I have owned other guitars but decided to step up a little bit. I love this guitar!!! The sound is awesome!! So much much better than various other guitars I have had!! Once I begin playing it, its difficult to put it down!! Stays in tune well yet via all guitars the strings will certainly stretch a tiny little so requirements extremely little bit tuning!! And the customer service is awesome!! I am incredibly happy with my purchase!! I would recommfinish this guitar for anybody who desires an inexpensive exceptionally excellent sounding guitar!!

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Great buy! Taylor got this right and also honeychrome.net had this beauty ready to go appropriate out of the box. If you have actually concerns, contact Chris and also ask away. He answered all my inquiries and also yielded precisely what I was searching for. This big baby sounds exceptional, clear complete sound. I am incredibly pleased. I would recommend this guitar over any type of $500 and also under guitar.
This is my second purchase of a huge baby TAYLOR You simply cannot discover a sweeter sounding acoustic guitar for this exceptional price. Absolutely love it hands down!!
Beautiful bodybeautiful tonereasonable pricebuy one to very own.I bought this guitar just on the toughness of the reviews alone, and, through the help of an excellent salesman man at honeychrome.net named of Jason Koons and his associates.I love this guitar. It has a warm tone. It"s basic to play; the activity is impeccable. It sustains good and I"m glad that I purchased this baby. Love it.Get one, you won"t; regret it. Thanks Jachild
Recently I came throughout some money and determined that a new, Acoustic was in order . I had just sufficient to go and also buy among these . Since I constantly wanted a Taylor and also only had roughly $ to spfinish, the Big Baby appeared to be the many logical alternative for me and I"m glad that I bought it. I"m 58 years old and also have actually been playing for 45 years and also I deserve to say that this guitar is not a toy however rather, a height notch, instrument which proudly bears the Taylor name . When I gained mine, I did need to make a slight truss adjustment however that was just bereason the action IMO, was simply a tad too high . Other than that, I have not encountered any kind of worries via this fine guitar. I"ve had actually mine for exactly a month now and it still has the stock Elixirs on it which still seem to sound good, so why bvarious other transforming them. It continues to be in tune simply fine and sounds remarkable. The neck is easy and rapid to play and the lighter body is much much easier on my back too. Now that I have actually this, I don"t view myself playing anything else yet Taylor from currently on.
Bought this for my wife bereason of the size. She absolutely loves it. Sounds and plays awesome. Another fine product from Taylor Guitars.
I love this guitar it sounds and plays excellent I like the dimension it"s perfect for playing approximately the house comes with a nice gig bag and is priced best
I can"t believe the sound this Big Baby has! A guitar in this price selection that plays and sounds choose a guitar via a a lot better price tag and also good looks to boot! Impressive!
Fantastic guitar!! Love the sound out of this when it isn"t also complete range.. Construction is fantastic. Taylor does not disapsuggest and neither does honeychrome.net!!!
Great tone! Projects well. Brighter than my Martin D Junior and also is a welcomed enhancement. Besides she is pretty too! Takes two CR2032 batterys to power the constructed in electronic devices and also tuning is basic to attain. Had to buy a sound hole tuner for the Martin. Loved selecting this beauty online from 4 other Big Baby Taylor"s in inventory. The enhance book looking ago and also pristine spruce front is eye candy. My sales engineer was only a contact amethod or email. Great worth even at the asking price. Nice gig bag. All about, a good travel or parlor guitar that I am enjoying. honeychrome.net has actually put a dream guitar in my hands. Well done!
I have owned so many guitars, it"s stupid. Mostly Taylor and also Martins in the $3,000 variety each. I was absolutely blvery own ameans the initially time I played the significant baby. You can strum this guitar so difficult and it shines very balanced and loud, while likewise sounding fantastic for fingetstyle, classic, or strum rhythym. Tright here are no unwell balanced notes anywhere up the neck, also appropriate on peak of the screw heads!!! I love wide worry boards and this one is nicely spaced as well, with ultra low string elevation and also a super thin neck, its really exceptionally comfortable. It"s so light on your lap and simply little sufficient that you have the right to sit through it in any kind of position and be comfortable, via simple reach all the means to the 14th fret!! I love this guitar so a lot I am literally around to buy one as a fun party tote approximately beater. It sounds as well good to be treated choose that but it"s only $400!!! I cannot imply this guitar enough, both to seasoned guitarists (like myself) and beginners...it"s way much better sounding than the GS Mini and 1 series.
My wife bought me this guitar as a camping guitar. Mymain guitar is the 810ce that we co-lead worship via. I was shocked that this guitar sounded so good; both guitars have the new es2/esb pickups and also plugged into the home, the substantial baby sounded wonderful! The ES-b is a hotter pickup than the ES-2! We have actually made a couple of recordings with the substantial baby and also it holds its own! A extremely excellent guitar that I will certainly take to the campfires and also lead out with on Sundays! Nice one, Taylor!
In my opinion the Big Baby cannot be beat in this price variety. I was considering a variety of various other highly recommfinished guitars such as the Yamaha FG730s and also the Seagull S6 but I just retained coming back to the Big Baby. It is among the most basic playing acoustics I"ve ever before had in my hands. And simply a really excellent tone for such a modestly priced instrument (Although for the most part civilization either love the Taylor sound or hate it. I"m in the "love it" camp.) Also, the guitar was setup absolutely perfect right out of package. This one is a keeper. Taylor has actually a fan for life as does honeychrome.net for their great organization.
I wanted to buy a guitar for my 13yo daughter as a Christmas current and also a friend recommended honeychrome.net. The website made it breeze-simple to choose and order the guitar. I obtained the right guitar at a very excellent price. Within a couple of hrs, I was contacted by Josh, who determined himself as my sales rep and preserved me posted on the whole procedure. The next day, he sent out me very nice photos of my brand-new guitar and also I witnessed just how beautiful and perfect it was. I was concerned that the guitar would be damaged or shed in the mail, particularly given the crush of packages sent over the holidays, yet the guitar arrived unscathed and also on time below in Bahrain. The packaging was remarkable...the guitar remained in the transporting situation, which remained in a practice fit hardened plastic situation which was inside a box which was, subsequently, inside an additional box full of paper padding. I could have run the box over with a truck and also it wouldnt have actually been damaged! The guitar looks and sounds beautiful and also my daughter and also wife are overjoyed! Thank you so much to Josh and the folks at honeychrome.net. You males are the best!
I have constantly remained in awe of taylor guitars but never can afford one and also then this massive baby came along! I am in love. I am really blvery own amethod by how loud it can get as soon as you rip it and also the gentleness of finger picking. Its light and also portable, and also beautiful in sound and also sight. Definitely recommend this guitar to anyone that wants that Taylor sound without the $2000 price
i really like this guitar that "s the one my favorite . i reap via it and also the high quality that i believe .. Thanks God that i playing and also reap it.
Got my Big Baby this day and also all I deserve to say is I"m really happy through it. Tbelow is nopoint little sounding about it. It has actually a great balance of lows , mids and Highs. I tried the GS Mini initially but I just couldn"t obtain usage to the tiny dimension. Don"t acquire me wrong the GS Mini sounded excellent. I likewise own a Taylor 414ce 2010 model and in my opinion nopoint I have actually played tops the warm deep sound that it gives. If your in search of a nice sounding guitar for an excellent price do not count out the Big Baby. And remember The Taylor name will always provide better resale worth later on than most of the other guitars marketing in the $500 variety. Just a great sounding guitar for the money.
Jerry Potter from Columbus Ms. September 1, 2011 Music Background:B.A. level in music, choir director
I love my Big Baby by Taylor. Affordable yet professional sound and also feel! I highly recommfinish this guitar.

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Not much requirements to be said here, excepts its a Taylor, well made and also fantastic top quality for price.The tone and also richness of the guitar is superior also with its tiny dimension.Basically, as declared a Dreadnought capcapacity in a smaller size.I have owned mine for over nearly decade, and take it travelling all over I go.My recommendation?Buy this guitar and also carry out not be "cheap", you will not regret it, because anything much less than this guitar is going to be subpar for the quality that is available right here.
purchased this guitar as a "fooling around" instrument. quality is great but I did not mean the sound create it. building wise, lots must be "wrong" to get good sound however it does sound great and the size renders it basic to hold and play. do not get me wrong, it is an inexpensive guitar and is have to as such it is not something I would certainly usage on phase yet it is fun and it is priced well.
over many years had alot of acoustic guitars this bb taylor is the ideal thin neck, bests sound you will certainly gain for 449 bucks. i love playing mine i cant say enough good things about mine, good project taylor.
ed from fairport,newyork July 18, 2013 Music Background:hobbyist strumin for over 40 years.

massive sound significant baby from taylor

great sound the kinds of woods make this guitar sing,can,t be beat in this price variety.
Dr. Brian Ruddell from Lewiston, Idaho April 20, 2012 Music Background:Taking lessons for 3 years
Love it! Things I can upgrade down the road would certainly be tuners & bridge pins. Does Not come through a Taylor truss rod tool, - just saying, - it did Not require any type of tweaking upon arrival anymethod. Fretboard / neck are nice. DID take some stock from bottom of saddle to dial in string hgt. Really good sound! Nice tan shade gig bag too. Comfortable "lap" acoustic, through complete dimension sound. Play em" all in the 400.00 range & you"ll see/hear for yourself!
ideal guitar for the money. finest guitar for a lot even more money. what a deal. if you view 1 at this price, pick it up. the worst that could happen is, you just may learn to play, or play much better. this is a really nice guitar. i have 1.
Love the sound; excellent tone. It jobs well. Came ready to play (IMO), great activity and fresh 80/20 bronze strings. The peak bout strap nut was loose, so I snugged it down and it came loose aacquire. I put a felt washer under the nut. If it comes loose again I"ll need to punt. I"m not going to rerevolve it for that. Size-wise it"s eextremely little as massive as my 000 Martin. Taylor put the neck on through screws. Don"t get me wrong, it"s not cheesy, as a issue of fact it allows for the neck to be thinner at the bout, and that provides it a tiny simpler to play. I"m happy, and also would carry out it again!
SAM KEATH from LAWRENCEVILLE, GA August 15, 2013 Music Background:Guitarist, Recording Engineer, Producer
Before I bought this guitar, I tried a pair other models such Takamine, Fender, Yamaha, Luna, Ibanez, Martin, and also Gibchild. This guitar is exceptionally playable and also renders it straightforward to get with a lengthy session or gig. With the various other guitars, I felt favor my hand was beginning to cramp after a couple of minutes, however I have the right to breeze via a session via my Taylor Big Baby. However, the downside is that it did not sound as complete as I had expected. The same version guitar I tried at Guitar Center had a heat and also rich tone, yet this specific guitar did not sound the same. This can be a good guitar if layered via warmer sounding guitar or for a song that has actually complicated instrumentation. But my specific guitar does not have actually that one-of-a-kind high quality to it. Not certain if it had anything to carry out through the strings or the room that I was in. More trial and error will certainly be essential to uncover the cause.
Al LeBlanc from Northern Virginia May 1, 2012 Music Background:Intermediate-Recreational-Self Taught
Tried out 5 Big Babies numerous years ago; found quality of workmanship and complete differed significantly - picked the finest one after visiting 2 Guitar Center stores. Neck warped around a year after I bought. Brshould regional Taylor Authorized Luthier Guitar Tech. Hard to beat Service- Taylor Stands 100% behind their products-shipped new neck to Luthier/Tech- solved trouble NOCHARGE !!
I"ve owned my Big Baby 6 months currently, and when initially receiving it, tright here were numerous concerns. The pick guard had actually come partially unglued from the height and needed to be re-glued back down. The edges of the frets were so sharp and unfinished they were cutting my hand also and also fingers, and also had to be buffed to remove the sharp unfinimelted steel surface. The neck had an too much warpage that with time and patients I was able to get out by adjusting the nut. The bridge at the "B" string place was cut too deep and made the "B" string produce a tinny sound. I temporarily solved it using a piece of paper under the string until I deserve to uncover one more bridge. The guitar has actually that good Taylor sound, yet unmuch less your proficient via guitar maintenance, or have a good shop near you to attend to these issues, it is not a great buy for the beginner.
I SO like the sound of the Martin. I bought this hoping to have a much better sounding travel guitar. I carry out not prefer it at all. It does not continue to be in tune and also doesn"t have any type of warmth to the sound. Sorry I bought it.
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