There"s an nearly endless amount of unique guitar and also amp combinations possible. But throughout rock background, a couple of formulas have actually just "stuck". Popularised by some of the best artists in the industry, here are 5 of the ideal guitar and amp pairings we can think of!


Let’s face it, we’re utterly spoiled by the amount of guitars and also amps out there now. With even more brands in the market than ever prior to, this implies that it has never been less complicated for guitar players to experiment via different gear combinations in order to discover their very own “sound”. But while that’s all a component of the fun, occasionally it’s best to take impetus from some of the finest.

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We’ve created this optimal 5 guitar and also amp combinations write-up to aid you discover a good sound from the get-go. With many kind of mentions of renowned players and their setups, you deserve to feel assured that these combinations truly work!

Gibson & Marshall


Gibboy guitars and also Marshall amplifiers go together like wine and cheese – they perfectly compliment one an additional.

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The thick, rich tamong a humbucker-equipped Gibson guitar plugged right into a ballsy, saturated-sounding Marshall is choose the perfect sonic marriage. And that’s more than likely why some of the most significant rock guitarists of the last 50 years have actually relied on this prevalent combo. Slash, Eric Clapton, Angus Young, Jimmy Page… the list goes on!

But why does this pairing work-related so well? It could sound silly, however for today’s guitarists; nostalgia most likely plays a substantial part. Seeing as the previously mentioned names were in some of the the majority of significant rock bands of all time, this suggests that our ears are somewhat acquainted and also in-tune with that iconic Gibson/Marshall sound. You might almost regard it as the “benchmark” rock guitar tone, for which all others are compared.

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While this might be classed as a fairly old-school rig nowadays, you’d be surprised by the amount of contemporary guitarists that still usage this iconic setup. Justin and also Dan Hawkins of The Darkness are among them, who depend on the classical Gibson/Marshall combicountry to accomplish their potent hard-rock guitar tones. But maybe even more surprisingly, Lee Malia of modern metal titans Bring Me The Horizon provides his signature Epiphone guitars into Marshall JCM800 heads; creating a crushing high-get sound.

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