When it concerns buying a guitar amp for jazz, what are the best choices? We’ve already composed around some of the finest guitars for playing this stylehowever, for this guide, we’ve jumped right into the topic of what alternatives are out their for jazz amplifiers.

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Whether you’re looking to begin playing jazz guitar or just to upgrade your existing set-up so it’s more suited to this kind of music, here’s our guide to some of the vital options you must make, which famed jazz guitarists you could desire to copy and also references on some specific brands.

Here’s the quick overcheck out, before we dive right into the details…

BrandTypeOur highlightBuy
Fender Blues JuniorTubeThe well-off, clean Fender sound at a more-affordable price.Check Price
Fender Blues DeluxeTubeBigger Fender version through even more low finish and a sepaprice overdrive channel.Check Price
Vox AC30 C2TubeBrighter, janglier sound with much less prominent low-end than FenderCheck Price
ZT LunchboxSolid-StateGreat tones in an extremely compact package.Check Price
AER Compact 60Solid-StateThe go-to amp for many type of jazz players, have the right to develop a well-off, warm tone on archtopsCheck Price
Roland also Cube MiniSolid-StateA high quality low-budget alternative for travelling or utilizing at house.Check Price


Tube Amps vs Solid-State Amps

When it concerns setting up your guitar for jazz, there’s one huge question to ask first: must you usage a solid-state amp or a tube amp?

Here’s what you have to recognize about these two types…

Tube amps

Tube amps – likewise recognized as ‘valve amps’ – use vacuum tubes to amplify your guitar signal, and were the initially type of electric guitar amplifier.

They have actually a distinctive warmth, and also are extremely responsive to playing dynamics – turning the guitar’s volume dvery own or playing softer can create a cleaner sound, and turning up or playing harder provides the tone more aggressive.

As such, tube amps are extremely versatile: they deserve to administer a well-off, warmth clean tone, however once they are turned up, the tubes naturally saturate the sound and also create overdrive.

Some amps, such as the classic Fender Twin Reverb, are designed to be super-clean, even at louder volumes (recognized as having ‘headroom’).

Fender amps prefer this are a favourite among jazz guitarists.

The disadvantage via tube amps is that they have the right to be large and also hefty and also call for maintenance – the tubes themselves need replacing around when a year!

They sound finest once turned up at least moderately loud. The tone might be unsatisfying on the lowest settings, so they may not be proper for quieter gigs.

Solid-State Amplifiers

The more modern solid state amp uses transistors to amplify your signal. They tfinish to be a lot smaller and lighter than tube amps, yet have the right to be surprisingly loud for their size!

They produce a clear, crisp clean tone which doesn’t satuprice at greater quantities, prefer a tiny tube amp would certainly.

Many type of attribute in-developed digital impacts, and some (such as Line 6 guitar amps) also go even more – providing digital modelling – enabling you to turn your amplifier into dozens of pre-set ‘classic’ amplifiers at the touch of a button.

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Solid state amps are designed to not include any colour to the sound of your instrument, and pair specifically well with archtop guitars. Some jazz players like solid state amps designed specifically for acoustic instruments, such as the AER compact 60.

Small, light, and also powerful, these amps are incredibly portable and also don’t need continuous maintenance – unfavor tube amps.

With all that in mind, here are some renowned options for both types of guitar amp…

Best Tube amps for Jazz

Fender Blues Junior

Fender have a variety of fantastic tube-powered amplifiers. The Fender Blues Junior is a compact and affordable amp that provides the exact same well-off, clean sounds as the even more expensive models, whilst being cheaper and also more portable.

The warm jazz tones it produces, and the surprisingly high volume it’s capable of, defies its fairly low power output of 15W.


Fender Blues Deluxe

The Deluxe is a bigger, much better (heavier) version from Fender. It has more low end and also flexiblity than the Blues Junior, as well as a sepaprice overdrive channel.

With almost 3 times the wattage of a Junior, it’s a seriously powerful jazz guitar amp!


40 watts of legendary Fender tone.Fantastic clean and overpushed tones...1X 12" Eminence special-design speaker...

Vox AC30 C2

This is a much less traditional jazz amplifier choice, however one that’s well worth considering…

Vox amps tfinish to be brighter, ‘janglier’ and have much less significant low finish than Fenders. Regardless of this, tright here are some excellent examples of exactly how this amp deserve to be used; John Scofield has done beautiful points via a Telecaster and a Vox AC30!

Best Solid-State Amps for Jazz

Roland Cube

Roland also Cube amps are well-known and robust solid-state amplifiers that mostly home countless top quality inconstructed results.

Portable and regularly more affordable than their tube amp equivalents, these are an excellent bet for those in search of a practical piece of devices that deserve to be used in a variety of various settings.

Whilst we’d recommfinish the Roland also Blues Cube amp as a solid alternative for playing jazz, the low-budgain Roland Cube micro is well worth a look for the ultimate in portable high quality or practicing at home.


Ultra-compact guitar amp via...Eight COSM amp tones, consisting of the...Eight DSP impacts, including HEAVY...i-CUBE LINK jack offers simple audio...MEMORY feature for saving favorite amp...

ZT Lunchbox

The ZT Lunchbox amp provides great tones in an extremely compact package.

Modern jazz guitar excellent Julian Lage, amongst others, has been watched to gig with among these!

Tright here are minimal controls, but this bit point can produce exceptional volume for its size!


ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Junior Combo Amplifier for Electric Guitars with ZT Amplifiers Battery Pack and ZT Amplifiers Carry Bag
35W RMS Class D Amplification1x5" SpeakerCapable of 117 dB SPL9V Power Output for Powering Pedals12V Input for Car/Battery Power Adapter

AER Compact 60

The AER compact 60 is a go-to amp for many kind of jazz players, including Russell Malone.

Designed for acoustic tools, this amp is very transparent, and played via an archpeak guitar, can develop a affluent, warm, ‘wooden’ tone.

Hopecompletely this guide offered you some better understanding into your options as soon as it involves buying a good jazz guitar amplifier. As always, let us understand in the comments what your erected of alternative is: solid-state or tube amps? Or does it depfinish on the occasion..?

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