Who is the king of acoustic guitar – Taylor or Martin? Takamine or Gibson? Yamaha or Guild? And Seagull… isn’t that a bird?!

Whether you are a complete newbie or are simply in the market for a brand-new acoustic guitar, you might be wondering which acoustic brands are actually worth your time and money.

Well, wonder no more! We have actually compiled a list of the many well-known acoustic manufacturers on the sector, together with a small around exactly how their guitars are created, their history and also what renders them so one-of-a-kind.

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When somebody claims the words ‘premium acoustic guitar’ even more often than not, the word ‘Martin’ is not far behind. The legendary Amerihave the right to brand also focuses exclusively on structure top quality tools and also, as such, has actually a long background of crafting some of the best acoustic guitars ever made.

History of MartinAfter showing up in America from Germany type of in November 1833, Christian Friedaffluent Martin put up a small guitar manufacturing room in the earlier room of a shop in New York’s Lower West Side. While most of his customers bought musical instruments and also accessories, Martin retained busy by making and selling a range of practice catgut-stringed acoustic guitars.

In 1843 Martin developed the Size 1 model – commonly welcomed as the earliest X-braced guitar ever before documented. By 1873, the brand also had a large selection of sizes and also arrays on sell, and continued production into the 20th Century. Then in 1921, as demand also thrived for louder guitars, Martin began focusing on steel-string guitars instead of those through catgut strings.

Regardless of the Great Depression, Martin continued to innovate and presented 2 new ideas that adjusted the face of guitar – the 14-worry neck and the dreadnought guitar shape. Arriving in 1931, the dreadnought still remains one of the the majority of famous styles of acoustic guitar this particular day.

Notable ModelsMartin has a stack of significant golden-era models however the D-1 will always have a place in the heart of acoustic guitarists as it was the first dreadnought acoustic. Tright here are now numerous takes on the original Martin dreadnought worthy of note, such as the Martin D-28 (another iconic dreadnought, which progressed from the original D-1).

The Martin OM-45 DeLuxe is one more very notable acoustic – an exceptionally rare Orchestra Model created by Martin in 1930. This took the brand-new idea of a 14-fret neck and also decorated it via opulent detailing. Aobtain, reproductions of this guitar are still being made, however they will set you back a considerable amount.

Martin produces a number of signature and also tribute models also, including guitars for Jimmy Buffett, John Mayer and also John Lennon, together with Ed Sheeran’s Little Martin.

Where are the Guitars Produced?All of Martin’s higher-finish guitars are made in Nazareth, PA, although some of the more affordable series – including the X Series, Road Series and also Backpacker Series – are made in their factory in Navojoa, Mexico.

Relative Price RangeYou have the right to find brand-new Martin guitars in the accessible $500 price selection, although the option tright here is still a little limited till you reach the thousand-dollar note. Then the price rises the even more premium you go – you have the right to uncover exclusive Martin guitars costing approximately £100,000!

ImageAcoustic Guitar / RatingSummaryCheck Price
Martin Custom D Standard

Total of 4.77/5

A basic and also stylish, yet significant acoustic guitar from Martin.

AmazonFull Review
Martin 15 Series D-15M

Total of 4.70/5

Ample warmth on market through this stylish all-mahogany type of Martin dreadnought.

AmazonFull Review
Martin D12X1AE

Total of 4.70/5

An interesting Martin model that packs plenty of bang for the buck.

AmazonFull Review

Our Take on MartinWe had actually to kick off this list via a Martin. Like a Ferrari, a Rolex or a bottle of Chanel, owning a Martin is a status symbol as a lot as it is a wise option for guitarists. Since, also in 2018, there are few brands that complement Martin in regards to tone and top quality, regardmuch less of the price. The brand also likewise continues to innovate and also produce guitars with eco-friendly materials, definition they are likely to remain number one for some time to come.


Taylor Guitars is a a lot newer firm compared to the likes of Martin and also Gibchild, yet the pioneering American brand holds just as a lot prestige among guitarists of all levels.

History of TaylorWe only need to go back to 1972 to find the origins of Taylor. Sam Radding opened up a guitar building workshop known as ‘Amerideserve to Dream’ in El Cajon, The golden state, then quickly hired a young guy dubbed Bob Taylor. After two years, Radding marketed the organization to Taylor along with Steve Schemmer and also Kurt Listug, and the trio ultimately recalled the brand also Taylor.

Due to the combination of a top quality tone, architecture and also ease of playcapacity, Taylor acoustics boomed in popularity in the time of the 1980s. Because then, amateur and experts afavor have appreciated playing Taylor models, consisting of artists such as William Ackermale, Tony Iommi, Jason Mraz and Taylor Swift.

The brand also is known for being substantial innovators, the majority of notably with the usage of exotic tone-woods in some models, as well as the development of the renowned Expression System – Taylor’s own patented pickup mechanism for acoustic guitars – in 2004. Taylor likewise prides itself on its Taylor NT neck, which is said to be the ‘most playable neck in the industry’. We’d agree!

Notable ModelsTaylor’s 200 Series is one of the first areas guitarists start their Taylor journey. It’s a step above the entry-level Academy and 100 Series, via a solid-lumber peak, however still proves exceptionally affordable. The 214ce is a well-known component of this collection. For all-solid-timber models, a step approximately the 300 Series is forced.

Taylor is additionally renowned for its line of travel-friendly acoustics also, such as the GS Mini Series, the Baby Taylor and also the slightly larger Big Baby Taylor.

Finally, Taylor likewise produces a selection of signature models. One of these is Taylor Swift’s TSBT-e while you can likewise discover a nylon-string NS72ce, which is Jason Mraz’s signature Taylor.

Wright here are the Guitars Produced?Taylor guitars are still created close to its original area, in a 145,000 square-foot factory in El Cajon, California. However, some of the more affordable models are developed in the brand’s respected Tecate facility in Mexico.

Relative Price RangeBeing such a prestigious brand also, you can certainly discover Taylor guitars stretching as much as $10,000 mark and also past, although most guitarists will certainly have the ability to uncover a good model in the $700 to $2,000 area. Note that Taylor’s new Academy Series uses beginners a more affordable way to play a Taylor, as these begin from around $500.

ImageAcoustic Guitar / RatingSummaryCheck Price
Taylor Academy 12e Total of 4.80/5

The perfect guitar for beginners? We think so!

AmazonFull Review
Taylor 200 Series Deluxe 224ce-K

Total of 4.77/5

A high-finish all-koa version from Taylor’s 200 Series Deluxe.

AmazonFull Review
Taylor 314ce

Total of 4.72/5

An outstanding all-Amerideserve to, all-solid wood electro-acoustic from Taylor.

AmazonFull Review

Our Take on TaylorWith so much emphasis on top quality, invention and playcapacity, it’s difficult to fault Taylor as a brand and it’s normally difficult to put down one of their acoustics. The brand might not have the exact same lengthy background as Martin or Gibboy, but Taylor rightly has actually simply as many fans.


Even if you aren’t a guitar player, you will certainly have nearly absolutely encountered a Yamaha product somewright here alengthy the method, as the Japanese brand produces every little thing from motorcycles and also sporting products to a wide array of musical tools.

History of YamahaYamaha’s founder, Torakusu Yamaha, initially built a reed body organ in 1887 and also the brand’s selection of musical instruments has developed ever given that then. It now includes pianos, percussion, violins, recorders and guitars – both electric and also acoustic.

In 1941, from their base in Hamamatsu, Japan, Yamaha first began functioning on acoustic guitars, although breakthrough was cut short because of the arrival of WWII. However before, research study ongoing after the battle in 1946 and also the brand-new Yamaha Guitar Custom Shop began routinely producing steel-stringed models.

Yamaha acoustics initially made their way to America in 1969, which synchronized via Woodstock – wbelow the FG-150 made an iconic appearance during an impromptu set played by Country Joe McDonald. Because then, Yamaha acoustics have been played by countless guitarists about the world consisting of countless legends, such as Paul Simon, John Lennon, Bob Dylan and John Denver.

Notable ModelsYamaha has many kind of series worth pointing out, although the FG Series (standing for ‘individual guitar’) is undoubtedly the many well known. In particular, the hugely-well-known FG830 is viewed as one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners as it is straightforward to play, sounds excellent and is exceptionally sensibly priced.

Look out for the L Series as well (standing for ‘luxury’), which originally released in 1974. Ever considering that, this series has concentrated on supplying guitarists an acoustic with a traditional feel yet modern-day upgrades that result in an conveniently playable guitar through a warmth, well balanced tone. The Yamaha LS6 is a classical example of this great collection, which had a makeover in 2014.

Finally, the A Series is Yamaha’s higher-end collection, targeted at expert and also perdeveloping musicians. These all-solid-lumber acoustics aren’t cheap, but they still administer great worth once you factor in the quality and tone on sell.

Where are the Guitars Produced?Yamaha have actually factories across Asia and also the precise series will certainly recognize where the guitar was made. Many type of of the brand’s lower-priced models are created in factories in China and also Indonesia, while the premium guitars are constructed in Japan.

Relative Price RangeYamaha acoustics cover a vast scope, ranging from beginner-friendly models under $200 best up to $2,000-plus for their higher-end offerings.

ImageAcoustic Guitar / RatingSummaryCheck Price
Yamaha A Series A3M Total of 4.82/5

An acoustic workequine through beautiful tone.

AmazonFull Review
Yamaha FG830

Total of 4.70/5

A extremely well-known model from Yamaha – genuine affordable quality!

AmazonFull Review
Yamaha LL6M

Total of 4.42/5

An great showcasing of what today’s technical advances are capable of achieving.

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AmazonFull Review

Our Take on YamahaYamaha is a wonderful brand and also one of those rare manufacturers that create as good a guitar in the budget variety as they perform in the high-finish. The name Yamaha may not have actually the very same level of prestige as a Martin, Taylor or Gibboy, but they certainly rival these brands in terms of high quality, tone and also style – normally at better value for money.


Next off, we have an additional Japanese brand also which is smaller than the behemoth that is Yamaha, but still provides acoustic guitars of sensational high quality.

History of TakamineThe agency began as a little family-run guitar shop establimelted in 1959 at the bottom of Mount Takamine in main Japan and also have grvery own given that then. In 1968, Master Luthier Mass Hirade joined Takamine and his suffer and also flair offered Takamine guitars a unique edge. They introduced global in 1975.

Takamine emerged the respected Palathetic under-saddle pickup in 1978, prior to introducing its first acoustic-electric version – the PT-007S – in 1979. The brand also likewise occurred the use of detailed laser inlay work in 1994, ensuring fretboards were never before the same aobtain.

As well as ticking off big landmarks, Takamine has accrued hundreds of players international, consisting of skilled artists such as Jon Bon Jovi, Toby Keith, David Lee Murphy and Garth Brooks.

Notable ModelsTakamine’s Pro Series 7 is the brand’s premium collection, designed for experienced guitarists, through an all-solid-hardwood construct, exquiwebsite abalone detailing and also a tone to die for. The P7D is the delightful dreadnought version of this high-finish series.

Many type of of Takamine’s artists have their very own signature models, which are worthy of note, such as the Garth Brooks Signature (introduced in 1995) and the Toby Keith Signature, which arrived on Takamine’s 50th anniversary in 2012.

Where are the Guitars Produced?As you might expect, Takamine’s high-finish models are still handcrafted in the Pro Series facility in Sakashita at the base of the Japanese alps. Several of the lower-priced models are made in Korea (such as the G Series) and also Taiwan.

Relative Price RangeWhile models in the Pro Series 7 deserve to reach over $2,000, the majority of Takamine’s range is reasonably priced and available for a lot of guitarists. Expect to pay around $200 for their more affordable ranges, consisting of the entry-level GD10-NS.

ImageAcoustic Guitar / RatingSummaryCheck Price
Takamine EF360S-TT Total of 4.78/5

A vintage masterpiece from Takamine!

AmazonFull Review
Takamine EF341SC

Total of 4.82/5

An elegant babsence electro-acoustic from Takamine via high quality and attitude!

AmazonFull Review
Takamine EF381SC

Total of 4.88/5

Standard instance of Takamine high quality that yields tremendous sound, playcapability and performance.

AmazonFull Review

Our Take on TakaminePlaying a Takamine is always a pleasant experience, no matter what price category. The brand also provides great value for money throughout the board and also – if you have the right to pick up a premium Takamine – you will certainly have actually a beautiful guitar that will last a life time.


Gibchild is undeniably among the best names in the world of guitar, thanks mainly to its electrical guitar range, such as the iconic Les Paul, the SG and also the Flying V. However before, some of the brands acoustic offerings are simply as legendary.

History of Gibboy Gibchild has actually been producing acoustic instruments in one shape or another for more than 120 years, founding through the archtop mandolin in 1894, once it was simply Orville Gibchild functioning alone from his workshop in Kalamazoo, Michigan. By 1898, Gibboy offered the exact same sculpted archoptimal architecture to develop the Format O Archoptimal Guitar.

To keep up via demand also, Gibson came to be an establimelted agency in 1902, by then producing six various models of archpeak acoustic guitar – 3 with oval soundholes and 3 via round soundholes.

The brand went on to construct its initially production flatpeak acoustic – the L-1 – in 1926. Gibkid were ultimately endorsed by a selection of stars (including Woody Guthrie, George Harrikid, Pete Townshfinish, Elvis Presley and also Bob Dylan) and ongoing to thrive right into the large it is now.

Notable ModelsIt’s hard to single out individual models from a brand also that produces so many kind of remarkable acoustics, yet one of the first must-have Gibboy guitars was undoubtedly the Super Jumbo (J-200) – an oversized flattop acoustic that was tradition made for country star Ray Whitley in 1937. This expensive guitar came to be a standing symbol in country music and stays just as well-known in its modern create today.

Introduced in 1960, the Hummingbird is an additional classical Gibboy acoustic through an unmistakable style. This square-shouldered dreadnought attributes intricate etchings on the pickguard, along with unique neck and also headstock detailing to make it a true one-of-a-sort.

Wbelow are the Guitars Produced?Gibson’s acoustic guitars are currently created in Bozemale, Montana, and have actually been since the acoustic line was relocated and revived tright here in 1989.

Relative Price RangeGibson acoustic guitars are not cheap! Unmuch less you are buying provided, expect to pay over $1,500 for the cheapest model and more than $7,000 for their premium variety.

Our Take on GibsonNot a lot more hregarding be said about Gibboy – they are clearly among the masters of acoustic guitar, although their contemporary offerings are absolutely aimed at constant performers and specialists as opposed to the casual player or beginner. Still, if you can acquire your hands on a Gibchild acoustic, you more than likely won’t regret the hefty amount of money you’ve had to pay (if not, check out Epiphone, who make terrific Gibson replicas).

…And the Rest!

We’ve given you some of the best acoustic brands and still you desire more!? Well, you’re in luck because tbelow are tons even more which we haven’t been able to highlight in detail. Here are some various other brands that are well worth your time:


Establimelted in 1873, Epiphone continues to be one of America’s earliest and best-loved musical instrument producers. They started making acoustic guitars in 1928 to compete with their biggest rival, Gibkid. It’s ironic, then, that Gibboy ultimately got Epiphone in the late 1950s.

However, this was great for guitarists, as Epiphone have been able to produce affordable replicas of some of Gibson’s a lot of famed acoustic models (such as the J-200 and also the Hummingbird) and some of its own original acoustic guitars, consisting of the renowned Masterbilt archheight series. You can constantly uncover excellent value through an Epiphone.


In 1952, Alfred Dronge establimelted the first Guild workshop in Manhattan, New York. While developing electric jazz guitars was the brand-new brand’s emphasis, Guild created its initially flattop and also archheight acoustics within a few years of service. By the early 1970s, Guild had actually arisen the D-40C, which is welcomed as the initially production acoustic dreadnought with a cutaway body.

Today, Guild continues to be a very well-known acoustic manufacturer, providing models via easy yet attrenergetic deindications, well-off tones and also arched backs for a powerful voice. What’s more, these models are obtainable to all players, through both the affordable Westerly Collection and also the high-finish Guild USA series, which are made in The golden state.


Fender is another iconic Amerihave the right to brand that have to need no advent. While the company is largely commemorated for its well known electrical guitars, Fender also produces a good selection of acoustics and also electro-acoustics suitable for all players and also budgets.

A few of their acoustic models are quite typical (see the Standard Design Series), although Fender impresses via the bold deindicators of the peaceful The golden state Series, combining cool painttasks, super-playable necks and Stratocaster headstocks for a truly unique acoustic experience.


Less establiburned than a lot of of the historical brands on this list, Breedlove is still well-known as among the leaders in acoustic guitar manufacturing, thanks to the top quality and also tone their models offer. The company was establimelted by Larry Breedlove in Bend, Oregon, in 1990, that – together with Steve Henderkid – had the goal of building ‘acoustic instruments unchoose any type of others’.

They thrived, as their acoustic guitars are extremely distinctive in shape and also feel. All Breedlove guitars are still designed in Bfinish, although many type of of the cheaper models are currently developed overseas. Look out for models from the premium Legacy Series for astronomical tone and also good craftsmanship, and also the entry-level Discovery Series for a much more affordable means to play a Breedlove.


A branch of Godin guitars, Seagull is an additional relatively contemporary guitar brand, established in 1982 in the Canadian village of La Patrie, Quebec – wbelow Seagull guitars are still produced.

Seagulls are conveniently figured out by their distinctive tapered headstock, which allows the strings to stay directly, which helps tuning stcapacity. The brand can likewise be applauded for their usage of redeclared lumber to stop deforestation, and also their commitment to supplying incredibly good worth (i.e. you never finish up paying over the odds for a good guitar).

Overall, they are excellent tools and are constantly recommended, whatever price category – whether the affordable S6, the mid-array Mosaic, or the higher-end Artist Cameo.


Now time for something entirely different! The innovative Amerihave the right to brand also Ovation – established in 1966 in New Hartford, Connectireduced – is finest recognized for its use of composite products in its guitars, such as Lyrachord bowls rather of hardwood on the back and sides. They are likewise famed for being one of the leaders in electro-acoustic innovation.

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While some purists disprefer the absence of timber, these light, ergonomic and effective guitars have confirmed a long-lasting hit with many guitarists roughly the civilization. In truth, many kind of artists such as Glen Campbell, Melissa Ethridge, Josh White, Nikki Sixx and also Al DiMeola all usage them, while several artists also have their very own Ovation signature models.


Last, however definitely not least, is Washburn – yet another legendary name in the world of acoustic guitar. The agency was created in Chicearlier in 1883 by Patrick J. Healy and George W. Lyon (the W stood for Washburn).

More than 130 years of guitar-structure suffer has actually offered the brand also well as it proceeds to develop a broad range of renowned acoustic collections, many of which are exceptionally affordable and also suit beginner and knowledgeable guitarist achoose.

What Are the Best Acoustic Guitar Brands for Beginners?

Many type of of the brands we have already highlighted provide some excellent models particularly targeted at beginners. For instance, Taylor’s Academy Series has actually a selection of comfortable and also affordable models that are perfect for newbies. However, these aren’t the most wallet-friendly guitars, so won’t suit all budgets.

Yamaha and Seagull – one more 2 we have actually already highlighted – sell some excellent affordable models for beginners, as highlighted in this comparichild article on the Yamaha FG830 and also the Seagull S6.

Other brands which impress in the beginners’ market incorporate Ibanez – the Japanese brand best known for its electrical guitar output – and also Luna, who craft some beauticompletely decorated and also affordable acoustic guitars.

Look out for offerings from Alvarez and Jasmine also. These brands don’t reap the exact same fame that Martin, Yamaha or Gibchild execute, however they do specialize in providing affordable acoustics that suit beginners very well.

The Final Word

By now you have to be mindful of why names like Martin and Gibboy are so well-respected and why guitarists love Taylors and Yamahas.

Tbelow is definitely an facet of brand snobbery, through some guitarists swearing that nothing beats a Martin, while Taylor enthusiasts would certainly fairly play anypoint but a Martin. Our advice – take all advice via a pinch of salt!

Many of the brands sell equivalent high quality and also craftsmanship in their particular price arrays, so the brand you resolve with will more than likely end up boiling dvery own to the one you favor the look, sound or feel of, or the one that best suits your budget.

Read our write-up highlighting some of the ideal acoustic guitars on the industry this day for even more incentive (beginners may choose to inspect out our dedicated post on acoustic guitars for beginners.

Do you agree via our list of the best acoustic brands? Are we lacking any? Let us understand in the comments section below!

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