And all those really fancy straps just make you look favor a douchebag anymethod, right?

All great disagreements.

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And I greatly agree…up to a point, that is.

Because while guitar straps MAY be one of those points that you don’t really notice…

That’s only true if it does its task well.

Since if it’s NOT, you notification it A LOT.

Some begin to feel annoying if worn for extfinished periods.Some feel annoying the minute they touch your shoulderAnd some feel fine, however just don’t last incredibly long

And if you’re analysis this now, chances are you presently endure from at leastern among these troubles.

So to assist you find a solution and also get earlier to playing…

For today’s write-up, I’ve compiled a list of the a lot of renowned and also universally loved straps on the market…at each price allude, to accommoday all budgets.

But tbelow won’t be any type of artsy boutique straps here. Just pure comfort and also performance.

If that sounds good…then let’s begin.

First up…

Acoustic vs Electric vs Bass

At some point, every player wonders to himself…

Wait…is tright here even is a difference in between these straps?

And the short answer is…NO. Almany any type of strap can job-related via all 3.

But it’s also true that particular strap models mostly work-related better with certain tools.

With bass players, you commonly uncover that longer, bulkier, and generally even more expensive straps occupational much better to assistance their larger heavier instrument.

With acoustic vs electric guitars, the biggest difference below is the method of attachment.

For electric guitars – tright here will certainly nearly always be two strap butlots on the body, so attachment is simple.For acoustic guitars – most will just have actually one strap on the bottom of the body. So you’ll should attach the other side of the strap to the headstock using a string.

If you don’t know how to perform this yet, inspect out this video:

The trouble right here is that many players (consisting of myself) discover it uncomfortable to play this method.

The strap doesn’t balance exceptionally well, and it sorta gets in the way of your playing.

So the solution is include a 2nd strap switch to the base of the neck. But doing so needs a little of “guitar surgery”.

To uncover out how it’s done, watch this video:

Moving on…

The 4 Strap Features to Look For

So tright here are 4 key points to observe when deciding if a particular strap is appropriate for YOU:

LengthWidthLocking MechanismMaterial

First up…

1. Length

Standard straps lengths are adjusecure between 40-60 inches or so, which is a suitable variety for almost anyone.

However before, if you play bass, are exceptionally tall, like your guitar hanging low, or any combination of these…

Choose an extra long strap, which typically exhas a tendency as much as 70″ or more.

2. Width

Guitar straps widths commonly range from 2″ on the thin side, to 4″ on the thick side.

As a general preeminence of thumb, thicker straps are designed mainly to:

support heavier instrumentsmarket included comfort for extended play

…and as a result, are commonly even more expensive too.

However…thicker doesn’t ALWAYS mean better, as many type of players via lighter tools uncover thick straps to be unnecessarily bulky, and also actually LESS comfortable to wear than something thinner.

3. Locking Mechanism

The difficulty SOME players have actually via those standard leather loops that affix to the guitar is…

They CAN have actually a propensity to slip off periodically, based upon plenty of factors such as:

the motion of the player on-stagethe weight of instrumentthe wear n tear on the strap finish itself

Which is why many kind of players will ONLY usage straps made through custom “locking mechanisms” such as strap locks or clip locks, that make it practically difficult for the guitar and also strap to sepaprice accidentally.

On the other hand…many OTHER players discover such gimmicks to be totally unessential.

4. Material

The combicountry of products used in making a specific guitar strap is maybe the most vital detail of all…

Due to the fact that it’s what inevitably determines comfort, performance, and also durability, and of course…price.

The 4 most frequently used materials for guitar straps are:

nyloncottonleatherneoprene and/or memory foam

And coming up, as we compare the finest straps on the market, you’ll view how a comparable combicountry of these materials is supplied at each price point.

So let’s gain to it…

The 3 Major Price Ranges

After endmuch less sector research…

I identified that tbelow are 3 major price arrays to think about as soon as shopping for a strap:

Budget Plan straps – under $30Midarray straps – under $30-$70Premium straps – $70+

Of course, these numbers are simply basic guidelines…yet as you’ll view, they’re actually quite precise.

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So up first…

1. Budget Plan Guitar Straps

With most excellent straps under $30…

What you tfinish to alert is that they are made of either nylon or cotton, via cheap leather ends.

The first widespread complaint via straps in this price range is…

They are uncomfortable to wear for extfinished periods, as they have a propensity to dig right into your shoulder.

The second complaint is…

If you move approximately a lot once you play, it’s possible that the strap can slip off, resulting in your guitar to fall to the ground.

But despite what haters might argue…

The reality is that as long as you aren’t playing a hefty instrument such as bass…an 8 dollar strap CAN last you years without any problems.

In the links below, there’s the Ernie Ball Polypro, and also Dunlop D-38, which attribute a typical nylon strap via leather ends. These are probably the 2 best-offering guitar straps on the sector.

There’s also the Fender Vintage Tweed, which has actually a cotton strap and a unique vintage style.

And lastly, there’s the pricier DiMarzio Cliplock, which replaces the typical strap button totally through a clip-locking mechanism that is simple to detach and also reaffix, and arguably safer for the instrument.

Personally, I think that for the price, the DiMarzio Cliplock is one of the best straps you deserve to buy…period.

Now here are the links:

Up next…

2. Midselection Guitar Straps


For MOST of you reading this article…

I’d argue that this middle price selection, between $30-$70…

Is exactly wright here you have to be shopping.

Due to the fact that straps at these prices will certainly likely be the difference between:

a short term fix, and…a long term solution

They’re more comfortable, they last much longer, they look cooler, and they’ll store your guitar safer.

And while namong these are “must-have” benefits on their own…

Together…they make a pretty solid dispute regarding why it makes sense to spend the additional money.

Now right here are the particular straps I recommend:

First there’s the Fender Artisan, which is a straightforward no-frills strap, made entirely out of fine leather.

Then there’s the DiMarzio Custom Italian which is similar, yet adds a cool nickel-plated buckle.

And finally there’s the Mono M80 Betty, which is plainly much less stylish than the previous two…

But undoubtedly much even more comfortable, as it attributes neoprene and also memory foam, which are 2 materials normally just supplied on even more expensive straps.

For the average guitar player, I’d say it’s my height recommendation in this whole write-up.

Here are the links:

Up next…

3. Premium Guitar Straps

As you might have actually noticed in the previous section…

With $50 straps, you have to basically pick in between optimal style, and optimal comfort.


With premium guitar straps approximately $100…you acquire BOTH.

Not only perform they look impressive, yet they are very comfortable as well.

For bass players particularly, these straps can have actually the result of making the instrument feel lighter than it really is.

As you’ll notice, eincredibly alternative noted listed below is a Gibson, ssuggest bereason they make the best high-finish straps period.

The Modern Vintage, Fatboy, and Edge are all comparable variations of the very same standard design…combining fine leather via a super thick memory foam shoulder pad.

And then there’s the Gibson Switchblade, which is the many expensive of the 4, but adds a quick release system which the other 3 don’t have actually.

And given that it combines virtually eextremely desirable function right into one beautiful strap, there’s no doubt that it’s the extremely ideal strap on this entire list.

Now below are the links:

One Final Question…

So what around even more expensive boutique straps?

The fact is…it’s actually not uncommon to find practice boutique guitar straps costing $300-$400 and occasionally even more.

But once you obtain above the $100 price selection, any kind of included cost is basically going in the direction of someone’s artoccupational, and not the actual comfort and also performance of the strap itself.

Which is fine if that’s what you want, as long as you know that ‘s what you’ll get.

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And if that is in truth what you desire, I’d recommfinish trying these out in an actual store quite than buying them digital, bereason there’s an excellent chance that they won’t be entirely what you’re expecting.

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