A excellent instance to examine out if you’re on the hunt for an excellent barget is the ChromaCast CC-EHC Electric Guitar Hard Case. The most remarkable function of this situation is the interior pocket for accessories. While this is a fairly prevalent feature, till you’ve provided a situation without an internal pocket you can’t imagine just how necessary of an inclusion this is. It allows you to keep emergency gives at the all set while you’re gigging, save all of your picks and also tuner(s) together, and give you one more spot to stash extra 9volt batteries. It really is a godsend, and if you setup on playing literally everywhere yet you’re room you have to make sure that whatever instance you decide to purchase consists of this feature.

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Though the internal storage area is among the many vital inclusions, tright here are a hold of various other great features included in this situation. The chrome latches are inarguably sturdy, and because they’re chrome they certainly include an amount of visual appeal to the case. There’s likewise a molded manage, which is going to save you the majority of strain must you have to bring your guitar for any considerable distance. Tbelow plush interior comes via extra bridge and also neck padding, which is a definite plus for more delicate instruments and/or those that will certainly be transported in much less than ideal situations (prefer in the earlier of a van loaded via amps and various other instruments). Just as importantly, the situation has bumpers on the bottoms and also sides in order to reduce the amount of strain that your instrument will be based on need to it occur to be dropped or knocked versus a hard surchallenge.

Lastly, the dimensions of the case are as follows: the length of the case is 41.5”, the top and lower bouts are 14”, and the situation is 3” deep. Note: these are the inner dimensions, so need to your instrument measure below all of the lengths offered above it will a lot of most likely fit. One element to highlight of this instance is exactly how well many Strat and also Telecaster style guitars fit. This is a vital point to note, as some budacquire situations don’t quite nail the dimensions compelled for the even more famous body styles so the guitar have actually a tendency to either not fit snugly or be a lot also tight.

Considering the price of the case you really can’t go wrong with this product unless you’re going to be gigging constantly and/or going on a comprehensive tour. Though the ChromaCast CC-EHC Electric Guitar Hard Case might be a budgain option, it is suitable for the needs of most musicians and also an excellent value. So long as you take an appropriate amount of treatment this situation will both safeguard your instrument and organize as much as consistent travel.

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TKL 7825 LP Format Electric Guitar Case


TKL Product Corporation (primarily well-known as simply TKL) was started in 1984 by Tom and Donna Dougherty. The agency was established through the intent of offering residential and worldwide retailers via a high-quality yet affordable option for soft gig bags and also hardshell instrument instances.

The firm actually started in a 640 sq ft. area of a building in Farmindale, New York. Though the company had reasonably humble roots it’s gone on to thrive, ending up being one of the the majority of pervasive manufacturers of instrument instances in the world. The company has actually likewise preserved a dedication to adaptability in all parts of its production procedure, which has helped make it functional sufficient to meet the requirements of a diverse body of musicians.

The initially point to note around this case is that eextremely function in it is designed by TKL. While this is neither an excellent nor negative point (derivative instances tend to be over priced considering the lack of invention, and proprietary deindicators can make quick fixes difficult) it does expect that tbelow may be a couple of differences between this instance and other models. So be sure to inspect the dimensions below to encertain an excellent fit.

TKL utilizes Durahyde as opposed to tolex in this case, which shouldn’t make much of a difference all things considered. Both products are durable and also resistant to alters in temperature and also humidity (within reason of course), so there’s no trouble right here.

The situation also functions a molded manage and providence build steel-plated hardware. The desigcountry steel plated most likely means that the hardware is made of a cheaper steel and also then coated with even more sturdy (and also attrenergetic steel). However before, so long as you’re making use of the instance fairly you shouldn’t experience any type of concerns (this is additionally reflected in the majority of user reviews across different platforms).

The instance bills itself as having actually a contoured, thickly pincluded soft plush interior, though without even more specifications it’s tough to comment on this aspect. Though because it’s not a highlighted problem in reviews we would assume that it’s appropriate for a situation of this price. TKL also included a typical neck assistance device, which is a good inclusion considering this case is expected for LP style guitars, which are delicate around the neck.

Lastly, the dimensions. The situation is 41.000” long with a 9.500” upper bout. The reduced bout is 13.000” while the waist (the area between the two bouts) is 8.500”. The depth is 3.250”.

The agency additionally claims that they have a limited life time warranty, though we can not find the appropriate terms detailed on the website. The warranty likely states that the instance is guaranteed to be complimentary from manufacturer error, though as via any warranty user alteration or damage resulting from imcorrect use likely isn’t covered.

The TKL 7825 LP Format Electric Guitar Case is a case that combines quality via affordcapability. Though it may be lacking the functions found in high-finish instances (such as gasket seals or fiberglass construction) it will defend your guitar to a level suitable for non-air travel.

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SKB FS6 Molded Electric Guitar Case


The SKB Corporation was founded in 1977 by co-founders Dave Sanderboy and Steve Kottman. The firm got its start by producing guitar cases in their small garage in Anaheim, The golden state. Their dedication and initiative phelp off in spades, as the company has actually gone on to end up being among the many prolific producers of molded polymer move situations in the civilization.

Though the agency did gain their start concentrating exclusively on instances for musical tools they’ve actually emerged situations for a wide selection of sectors. Several of the many remarkable examples include: the previously mentioned musical instrument situations, army applications (a large range of various tools and pieces of equipment), pro-audio equipment, industrial and medical applications, sports tools, and electronic devices.

The company owes their success to their uncompromising commitment to top quality and also an ungone beyond level of durability, and also the SKB FS6 Molded Electric Guitar Case is no exception.

SKB isn’t completely clear around the materials used in their instances, which is fair enough all points thought about. However, what details they perform provide (and the widespreview usage of the company’s products) point towards the products being proper for their demands. The company says that the outer shell of their cases are made from a polymer, which is a substance that has actually a molecular framework made of a large number of interlocking molecules. Think of polymers prefer a brick wall. The chemical framework of many of these materials give them an amplified level of durability because of the interlocking structure, which bolsters the strength of the product. Polymers are offered in a vast range of daily applications, such as in plastics and also resins.

The SKB FS6 additionally complies with TSA requirements via usage of the TSA well-known and also embraced locking facility latch. Even much better, structurally the attributes of this instance help to alleviate the chances of your instrument throughout travel. The heavy duty polymer building helps to reduce shock to your instrument in the event that it need to be dropped or thrown approximately throughout transit, and the rigid EPS foam interior helps to store the finish of your instrument from being marred in the time of travel.

The situation also functions complete size neck assistance, which is a large ascollection for vintage instruments. The neck is arguably the a lot of vulnerable component of your guitar because it’s under so a lot stress relative to its strength and thickness. So by having actually a high (once compared to equivalent products) level of padding along the neck it helps to minimize the amount of strain on your neck.

Though it’s not going to execute much for your guitar itself, the inclusion of a cause release latching mechanism was likewise a nice touch. It helps to make opening and cshedding your case a little much easier, which will certainly definitely come in handy should you should conveniently remove your instrument from its case.

The case has an interior size of 39.25”, with an inner depth of 2.75” (this is including the foam). The internal reduced bout is 12.75” while the upper bout is 11.25”. So long as your guitar is around this dimension you must gain an excellent fit. This model is aimed at Fender style Stratocaster and also Telecasters, so if you don’t play either of these two models (or among their derivatives), be sure to double examine the dimensions of your guitar.

Every SKB situation is guaranteed to be complimentary from manufacturer defects for the life of the situation. So should your situation or any of its components break SKB will sfinish you either a complete replacement or replacement parts at no cost. However before, this does not include user change.

The SKB FS6 Molded Electric Guitar Case provides an impressive amount of durability for its price point. While there are comparable choices obtainable there’s nothing lacking in this situation whatsoever. It’s also extremely sensibly priced considering its functions.

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Gator ATA Guitar Case


Founded in 2000 by Jerry Freed and also his daughter Crystal Morris in Tampa, Florida, Gator Cases is a wonderful example of a grass roots success. Originally the company only available a really limited selection of molded plastic guitar instances, and also in the adhering to years they’ve gone on to develop more than 1000 different products. The materials in use by the company are likewise exceptionally varied, had but not restricted to: vacuum-formed plastics, rotational-molded plastics, timber, and also EVA products. The firm also believes in supporting the its country’s economic situation and in 2008 started the Protechtor line of situations. This department of the company focuses on on-shore manufacturing, which helps to bolster employment in the plant’s indigenous tvery own of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Not content through sindicate offering instances, the firm has additionally dipped it’s toes into a variety of various services. Two of the the majority of notable examples are Gator’s move to creating a range of stands and cases for live sound functions and also getting Viking Cases. Viking Cases was among the first suppliers to create a case suitable for air-travel, and also after acquiring the firm Gator went on to develop their very own line of innovative and very durable guitar instances.

Considering the company’s background, and its substantial footprint on the industry, it’s no surprise that the Gator ATA Guitar Case provides a wonderful value for the musician on the hunt for a situation worthy of protecting their instrument.

The first point you have to recognize about this instance is that it’s intfinished to fit Fender-style solid-body tools, such as the Stratocaster or Telecaster. Derivatives of these 2 designs will certainly also most likely fit into the situation, though be sure to double examine the dimensions of the instance before you pull the create.

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The product made use of in the situation is likewise rather interesting. Rather than your traditional combicountry of tolex and also laminated wood, the ATA case actually makes use of a molded armed forces grade polyethylene outer-shell. The primary advantage of this material is that it’s extremely durable and also shock resistant, though it does raise the overall price of the instance.

Another essential point to note is that this situation is meant to meet all of the requirements of the ATA (as designated by the name). Basically, this suggests that the case is intended to be easy to travel with on a plane. For instance, the instance has actually a TSA approved locking facility latch. It likewise meets size, width, and depth requirements. While this isn’t going to benefit the majority of musicians, it is a nice inclusion.

The manage is billed as an ergo-grip injection molded take care of, which is a sophisticated means of saying that it’s made of a artificial product made to conveniently fit into your hand. The grip is also textured, which helps to ensure that it won’t slip from your master. While some cases are pelevated for having actually leather handles, artificial options are generally even more affordable and even more resilient over time. However, individual preferences are going to vary on this facet.

The assorted virtual storefronts for the instance don’tt state that it has raised pincluding in the neck and bridge areas, though they do say that there is a molded interior cradle. This is likely supposed to imply the exact same thing, as it’s difficult to imagine that Gator would go to all the trouble of producing a ATA approved case and also then skimp on appropriately pincluding the situation.

Tbelow are facets of the Gator style that deserve to be controversial to some buyers. For one, the situation isn’t literally fit all. If you have actually a non-typical tremolo arm (such as a Bigsby or a Floyd Rose) your guitar may not fit into the instance perfectly. However before, this issue additionally deserve to conveniently be avoided if you examine the dimensions of the situation against your instrument.

The Gator ATA Guitar Case offers a resilient product at a really affordable price loved one to its attributes, simply be certain to inspect the dimensions of your instrument versus those of the case.

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Anvil Solidbody Electric Guitar Case


If you play an expensive instrument, it renders sense that you’d want to defend it via the finest instance that you deserve to afford. Aside from being a hefty investment, instruments are more than tools. We spend so a lot time via our instruments that they become almost prefer an expansion of ourselves. Rather than just being chunks of wood and steel, they end up being somepoint greater. That’s why guitars are passed with family members like valuable heirlooms. They’re as close to a perboy as any kind of inanimate object deserve to be, so it’s worth it to make certain they continue to be in good condition.

While spending more than $400 on a case may seem a little bit excessive, if you’re repetitively traveling it’s a worthwhile expense. High-tier situations market an unsurpassed amount of security, which you’re going to desire if you’re a touring musician or you’re consistently flying through your guitar.

Thanktotally for musicians anywhere, Anvil caters to the industry solely. Eexceptionally situation they make is produced in the USA, and also they all feature a wide array of components that work to make some of the most sturdy and protective instrument situations in the human being.

Anvarious other distinctive function of these cases is that Anvil uses environmentally minded manufacturing techniques. Every situation is 100% recyclable, which is a nice enhancement to the product if you’re worried about climate readjust or landfill overusage (we’re not establishing or disabsent anyone’s views, we’re just saying that it’s a feature that some of you might appreciate).

The case is made from an ABS/Laminate, which while not fairly as sturdy as fiberglass or carbon fiber well still be even more than up to the task of protecting your instrument. The ABS is additionally procedures ¼” thick, which strengthens the case without making it so hefty it becomes hard to usage. The case is obtainable in a range of colors (the exterior and plush are both obtainable in various colors) though eexceptionally situation in this line is made from plytimber.

The situation also functions a molded internal to fit various formats of solidbody electrical guitars, which helps to prevent your instrument from sliding about in the situation during transport. There’s also extra pincluding on the neck, headstock, and also bridge locations. This helps to mitigate strain on the many vulnerable parts of your instrument. Tbelow are different models easily accessible for eincredibly noteworthy guitar form, so whether you’re rocking a Fender or a Steinberger you’re still going to uncover a case that will work-related for your requirements. The maximum interior dimensions are 38.5” length, 12.75” width, and 3.5” depth. If you occur to have actually an instrument via a longer than average range length you may must find a different situation. Should you need to purchase a specialty situation Anvil does have tradition models obtainable, however you will certainly a lot of likely need to speak to them to discuss your choices.

Anvil cases are intended for musicians through exceptionally expensive instruments, so their built to a level of top quality that is unequaled by the large majority of instrument situation manufacturers. Their situations actually exceed the mandatory minimums of the Air Transportation Association, which makes traveling with the instance a breeze.

The instance also functions tongue in groove valances, tapered aluminum edging, and also steel reinrequired leather grip handles. This situation is built prefer a financial institution vault, so you’re never before going to have to concern around your guitar being damages once you usage it. It’s made from some of the strongest materials commercially available, and Anvil has actually a good track document (the firm has actually been approximately because 1952) for giving very high-high quality cases.

Anvil instances execute call for a high initial investment, however at the end of the day if you’re playing an irreplaceable (or exceptionally expensive) instrument the peace of mind that you’re going to get from owning this case is going to outweigh its cost.

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The Top Five Gig Bags

Reunion Blues Continental Gig Bag


Founded in 1976, Reunion Blues has arguably end up being one of the premier manufacturers of gig bags in the civilization. The agency uses an exceptionally extensive selection of products, spanning more than 90 different models of instrument instances. The company produces instances for fretted, brass, woodwind, stringed, and also percussion tools. Reunion Blues additionally uses gig bags and also a variety of instrument stands.

Reunion Blues likewise have actually an outstanding dedication to high quality. Eincredibly Reunion Blues case is crafted making use of high-high quality products, high-performance fabrics, instances and bags that use full-grain leathers (which is just as expensive as it is durable), as well as commercial stamina hardware.

Reunion Blues instances and gig bags have been greatly made use of by Buddy Guy, among the the majority of venerated blues musicians ever before. Guy influenced Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and also Jeff Beck. Duff McKagan’s guitarist Mike Squires has actually is another notable user of the company’s products.

The Reunion Blues Continental Gig Bag is a worthy addition to the company’s assets, and it provides a host of innovative products that any kind of musician will sucount appreciate.

The first thing to note about this instance is that tright here are five variants easily accessible. These include: an elect bass guitar case, a semi-hollow guitar instance, an acoustic guitar instance, a classical guitar instance, and also an electric guitar situation. All of these variations have actually the same attributes, it’s just the overall dimensions that readjust from model to model.

Stcapacity is the a lot of emphadimension function of this instance. The gig bag attributes a neck brace suspension system, which uses a locking defense strap to save your instrument from shifting in the time of deliver. The case also has actually internal protector pads at both the headstock and also endpin, which works to minimize strain on these fragile areas in the event that your situation experiences any kind of shock.

The case contains a EVA-reinforced lappeak compatible multi-pocket, which is even more than huge enough to store the majority of your accessories. We wouldn’t recommend placing pedals in it of course, but points like a lapheight, a binder full of sheet music, a tuner, and also spare strings or picks would certainly fit in tright here through plenty of room to spare. There’s additionally a rubberized headstock pocket.

The exterior of the case is made from a product dubbed Quadraweave, which is a proprietary towel made use of in the instances. The rigid portion of the instance is made from high-density foam and EVA affect panels (this combination is deprovided as a Flexoskeleton security system). Reportedly the combination of these 2 products were able to safeguard a guitar during a 40 feet drop, which is a pretty comprehensive amount of stress and anxiety. The interior of the instance is made from velvet, which avoids your guitar from being scuffed while it’s in the instance. The instance likewise attributes an imaginative take care of, which offers a foam core and a knurled abrasion grid to help distribute the weight of your instrument while permitting you to keep a firm grip.

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This case weighs in at 9 pounds, which while that’s a little bit hefty for a gig bag it is still light enough to easily bring in the huge majority of instances.

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