If you have ever before searched for a brand-new ukulele you will certainly probably have actually noticed the expensive number of brands that sell this particular instrument. The ukulele is a relatively affordable instrument, and many type of instrument machines have a go at making their very own variation of the ideal.

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Tbelow are brands which are relatively brand-new, brands that must be avoided, and also even brands via hundreds of years of history for you to inspect out. We check out the very finest ukulele brands in this overview and also also mention some of their flagship models.

Here are the best ukulele brands 2021:

1. Cordoba

Some really renowned ukuleles belengthy to the Cordoba brand also consisting of the 15CM-E. The brand also has actually actually only been around since 1997. Luthier and musician Pepe Romero helped to develop the brand also and also their focus on nylon-stringed tools shines through (they additionally make classic guitars).

The ukuleles within their variety tend to be incredibly excellent high quality. They have a large range and cater to civilization wanting all different sizes. Their variety even has actually most products through pickups included, so that amplification is a breeze. They’re great for live and also studio use.

Cordoba tools tend to be made out of outstanding materials, and also mahogany is generally used in their ukes, though they also have a number of spruce choices.

Good construct quality via all of their models. Mahogany material is mostly supplied. A few of their products come via electronics for amplification.
Not as many kind of models as some of the other brands. Not many kind of budget offerings in their variety.

Ambassadors of the Cordoba brand include Jose Gonzalez. It’s little bit surprise, these tools have a professional feel and an extremely authentic tone in spite of not being produced in Hawaii. In terms of price, they’re at the mid to top selection, particularly once compared to some budget ukulele devices.

2. Kala

Kala is an incredibly prolific ukulele manufacturer. They commemorated their 15th anniversary in 2020, but you can conveniently think they had actually been around much much longer if you look at the range. The agency isn’t Hawaiian, but not many type of of the contemporary ukulele devices are. In truth they are based upon the west shore, ‘nestled in the Sonoma wine country’.

What Kala is to ukuleles is fast-becoming what Yamaha or Casio is to key-boards. Their variety is expensive via something to suit everyone, from beginner models to some of the even more elite, skilled ukes.

The KA-15S soprano ukulele is among the the majority of renowned ukuleles in the world. It’s trustworthy however also reasonably budget-friendly, via a bappropriate, timeless tone. You regularly discover this bundled as a ‘beginner’s set’ via various other ukulele accessories.

The finest beginner ukuleles and also packages in 2021

The brand also splits most it’s instruments right into both the KA and also MK series. Though they have budobtain ukuleles under $50, the Kala KOA-CT-T Port Orford Cedar Top tenor uke stands out as among the exceptionally finest. It’s a skilled ukulele, perfect for touring musicians, and the Hawaiian koa timber it is made out of offers an extremely authentic tone.

Kala proceeds to press the envelope. As well as making brand-new models all the moment, they’re branching right into various other tools consisting of percussion. They’ve additionally become well-known for the ‘U-bass’ which is a ukulele and bass guitar hybrid.

Lots of affordable ukuleles with a bbest tone. Great for beginners and also sold bundled via accessories. Huge selection.
Not many of their variety provides elite tonewoods such as koa.

The Kala variety is exceptionally well-known for beginner and intermediate players. If you search for any style and shape of ukulele then you are bound to discover somepoint by Kala offered.

3. Martin

Looking for skilled, high-end acoustic instruments? You really can’t escape this brand also, via remarkable craftsmanship going into all of their tools. When we pointed out the Kala brand also we debated some of their models that expense around $1,000 – well, that’s nopoint.

Some Martin models are around $5,000, however the hand-made high quality and background of this brand also is impressive. Martin, as a brand also, goes ago 200 years. Ukuleles were first made in the late 1800s and also Martin started making them not lengthy after.

If you want a historic ukulele brand then this is the one for you. Very few music brands have actually the background that Martin have the right to market. This comes via extra cost, yet you can’t argue with the style and quality of their instruments.

One of the points that sets the Martin variety acomponent is their alternative of products as they usage just the extremely finest tonewoods and also hardware. If you are looking for a design that isn’t on the optimal finish of their pricing framework but does a skilled project and also offers the Martin quality, take into consideration the Martin 1T IZ tenor ukulele. This is made from beautiful mahogany type of woods and the tone is beautitotally bbest. You are paying extra, yet for real top quality.

Incredible craftsmanship. One of the many respected brands on the industry. Elite tools, and also make wonderful recordings.
Very expensive compared to most the various other alternatives on the industry.

You know what you are gaining through Martin instruments; top quality. But that quality comes at a price. If you want the extremely finest and also don’t mind paying for it then this might be the brand for you.

4. Lanikai

Lanikai is another brand also that opeprices at both the beginner end of the sector and offers products for the genuine pros and also audiophiles. Not a good deal is publimelted about the background of the brand, however they are distributed by Hohner. This association have the right to just be a great thing and Lanikai deserve to depend on their affluent background of folk instrumentation.

Lanikai models are made out of a range of different products and they have some very interesting designs, also, coming in a range of colors and also even via unorthodox uke sizings. There are six string and also eight string models within their range.

A lot of the models at the top end of the Lanikai selection also incorporate pickups and electronics, so they have the right to quickly be played through an amp or PA mechanism.

Many kind of models come through electronic devices had. Lots of quirky and also interesting deindications.
Some products are much less traditional and also don’t carry out the standard ukulele tone.

Those looking for a quirky and also cool design and also a beautiful maple tonelumber need to consider the Lanikai brand, and also specifically the QMBL-CET Quilted Maple tenor ukulele, which looks absolutely stunning. This is a brand that isn’t afraid to play via the traditional style of a ukulele and also come up through something for the 21st century.

5. Fender

It is a brand that nearly eextremely musician knows, but they might not associate Fender through ukes. Actually, they create some exceptionally high-top quality smaller instruments and also their ukuleles absolutely appeal to the guitar fans out there. They even have actually mini versions of the Telecaster and other iconic Fender designs in ukulele create.

You have the right to feel that you are playing Fender high quality. While some of the ukulele manufacturers are fairly tiny and also unheard of, Fender is a musical juggernaut via a lot of fans all over the world. The Fender variety is even more expensive than some of the budacquire manufacturers. We’d put them in the ‘mid-range’ when it comes to pricing.

Though the method these ukuleles look is a small various, they perform use some standard tonewoods including koa and maple to give a solid signature uke sound.

If you are looking to buy a Fender uke then the Signature series made in conjunction via Grace VanderWaal is certainly worth a look.

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Lots of quirky designs. Reliable Fender instrument build-top quality.
Several of the ukuleles have a bit more of a classical-guitar tone.

A lot of world see Fender as a guitar brand also and also when they watch that most the uke deindicators replicate their guitars they think they are novelty products. The Grace VanderWaal series proves they are serious instruments with beautiful tonality.

6. Mahalo

The Mahalo brand also is definitely one through a much more conventional Hawaiian feel. If you think their webwebsite they are actually the most well-known uke brand also in the people. In spite of the Hawaiian name and feel (Mahalo is a Hawaiian word for ‘thank you’) the brand also is made in Japan.

The brand also is probably one of the a lot of renowned bereason of the truth that they make most different ukes that are really affordable, particularly once compared to some various other brands such as Martin. They offer budget models, but that doesn’t suppose they’re pumped out of factories via errors. Actually, Mahalo has actually a promise on their webwebsite to send out just ‘craftsman built’ instruments.

The brand also likewise assures to only usage sustainable timber from renewable sources, which is constantly a bonus. The range is significant, and it is growing, however they don’t really cater to the skilled sector. Hobbyists, youngsters and beginners are more the name of the game for Mahalo.

Excellent value-for-money. Lots of beginner models. Sustainable woods are supplied.
Not many choices in this brand also for elite, experienced musicians.

If you want to uncover a great ukulele under $100 and also you desire to recognize that it is more than likely going to last, and provide you with plenty of years of exercise then Mahalo might be a great option, they additionally carry out some great beginner bundles for those looking to start playing.

7. Osauto Schmidt

Osvehicle Schmidt is an additional extremely historical brand which have the right to be traced ago to the 1800s. They have a really interesting previous, as traveling salesguys provided to market the tools in locations where music stores didn’t tfinish to exist. The firm operated out of factories in Europe and also in Jersey.

They made (and still make) largely stringed tools such as ukuleles, banjos and also timeless guitars. The brand is additionally recognized for some of their more unusual instruments as they manufacture zithers and also autoharps.

These days the brand is owned and distributed by Washburn, a large brand also in the world of guitars and acoustic instruments.

Many type of of the products in the range usage some excellent koa and mahogany kind of woods. The price is reasonably mid-selection and this means that they’re an affordable instrument for intermediate players.

Lots of koa and also mahogany kind of alternatives. The brand has actually a long, illustrious background.
No affordable, beginner models in the selection.

A few of the Osautomobile Schmidt models hold up as professional, concert and recording tools and also can generate really conventional folky tones, as you would certainly mean from a people instrument brand.

A fun fact around the brand is that Warren Buffett plays an Oscar Schmidt ukulele! He might not be well-known for his musical capability however it is definitely a conversation-starter.

8. Lohanu

Lohanu originates from a area you could not mean to make this tropical instrument – the brand is Canadian. The name originates from a hybrid of the words ‘love’ and ‘ohana’ which implies family members in the conventional Hawaiian language.

It isn’t the earliest and also most prestigious brand on the sector however they have actually some really excellent options, specifically for beginners. They use a large variety of various tonewoods in their range, too.

Something a lot of world choose around the brand also is the reality that they offer lifetime warranties. You deserve to rest assured that the product isn’t going to break conveniently and also if it does you can have the ability to claim on your warranty. Their customer support is wonderful.

Brilliant customer assistance. Affordable models via dependable build-high quality.
Not many elite models for pro musicians. Some of the models aren’t very standard in their tonality.

Lohanu provides some exceptionally great beginner bundles. They define the LU-C uke as their flagship design and also this is available under $100 and comes through most different accessories. You can see why they are thriving their reputation as a budacquire brand.

The brand also also reflects its commitment to beginners by offering free access to some ukulele lessons. While you could not watch a Lohanu played by the exceptionally elite ukulele players, for beginners and intermediates they are reputable tools.

9. Luna

Luna began out production guitars but their array of ukuleles have certainly overtaken the guitars in regards to popularity. The brand also has a cool and also amazing story behind it.

Luna’s co-founder was Yvonne de Villiers that is actually an artist that specialized in stained-glass. She wanted to develop a close-knit brand but likewise one that had some loud and exciting designs.

Check out the Uke Owl concert ukulele in their brand also for a really fascinating architecture. This is an example of the type of tools they make, which are not just things of beauty however they are made of excellent tonewoods and also they sound fantastic as well as looking excellent in your home studio or rehearsal area.

Access to the Luna people and Luna university discovering platforms. Great customer company. Loads of interesting and loud deindicators.
Sometimes you are paying for style quite than build-quality.

The ‘Luna Tribe’ is among the brilliant facets of the brand, and also they additionally offer a finding out platdevelop called the ‘Luna University’. The brand also has a really close fanbase and also their customer organization is outstanding, to go via their incredibly superior brand also of fascinating deindications.

10. Donner

The Donner brand also is type of an ‘honorable mention’ on our list. They are a pretty excellent ukulele brand, however absolutely on the budobtain finish of the market.

In truth, they don’t necessarily specialize in ukuleles. Instead, they make the majority of budobtain musical tools and this contains ukuleles, some of which are pretty excellent. The brand also supplies decent tonewoods and craftsmanship and though it is not the ideal brand in the human being for build-top quality, their beginner offerings are definitely respectable.

Very affordable. Quite a huge variety consisting of electric models.
Build and also tonewoods aren’t as great as some other brands on the list. Customer service might be doing not have.

We’ve contained Donner on the list due to the truth many kind of of their budacquire models market incredibly well. They aren’t the finest ukulele brand for those recording a full uke album, yet for a beginner or aspiring player on a budget, they’re a good alternative.


As you deserve to check out from our list, ukulele brands differ from those which have models under $100, to those which expense many kind of thousands of dollars for a straightforward and little acoustic instrument. It really comes dvery own to what you desire as a musician.

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If you are in search of the best ukulele brands for beginners then something choose the Luna or Lohanu array can be ideal. For more progressed players wanting impressive craftsmanship and an instrument built to last the periods, Martin manufacture some of the very finest models on the industry.

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