Learning to play a simple blues bass guitar line is a really useful thing to learn. It works as a lead guitar riff and is additionally a terrific advent to bass playing in general.

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Bass Basics

Bass guitar is a rhythm instrument. So it"s incredibly necessary that you listen to the drums exceptionally closely as soon as playing any type of type of bass line. Keep in mind alternative is crucial, but not as necessary as playing through an excellent groove. Just playing one note (typically the root note) with a good solid rhythm will mainly sound better than playing numerous notes but not being well synchronised with the drums.

Listen closely to the drummers kick drum and snare drum. Also listen to the hi hat. You need to aim to play your notes so they specifically synchronise with the drummer hitting the drums. This is referred to as playing tight, or in the pocket, and is just one of the the majority of crucial aspects of bass playing.

Playing with the drummer is also an extremely crucial rhythm guitar skill, probably the most important, so discovering to listen to the drummer is among the most necessary skills you will certainly ever before learn. Take this chance currently to really learn to listen to the drums and also eexceptionally time you are playing together with a document really try and also feel that you are playing through the drummer!

1 3 5 6 8 6 5 3....

Usually speaking-based players stick to playing chord tones. This would certainly be the root note, the third and the fifth. We are going to add the 6th scale level and also the octave for these fads. You might think of the form we are going to play as a major sixth arpeggio.

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The initially thing to learn of course is the note pattern:


We will certainly play each note twice, go away up and ago down the arpeggio. This will certainly take 2 bars. When discovering this we deserve to usage a streamlined variation of the 12 bar blues that we looked at earlier - we are simply simplifying the last four bars which is somepoint extremely commonly done by the blues masters.

One Bar Each: A A A A D D A A E E A A

Of course you do not need to play eexceptionally note twice. At much faster tempos you would certainly just want to play each note once.

If you have actually a jam by the then one of who must play the 12 bar blues pattern that we learnt in the beginners course and also then the other perboy must attempt playing this new bass line. It"s most fun and also you deserve to experiment through the pattern as you favor. Try transforming the note order and see if you can consist of your own!

If you desire to play the continual blues sequence you would just play the initially bar of the pattern (ascfinishing bit) for the last 4 bars bereason each chord is simply hosted for one bar:

One Bar Each: A A A A D D A A E D A E

As well as functioning as a bass line, it can likewise be used as a kind of lead guitar line in a rockabilly style.

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If you are playing the blues on your own, making use of this type of bass line deserve to likewise break things up a little bit. Using the 12 bar blues shuffle (chunka chunka) style for 3-4 minutes have the right to come to be quite tedious, so breaking into a couple of cycles of this 12 bar blues bass line style have the right to add a lot of interemainder, although it have the right to be a little hard to to play if you are singing at the very same time.

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