There’s something around its even more diminutive body. Easier to hold. Easier to travel with, however still so wonderful sounding.

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Over the last year or two it appears prefer eextremely artist I talk to is singing the praises of a little body acoustic that they have found indispensable.

Perhaps it’s time you added one to your arsenal. Here are a couple of to take into consideration. And remember, small is beautiful!

The Recording King Dirty 30"s Harmonella Single 0

Recording King"s Dirty 30"s Harmonella guitars are a throwago to the dry, throaty sounding department-save instruments that have come to be favorites of blues players and songwriters anywhere.

The Harmonella is the first of the Dirty 30"s Series via tailpieces. Though they"re based upon vintage instruments, their tone benefits from some modern structure methods.

Historically, tailpieces were provided on guitars whose tops were reinforced utilizing ladder bracing. These tops yielded a dry sound with very few overtones. Harmonella models are developed making use of standard x-bracing on the solid spruce height, which, once paired with the tailitem delivers vivid gutbucket blues sound through enhanced overtones.

The original models were made through steel reincompelled necks, however today"s Harmonellas are built with conventional truss rods for straightforward neck adjustments.

The classical aesthetics are just as a lot a part of their appeal as their sound, and also Harmonella guitars follow vintage heritage from the classic-style fretboard markers to the old-institution bound soundhole and matte sunburst end up.

Whether you"re a songwriter that desires vintage blues sound, or a first-time player that wants something a little cooler, acquire the benefits of modern building while still transferring lots of vintage vibe through the Recording King Dirty 30"s Harmonella.

Price: $199 Street Price

Washburn Guitars WP11SNS

The WP11SNS is based on designs Washburn supplied over 100 years earlier.

It attributes mahogany kind of ago and also sides for a slightly even more concentrated, articulate tone and also has pearl dot fingerboard inlays.

It has actually a 24.75” range and attributes a organic stain complete, solid cedar height supported by quarter sawn scalloped sitka spruce bracing, abalone rosette and conventional Washburn rosetimber bridge.

The mahogany kind of neck attributes a rosewood fingerboard with 44mm nut and also gold open gear tuners. These specs create a nicely balanced tone perfect for fingerpicking and also singer/song writers. The clarity of the parlor sized body is especially suited to recording and also mic’d performance.

Price: $299 Street Price

Luna Henna Oasis

The Luna Henna Oasis acoustic-electrical guitar is built on a folk body design that’s excellent for those that prefer playing a smaller-sized guitar.

The mahogany type of body and also solid spruce optimal develop noticeably rich tone, through visibility & character to match, particularly once playing chords. The 25-1/2" range, C-form neck architecture, and also 1-5/8" nutwidth include comfort for perdeveloping complex progressions on the rosewood fretboard.

The consisted of B-Band also preamp via integrated tuner and also low z output faithfully recreates the amplified sound of the Henna Oasis.

It’s laser etched henna-favor design is so distinctive. Henna Artist Alex Mbody organ shared this about her artwork for the Henna Oasis, "The architecture of the Oasis Henna guitar draws its motivation from the flowers and also forests of Ottoguy art. A wild rose, through added blooms of tulips and vioallows, tumble across the front of the instrument."

Price: $399

Epiphone EL-00 PRO Acoustic/Electric Guitar

The Epiphone EL-00 PRO Acoustic/Electric guitar is a direct descendent of Epiphone’s original line of flatpeak guitars designed during the golden age of acoustic guitars in the 1930s.

Players love this smaller sized sized "parlour" or "blues box" style guitar for its concentrated, woody tonal top quality, brief scale, and also comfortable weight which provides it right for both fingerpicking or the bark of a bottle neck slide.

The EL-00 PRO’s beautiful tone comes from a Solid Spruce top, choose Mahogany sides, and also a Mahogany kind of neck via a comfortable SlimTaper™ D profile.

And now, the EL-00 PRO features the state-of-the-art Fishman™ Sonitone™ soundhole preamp and a Fishman™ Sonicore™ under-saddle pickup for remarkable acoustic tone via any kind of amp or PA system. The Fishman™ Sonitone™ preamp has actually a built-in straightforward accessibility Master Volume and also Tone controls.

The EL-00 likewise functions Grover™ mini-button tuners through 14:1 proportion machine heads for simple and reliable tuning. The Epiphone EL-00 PRO comes in a Vintage Sunburst color finish and also is strung at the Epiphone manufacturing facility through D"Addario Phospher (12-53) strings.

Like all Epiphones, the EL-00 PRO comes via a Limited Lifetime Warranty and also 365/24/7 Gibchild Customer Service.

Price: $499 U.S. MSRP, $299 Estimated U.S. Street Price

Fender Ron Emory “Loyalty” Parlor

Parlor guitars have a compact form and also a gorgeous sound distinctly different from their bigger acoustic cousins.

The Ron Emory “Loyalty” Parlor design is designed by the acclaimed T.S.O.L. guitarist to offer the look, sound and extremely cool vibe of a carefully crafted parlor guitar in an affordably priced instrument.

Great for anyone that wants a sweet sounding, fun-to-play guitar for practice, songcreating and intimate performances, the “Loyalty” Parlor is equally at house with conventional blues, alt-nation, people ballads and also even more.

Available in two equally cool versions: an all-ash guitar via a Butterscotch finish (motivated by Emory’s 1952 Telecaster®) and a sumptuous spruce top/mahogany kind of body design with a vintage-style sunburst complete.

PRICE: $299.99 MSRP

Yamaha JR2S

Shipping July 2015, the JR2S is a solid optimal version of the famous Yamaha ¾-dimension steel string people guitar that will certainly be presented at the 2015 Summer NAMM Sexactly how in Nashville.

Joining the market-leading JR1 and also JR2 tiny body guitars, the brand-new JR2S is perfect for take a trip, for students as well as human being who uncover standard neck prorecords to be difficult to play.

The JR2S features a beautiful fit and end up, Rosetimber fingerboard and also bridge, Mahogany type of ago and also sides and also a Nato neck. The solid Spruce optimal on the instrument delivers superior tone and also sound projection, which will improve as the guitar eras.

A resilient, attrenergetic backpack-style soft case is additionally consisted of that has actually a spacious compartment for leschild books and also tablet computer systems.

Price: $300 MSRP

The Loar LH-204 Brownstone

The Loar"s LH-204 Brownstone has tone as dark and also meaty as the turned earth you deserve to check out from your front porch.

You desire the blues? The LH-204"s obtained "em.

Based on the award winning LH-200, the Brownrock has actually a solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany type of earlier, sides and also neck and a rosewood fretboard in a timeless pre-war body style. Vintage vibe is ceded by means of the brvery own satin end up and also classic-style bound soundhole. The low-crucial headstock style is a basic gold logo decal that gives a nod to the guitar"s rootsy heritage.

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The Brownstone is available in brvery own satin finish with an ivoroid bound soundhole.

Price: $449 Street Price

PRS SE Alex Lifeboy Thinline Acoustic

The PRS SE Alex Lifekid Thinline acoustic is a road-worthy guitar for players in need of a stage- and studio-ready instrument.

Carrying over its distinctive appointments from the Private Stock Alex Lifekid acoustic, this design functions a thinner body depth than PRS’s traditional Angelus model and also the “Birds in Flight” inlay style.

"I was incredibly pleased when PRS presented me with my SE Angelus acoustic, a beautiful guitar of stunning quality. It was in response to the challenge of structure a guitar that mutual the integrity and also attention to detail that the Alex Lifeson Private Stock Angelus possesses in a package more extensively available. The SE Alex Lifekid Thinline is that design. Carefully schosen materials, professional craftsmanship and a smart strategy to principle brought about a guitar that is beautiful to look at and rewarding to play," states Alex Lifeson

Similar to all SE Series guitars, the Alex Lifechild Thinline acoustic is a top quality instrument and a great worth.

The guitar’s thinner body offers an added level of comfort for players and boasts PRS’s Hybrid X/Classical bracing pattern, which gives this guitar a resonance and warmth not uncovered in some thinline models.

The addition of an undersaddle pickup with both volume and also tone controls gives this guitar a warm acoustic tone once magnified.

Price: $799 MAP

Guild Guitars M-140E

Released in the Spring and obtainable currently, the Guild Guitars M-140E is part of its Westerly Collection.

With its comfortable body and also distinctive voice, the M-140E provides fantastic balance and a fragile tone.

Featuring a solid Sitka spruce optimal and also solid Afrihave the right to mahogany type of earlier and also sides, the M-140E’s 24 3/4” scale length, vintage shaped Guild neck, and 1 3/4” nut width make this concert size guitar simple to play.

The Fishman Sonitone pickup enables for expert amplification of this small-bopassed away guitar’s exceptionally affluent sound.

More attributes incorporate an Indian rosewood fingerboard and also bridge, NuBone nut and saddle, and period-correct tortoiseshell pickguard. A mother-of-pearl rosette and Guild’s iconic Chesterfield headstock emblem reminiscent of 1960s models finish the package.

The M-140E consists of Guild’s brand-new lightweight polyfoam situation and also is obtainable in Natural gloss finish.

Price: $1,075 MSRP, $849.99 Street Price

D’Angelico Mercer Grand also Auditorium SG-100

Perhaps not a small body, but for certain a smaller body, the D’Angelico Gramercy’s younger brvarious other has actually tricks of his very own.

The Mercer Grand Auditorium (SG-100) boasts the duo of a slim, mahogany neck and also a rosetimber fingerboard through block mother-of-pearl inlays, developing subtle elegance and supreme playability.

Sapele back and also sides work in tandem through a solid Sitka spruce peak to give the Mercer its bright clarity. Prepared to project, the Mercer comes with the Fishguy INK-4 onboard preamp, pickup system and also built-in tuner. Offered at an attractive price, the Mercer will certainly prove itself steadquick to any type of player.

Price: $999

Cordoba Guitars C10 Parlor

The Cordoba C10 Parlor is appropriate for the player trying to find the feel, comfort, and ease of playability that a smaller instrument offers, while retaining the sweet, warmth tone produced by all-solid lumber building and construction.

Built with either a solid Canadian cedar or solid European spruce height via solid Indian rosetimber ago and sides, the C10 Parlor attributes a 7/8 body dimension, 50mm nut width, and also the fan bracing pattern uncovered on a lot of Cordoba guitars.

The C10 Parlor is constructed with Spanish heel construction, wbelow the optimal of the guitar is attached to the neck, the sides are added following, and the guitar’s body is sealed by the installation of the back. This building and construction strategy permits the whole instrument to vibrate as one unified item.

Aesthetic touches prefer the mother-of-pearl weave rosette motivated by a 1920’s Domingo Esteso guitar include a touch of vintage elegance to this best-seller. Other premium attributes include an ebony fingerboard, rosetimber bridge, high gloss finish, and also Savarez Cristal Corum strings.

The C10 Parlor has Cordoba’s lightweight polyfoam situation.

Price: $1,380 MSRP, $1,059.99 Street Price

Breedlove Oregon Parlor LTD

Tright here is a one-of-a-kind magic uncovered only in the Pacific Northwest, and this magic influenced a collection of tools unchoose any kind of various other. For the Breedlove Oregon Series the firm unified the science of sound, flawmuch less craftsmanship, and striking local woods to produce a collection of tools that expresses the deepest parts of that Breedlove is as a agency.

New to the series the Breedlove Oregon Parlor LTD has supplied myrtlelumber in a brand-new method. Primarily offered as a ago timber, for the Oregon Parlor LTD, they’ve likewise supplied it as a top hardwood, adding to the parlor’s knack for being a bold, lively instrument despite its smaller dimension. Beautiful to look upon as well as hear, the first parlor in the series draws its sonic power and clarity from the Pacific Northwest-grown myrtlewood peak, earlier and sides.

The Breedlove Oregon Parlor LTD likewise includes an Eastern hardrock maple neck, ebony fretboard and an LR Baggs EAS VTC pickup. Also obtainable in a Concert body.

Price: $2,399 MSRP, $1,499 MAP

Bedell Blackbird Parlor

Bedell Blackbird Vegan Parlor guitar is the ultimate forest stewardship guitar in addition to its vegan friendly construction.

Encouraged by the beauty and wonder of the American landscape: the streams and also deserts, swamps and forests, beaches and valleys, and all the magnificent animals that grace this substantial and diverse nation, from shore to shore.

The Blackbird Vegan models aren’t simply sustainable, they’re likewise constructed utilizing only Amerideserve to harvested woods: a salvaged Sitka spruce soundboard, Western bigleaf maple ago and also sides, an Eastern difficult rock maple neck, and also a walnut fretboard, bridge and peghead overlay.

Bedell craftsmen have completed unequaled tone and projection from these abundant Amerideserve to woods for a truly planet-friendly guitar made from ethically harvested trees. The Blackbird features a translucent black burst and is easily accessible in dreadnought, orchestra and parlor body shapes. All Blackbird models encompass a workshop-mounted K&K Pure Mini pickup and a Bedell deluxe hardshell instance.

Price: $2,490 MAP

Taylor 712e-12 Fret

On Taylor’s 12-stress Grand also Concert models, the neck meets the body at the 12th worry fairly than the 14th, and also the bridge position is closer to the facility of the reduced bout. The outcome is a splash of added tonal depth.

The classic pairing of rosewood and spruce yields a full-selection acoustic voice, while the smaller sized body keeps the overtones in check and also fits nicely in a mix with various other instruments.

A short-scale 24-7/8-inch neck adds comfort to the playing endure. A Vintage Sunburst peak and also neck, grained Ivoroid binding and also rosette, and also grained Ivoroid Heritage Diamond fretboard inlays evoke an old-heart persona.

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Stage-friendly Taylor Expression System® 2 acoustic electronics translate the acoustic dynamics and tonal information into impressive intensified tone.

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