better for guitarists than other amps designed for guitars, particularly the speakers. If you are going to usage results pedals, they will certainly carry out simply fine, however if you"re trying to find something that will certainly overdrive and also distort, bass amps primarily aren"t designed through that in mind. If your bass amp is a valve amp, it"ll execute the project really well. If it is a transistor amp, it"ll still work-related well enough, however you won"t really have the ability to overdrive it as a lot as you would certainly an amp designed for guitar.

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The Fender Bassman has actually famously been many type of guitarists" amp of alternative over the years. A bass amp still demands to develop all the exact same greater frequencies as a guitar amp, because it"s the higher frequencies which give you the "attack" of a note. So there"s no problems through the speaker itself.

As LaurencePayne said currently, guitar and bass amps are not intended to have actually clean, flat responses favor a PA amplifier and speaker. Amplifiers are deliberately run into saturation or distortion of various kinds. Speakers are not designed for flat responses. And speaker cabs are pretty a lot without exception constructed in a shoddy way which would horrify a PA speaker designer, via inadequate bracing all round and also no damping or box tuning. But all this is why a guitar or bass amp has a distinctive "sound" and an excellent PA speaker does not.

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Wright here you are likely to have actually issues though can be with the EQ. A great bass amp will certainly have 5-band also EQ, and also you have the right to generally make that work. Others might just have 3-band also EQ though, or maybe also just a "tone" manage. On a bass amp, that"ll be put up for the kind of frequency array which is the majority of applicable for a bass, and also it won"t necessarily job-related so well for a guitar. If tbelow are other FX on the amp, they might also be tuned even more for a bass.

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The noticeable solution in that situation is to gain yourself a pedalboard for the guitar. This works ideal if your amp has actually an FX loop, because then you deserve to make best use of the amp"s preamp, but otherwise an FX unit or pedalboard which contains an overdrive on the means in will still work fine.

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