Semi-hollow body guitars still have a one-of-a-kind place as soon as it concerns western music. These guitars were the baseline of music in the 70s as soon as the artist wanted a beefy sound. Semi-hollow body guitars percreate significant on phase, which renders them appealing to many artists. Recently, these guitars are making a comeearlier via the new demand for Americana revivals and also Jazz.

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With the demand also for semi-hollow guitars increasing, tbelow are many type of accessible options. Hence, it might be overwhelming to work out for the best semi-hollow body guitar. Our article will certainly evaluation the 3 ideal semi-hollow body guitar under $500.

Of the whole Ibanez arsenal, the Artcore AS73 stays the a lot of famous. It starts off our list of the finest semi-hollow body guitar under $500 bereason it offers even more worth for the money. This AS73 will certainly surpass your expectations for its modeprice price.

Body and also neck

The Ibanez AS73 has actually a mahogany neck and a maple body. The body functions a double-cutamethod style, chrome hardware, rosewood fretboard, classical elite pickups, and ART-1 Bridge.

Ibanez AS 73 has a well-well balanced mahogany type of neck with a flast radius. Therefore, it makes it easy for the artist to play the guitar for an extensive time. Besides, it is an ideal instrument for a beginner since it is basic to use. Unchoose various other guitars via many bells and whistles, the Art core AS73 has actually only a three-position selector.


Its semi-hollow body, the mahogany neck, and rosewood fretboard gives the AS 73 a warm and robust tone. In addition, the Standard Elite pickups incorporate both a wide and well-well balanced output.


If you haven’t supplied this guitar before, it could take some time to switch between sounds. However before, the top quality of the sound it produces will surpclimb you. Besides, it also has actually an impeccable tone quality, which most musicians reap. It has volume controls that are basic to use. These controls also offer adaptability given that the user can customize the sound output.


From way ago, Ibanez AS73 has actually been supplied to play Jazz. Playing this instrument will provide you a warmth and expressive tone. Luckily, you can achieve various tones from the guitar while playing. The responsiveness of the guitar’s pickup is impeccable, and its intonation is much much better for a beginner-level guitar.

Many guitarists dream of owning a vintage Fender. Unfortunately, the dream doesn’t come true for many type of due to financial constraints. So, just how about owning a fender via high-top quality sound output for an affordable price?

Body and neck

The Fender 70s telecaster has a maple neck with a poplar body. Thus, the guitar is lightweight and as sturdy as it have the right to be. The uniqueness of the 70s Telecaster lies in its F-shape hole. The hole helps minimize the weight of the instrument, making it easy to play the guitar also while standing up. It likewise boosts the herbal resonance of the guitar through the hardwood.

The C-shaped neck via a 9.5″ radius will encertain you reprimary comfortable as you play the guitar. It also makes it easy on the fretting hand and also suitable for the chords.

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Fender Thinline Standard 70S is slightly various from other Fender Telecasters bereason it has actually two wide-array humbuckers. The two wide-range humbuckers are tremendous, and also are in line through the 70s fashion and music style.

The humbuckers help the guitar create fat yet full-frequency sound, which you wouldn’t have anticipated from the guitar. With the instrument, you deserve to expand also to several music formats, which will certainly move your audience.


The Standard Vibe 70s has a robust and trustworthy bridge, which attributes a string via the body. The string passing via the body helps the guitar keep its tuning stcapacity. It also has actually pretty vintage headstock marqueens, and are exclusive to the guitar. Its tinted neck complete will take you ago to the 70s.

How would certainly you favor your Oscar Schmidt OE30? It comes in cherry stain, black gloss complete, and tobacco sunburst.

The Osauto OE30 has a straightforward yet very practical design. It has a double-cutaway on the neck, giving it a classic body appearance. The peak side of the guitar is level, and also it has actually two F-holes on each side. It attributes a rounded bottom, which provides the guitar an enjoyable form.

Body and neck

Its body is constructed of maple, which gives the instrument a sturdy nature and enhances durcapability. The maple body additionally provides delightful tonal characteristics, and serves as a good resonator for both high and mid-tones. The result is a bright and energetic sound.

Like the body, the neck of the guitar is made of maple. Its single tonehardwood makes the guitar develop positive sound. The guitar neck is collection with its body, which is continuous through guitars of the exact same style.


The Osvehicle Schmidt OE30 produces a much a lot much better sound than you would have actually anticipated from a semi-hollow guitar. It produces a clean, solid sound output and nuances. Besides, it has actually numerous tones to switch between. Hence, it is a perfect guitar as soon as looking to play either Jazz or rock and also roll.


You need to be guaranteed of some wonderful action because the guitar features a timeless tune-o-Matic system. The system ensures string stcapability, which eextremely artist considers as soon as shopping for a guitar. The tuning of the guitar is constructed to fit and also job-related well through the guitar’s style.

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To Sum it up

Our three ideal semi-hollow body guitars under $500 will certainly offer you the finest worth for your money. Feel free to select any type of of the above guitars that suits your needs and also choice through confidence.

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