There"s never before been even more option as soon as it comes to electrical guitars for blues guitarists, however we"ve narrowed down the area to eight stone killers


Chicback blues gigantic Muddy Waters’ first "guitar" was a size of wire naibrought about the side of his shack in Mississippi. He played slide on it via a rusty bolt. 

Of course, these days, apprentice blues guitar icons like you don"t have to go "round the houses to land a great six-string. We"ve done the legjob-related for you to uncover the extremely best guitars for blues.

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Vintage icons, modern-day classics, wild cards, not to mention a Fender Telecaster that readjusted the civilization. We"ve picked eight killer guitars to suit a broad array of budgets... and also each and also eextremely one excels at electrical blues.

What is the ideal blues guitar?


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When it involves the ideal blues guitars at an affordable price we can"t watch previous the new Fender Vintera selection. In enhancement to the sublime ‘70s Stratocaster featured in this overview, the Vintera Series supplies up beauticompletely made repros of various other classic Fender models, too. 

We recommend that you paw at the various ‘50s, ‘60s and also ‘70s era Strats and also Teles on offer. Just make sure the 70s Stratocaster we"ve fallen in lust through gets some attention. The massive CBS-era headstock does its little to promote sustain. The pickups are slightly hotter than the ‘50s and ‘60s models which overdrive freaks will certainly love.

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Best blues guitars: buy the appropriate one for you

Tbelow are 2 means to approach buying a guitar for blues. First, get your hands on what your hero plays. If you love Texas blues behemoth Stevie Ray Vaughan"s sound you"re probably going to end up via a Fender Stratocaster. 

He may have actually passed amethod in 1990 but SRV"s single coil pickup-sustained warm Strat sound is still as popular as it gets in modern electrical blues.

The second strategy is to discover a bunch of guitars to uncover out what you favor. It"s the thrill of the chase. At the extremely least you"ll desire to compare guitars through single coil and also humbucking pickups.

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As a basic dominance of thumb, Fender-style single coil pickups offer terrific note clarity no issue exactly how much overdrive or distortion you kick in. They also sound exceptionally sweet via an amp"s clean channel. Check out Jimi Hendrix" tone on Little Wing for the ultimate single coil blues sound. 

While Gibson-style humbucking pickups can sound a tad muddier when exposed to most distortion, the upside is a fatter tone. They additionally endure from much less background noise than single coils. That"s what they were originally designed for. They "buck" the hum…

Scale size is an additional consideration. This is the distance in between the guitar"s bridge and its peak nut, the slotted slice of bone or plastic near the initially stress. Fender guitars have actually a 25.5" scale. Gibson models come in at 24.75". 

What"s the difference? Well, Fender Stratocasters and also Telecasters have a tightly characterized "twang" in the bottom strings. The additional anxiety of the 25.5" range is additionally excellent news for tuning stcapability. 

Your classical Gibboy Les Paul has actually a deeper tone, supplies much easier string bfinishing for blues - also via heavier strings - but can suffer from tuning concerns. Both setups have actually their pros and also cons. The fun part is finding out which you choose ideal. Not sure where to start? Our finest blues guitar overview should help.

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