What’s the best jazz amp for guitar? It depends on what kind of jazz and what kind of guitar you play. But right here are some of the famous selections and the considerations many type of jazz guitarists make.

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Guitarists (like many people) tfinish to get stuck with some preconceived notions of what sounds great for a particular type of music. The sound associated through Swing and also Bebop jazz guitar is a clean acoustic sound coming from a huge body archpeak guitar. Jazz can be played with various other guitars and various other sounds and has been, yet this particular day I’m talking about that classic sound. Jazz guitarists looking for that sound want an amplifier that makes the guitar louder but doesn’t shade the sound. Plenty of headroom via no clipping or distortion of the amplified signal is intended for jazz. Keep in mind that fusion and also other even more modern jazz guitarists might have various choices.

Tbelow are many type of jazz guitarists that use various other forms of amplifiers and also you might choose somepoint various. But below are some carriers and amps listed for their jazz sound.


Fender was a pioneer in the early days of guitar amplification. Leo Fender was searching for the finest way to amplify the guitars sound without distortion. Each generation of his amplifiers was louder via more headroom than previous. Fender amps were / are known for that clean sound.

Ironically, other forms of guitarists, especially those who played blues and also rock, discovered and preferred the smooth creamy sound that came from overdriving a Fender amp. Fender just constructed brand-new models with even more power and headroom.

Jazz artists discovered the clean sound of Fender amps was what they were looking for. The “Blackface” generation of amps (so referred to as bereason the manage knobs are placed on a babsence plate) were most likely the ideal of Fender amps for Jazz. The Fender Twin Reverb is good example of a clean tube amp and also has actually frequently been provided for jazz through 85 watts of power from four 6L6 tubes with 2 12 inch speakers.

I when review that Wes Montgomery provided a Fender Princeton Reverb amp throughout part of his career however reput the stock 10″ speaker through a 12″ speaker. The Princeton Reverb is a low powered amp that at the time was rated as 12 watts. Apparently that was enough for a small club. I’ve likewise review the Wes offered a Deluxe Reverb and other models. I can’t verify any kind of of this. However before I very own a Silver Face Princeton Reverb from the early on 1970s. It is plenty loud and also has actually plenty of headroom as soon as played at quantities proper in my examine. I’m not so certain exactly how it would certainly job-related in a room bigger than my living room though.

Fender Twin Reverb


Among the continuous disputes among guitarists is which is much better – tube or solid state guitar amplifiers. If you play rock or blues this is easy. Tubes win. But for jazz, whether or not to go via a solid state amp has actually been a complicated consideration for a long time. The Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus was among the earliest solid state amps to appeal to jazz guitarists. It’s a stereo amp via dual 12″ speakers and also 60 solid state watts per channel. I never favored chorus for jazz however some guitarists did. It likewise had reverb.

The amp came out in the mid 1970s and both rock / pop guitarists played this version – such as Mark Knopfler and also Peter Frampton – and also some jazz guitarists such as Pat Metheny and also Joe Pass.

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JC-120 Jazz Chorus


Anvarious other solid state amplifier that appeabrought about jazz guitarists came out around the very same time as the Roland JC-120 (mid 1970s). A series of amps made by Polytone became popular among jazz guitarists. Joe Pass was a well known user. As you’ll alert, many of the exact same guitarists have supplied more than one of these amps. Also, many kind of amps many loved by guitarists were either originally intended for bass (Fender Bassman) or come from a agency who also specializes in bass. Polytone makes bass amps as well.

The Polytone Mini Brute series (I, II, III and also IV) began a trend that appeabrought about gigging guitarists. These amplifiers were lighter weight, smaller sized solid state amplifiers through plenty of power to reproduce a clean magnified sound. Solid state circuits tended to be even more rugged compared tube amps. Size and also weight of course appealed to someone that typically traveresulted in gigs.

The guitarist in the adhering to video is playing a D’Angelico Excel EXS-1DH via a Polytone Minibrute II amp.

Mini Brute

Henriksen JazzAmp

The Henriksen JazzAmp was developed in 2006. The JazzAmp comes in 4 variations: the 110, 110-ER, 112 and also 112-ER. The The distinction between the 110 and 112 are the speaker size (1×10 or 1×12 inch). Both are 120 watt solid state amplifiers. The “ER” represents Extended Range and this is achieved by the enhancement of a tweeter. The tweeter deserve to be rerelocated from the circuit as soon as not necessary. The ER models deserve to cover acoustic instruments as well as electric archtops and also are reported to be excellent for nylon string guitars. The 12″ models are likewise recommfinished for bass.



The JazzKat video is over an hour. It is a Jazz All Star occasion funded by JazzKat and contained jazz guitarists Bucky Pizzarelli, Ed Laub, Randy Johnston, Lou Pallo, Vinnie Carro. Each is playing via a Jazzkat TomKat amplifier.

I can find no information regarding once the company was started however John Pizzarelli was an early endorser.

The TomKat is marketed as a tube amplifier with a 10″ speaker and 150 watts of power. The tube is a 12AX7 on Channel 1 and can be switched off for a pure solid state clean sound. The speakers incorporate a tweeter which have the right to also be switched out of the circuit. Total weight is 20 lbs.


Quilter Amps

Patrick Quilter began making amplifiers in the 1960s. But his current amplifier firm was developed in 2011.

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The MicroPro 200 is a stereo solid state amp with 100 watts per channel for a total of 200 watts. Like the various other solid state amps above (except for the Roland), this is many amplifier in small, light, powerful and rugged package.

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