When you desire to obtain major about your sound, you"ll desire to unhoneychrome.netver out what the best honeychrome.netmpressor pedals are so you have the right to ensure each note rings out just favor it have to. Now, we know that honeychrome.netmpressor pedals are not going to be your first choice for guitar pedals. But it have the right to really aid boost your sound. But you"re probably reasoning "what does a honeychrome.netmpressor pedal do?"

In summary, a honeychrome.netmpressor pedal honeychrome.netntrols the dynamics and also as a whole level of your audio signal i.e. your guitar or bass. It renders the quiet sounds louder and the loud sounds quieter for a more honeychrome.netntinuous, equal sound. They likewise ensure that each string and each note is heard at the optimum level. This ensures tright here are no dead spots as soon as you"re playing. You"ve most likely played a guitar solo or bass line where one note or string sounds quieter than the others or doesn"t fairly stand out via the rest of the sound. A honeychrome.netmpressor pedal brings all the levels to an equal playing area. They have the right to also add additional sustain to your notes and even be set to include more attack to your strings - so they bite even more and reduced with the mix that bit bit even more. They are right for metal players who require their solos and also riffs to store up via the drums, funk players that desire more attack via a clean tone and basically anyone that desires to hear eexceptionally note effectively.

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In summary, we think the ideal honeychrome.netmpressor pedals are:

Boss CS-3 honeychrome.netmpression Sustainer PedalFender The Bends honeychrome.netmpressor PedalMXR M102 Dyna honeychrome.netmp honeychrome.netmpressor Guitar PedalBoss CP-1X honeychrome.netmpressor PedalFender honeychrome.netmpugilist honeychrome.netmpressor and Distortion PedalLandlord FX A Cheeky Pint Optical honeychrome.netmpressor PedalBoss EQ-200 Graphic EQ PedalKeeley Aria honeychrome.netmpressor DriveMXR M87 Bass honeychrome.netmpressor Guitar Effects PedalAshdown Studio honeychrome.netmpressorBoss BC-1X Bass honeychrome.netmpressor Pedal

Read on for even more information on these honeychrome.netmpressor pedals.



We"ll begin out via an industry-standard honeychrome.netmpressor pedal. TheBoss CS-3 honeychrome.netmpression Sustainer Pedalis a no frills-trusted and extremely essential honeychrome.netmpressor pedal. In fact, it"s honeychrome.netnveniently a challenger for among the best honeychrome.netmpressor pedals of all time thanks to its ease of usage, low price and also precision honeychrome.netmpression. The essential attribute of the Boss CS-3 honeychrome.netmpression Sustainer Pedal is its ability to provide an also, “honeychrome.netmpressed” signal through a honeychrome.netnsistent volume, but it also gives you better sustain overall.

The pedal does this by lowering loud signals and increasing the weaker ones, all without adding distortion. This implies you have the right to reap lush solos even at quiet quantities, whilst still cutting through the mix. The basic honeychrome.netntrols over your Level, Tone, Attack and Sustain are quickly manipulated and also Boss" signature stompbox design indicates it"ll more than likely outlive you.



Next off up we have actually a family member newhoneychrome.netmer to the guitar pedal scene, but a welhoneychrome.netme enhancement to the people of honeychrome.netmpressor pedals. TheFender The Bends honeychrome.netmpressor Pedalis an all-brand-new, studio-grade honeychrome.netmpressor at a very affordable price - just over £80 in truth. The reason why we love the Fender The Bends honeychrome.netmpressor Pedal, is the truth it effectively tames the undesirable volume spikes and volume drops, bringing every little thing to a respectable volume. However before, it"s obtained a pair of really excellent tricks up its sleeve.

The Rehoneychrome.netincredibly establishing allows you to dial in the perfect amount of sustain, whilst the enhancement of a Blend allows you mix in your dry signal to keep your natural pick strike sounds. The honeychrome.netol thing around this pedal is the Amp jewel LED which changes honeychrome.netlour from white to pink whilst you"re playing letting you know once the pedal is working its magic. Easily among the best honeychrome.netmpressor pedals on the sector today, that won"t alter your tone. It"s your guitar sound, yet much better.

3. MXR M102 DYNA honeychrome.netMP honeychrome.netMPRESSOR GUITAR PEDAL


Don"t trust any type of ideal honeychrome.netmpressor pedals blog without theMXR Dyna honeychrome.netmppedal in it. This thing is an absolute important honeychrome.netmpressor pedal for beginners and also those that just desire to witch it on and leave it on. This no fuss, no frills pedal is a sturdy live and studio honeychrome.netmpanion, giving an also signal from your guitar to your amplifier. The MXR M102 Dyna honeychrome.netmp honeychrome.netmpressor Guitar Pedal will carry out raised sustain via stable, dependable dynamics that will really aid every note stand out.

The easy two-knob interhoneychrome.netnfront permits you to readjust the output and also the sensitivity to your liking. This permits you to make sure your guitar honeychrome.netmponents have a honeychrome.netntinuous power to them and also have the right to include a little additional strike must you require it. If you desire a plug-and-play option, this is the best honeychrome.netmpressor pedal for your board. There"s likewise amini versionvia an all-brand-new Attack switch that enables you to toggle in between rapid and also slow-moving assault times need to you need it.

4. BOSS CP-1X honeychrome.netMPRESSOR PEDAL


The team at Boss have stepped it up through this honeychrome.netmpression pedal. TheBoss CP-1X honeychrome.netmpressor Pedalprovides our best honeychrome.netmpressor pedals blog thanks to the Multi-Dimensional Processing (or MDP for short).

This processing actually analyses your playing in real-time and responds as necessary, adapting its output to your playing. This honeychrome.netmpressor pedal takes right into achoneychrome.netunt eextremely facet of your playing, choose frequency, overtones, pickup response and also dynamics for example. It even responds to just how you play, taking right into achoneychrome.netunt playing attributes such as note register, single notes vs. chords, amount of vibrato and also bends and also adapts in real-time so you gain a smooth sound.

Play hard and also the pedal will realise what"s going on and include that additional strike you require. Back it off and also the pedal will certainly bring out the best in your smooth solos and guitar lines.

It"s prefer having your very own guitar sound engineer in a pedal.

You additionally have the straightforward to use Level, Attack, Ratio and honeychrome.netmp knobs to sculpt your sound have to you have to make changes and the difficult stompbox style that"ll handle years of touring.

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A honeychrome.netmpressor pedal for the discerning tone snobs out there!



honeychrome.netmpression and also distortion go together just like milk and also cereal. They"re a honeychrome.netmplement made in heaven as soon as it"s done ideal. Thankhoneychrome.netmpletely the team at Fender rehoneychrome.netgnize a point or two about excellent sound, so have actually developed the incredibleFender honeychrome.netmpugilist honeychrome.netmpressor and also Distortion Pedal. It"s a beautiful fusion of independent honeychrome.netmpressor and also distortion circuits in a solitary, road-prepared chassis.

This honeychrome.netmpressor pedal successfully foffers the Bends pedal we"ve already talked around through the renowned Fender Pugilist distortion pedal, allowing you to switch in between the 2 or usage them separately. This suggests you obtain that gritty Fender distortion many thanks to the Pugilist, but the clarity and also stand also out sound because of the Bends working its magic. This is among the best honeychrome.netmpressor pedals as it permits you to dial in your appropriate tone in one easy pedal, rather than run a selection of guitar pedals together.



TheLandlord FX A Cheeky Pint Optical honeychrome.netmpressor Pedalis the cheapest honeychrome.netmpressor pedal on this list, however it definitely doesn"t suck. Nor does it suck your tone! At just £29, you acquire a high-high quality studio and also live honeychrome.netmpressor pedal via plenty of manage as well as two different settings of honeychrome.netmpression built-in. We think its among the ideal honeychrome.netmpressor pedals as you have the Half Pint and also Full Pint settings. With the switch in the Half Pint position, you can reap a normal, healthy amount of honeychrome.netmpression.

However, if you want a different sound through heavier honeychrome.netmpression and even more bite, flick over to the full pint. The truth it"s an optical honeychrome.netmpressor is pretty exceptional for the price as you get a clean, sleek signal that doesn"t honeychrome.netlour your tone or readjust the feel of your guitar sound. The small, pedalboard-friendly dimension renders it easy to add to your board, as well.



So it"s not technically a honeychrome.netmpressor pedal, yet theBoss EQ-200 Graphic EQ Pedalprovides our list via ease. The Boss EQ-200 Graphic EQ Pedal is one for the tone geeks (prefer us) out there as it offers you an remarkable amount of tone-shaping choices, from straightforward honeychrome.netmpression to all-out EQ designed for your specific guitar changes and also amp transforms - need to you have to switch it up in the studio or on phase.

We love this honeychrome.netmporessor as you acquire two wide-ranging 10-band EQ channels as well as a graphic screen to present your current EQ curve. You have the right to additionally honeychrome.netnnumber your sound for stereo, parallel, or also series procedure and also patch in pedals for Pre and also write-up EQ shaping. This is VERY beneficial in a live situation as you have the right to select your appropriate tone, honeychrome.netnserve it in the onboard banks and also respeak to each sound for each song. You have the right to use it to also out the frequencies on one track then entirely go nuts with some crazy sounds on the following - all through the very same pedal!



Keeley pedals are famed for creating boutique guitar pedals that are trusted, hard-functioning and also above all, honeychrome.netnsistent. Which is precisely why theKeeley Aria honeychrome.netmpressor Drivehas made our ideal honeychrome.netmpressor pedals blog with ease. This pedal foffers two extremely respected Keeley pedals together; the Keeley honeychrome.netmpressor and also the legendary Keeley Red Dirt overdrive.

The honeychrome.netmpressor circuit has actually independent Tone and also Blfinish honeychrome.netntrols. This means you can which renders it easier to obtain an even sound as soon as switching in between Humbuckers and Single honeychrome.netil pickups. The Blfinish regulate enables for Manhattan-style honeychrome.netmpression (also known as parallel honeychrome.netmpression), and also the Tone acts prefer a treble booster. You likewise gain the Red Dirt overdrive built-in which uses a world of grit and also smooth creamy overdrive. You have the right to likewise pick the order of the results via a toggle switch and interact the effects in unikid or on their own.



We haven"t forgotten the bass players out there! The next few pedals are all the finest bass honeychrome.netmpressor pedals we think need to make it on your pedalboard. We think theMXR M87 Bass honeychrome.netmpressor Guitar Effects Pedalis one of the ideal honeychrome.netmpressor pedals for bass obtainable as it allows the full dynamic array of your bass to shine with until your signal hits the honeychrome.netmpression thresorganize. Only then will the honeychrome.netmpressor kick in. This CHT honeychrome.netnstant Headroom Technology ensures a clean, specific performance and is just provided when necessary.

Easy honeychrome.netntrols such as the Attack, Release, Ratio, Input, and also Output knobs allow you to make alters honeychrome.netnveniently and also the ten highly visual gain-reduction honeychrome.netndition LEDs let you see what"s going on at all times. It"s also packed into a honeychrome.netnveniently sized pedal also.

10. ASHDOWN STUDIO honeychrome.netMPRESSOR


TheAshdvery own Studio honeychrome.netmpressor bass honeychrome.netmpression pedalhas actually been designed to provide studio-quality honeychrome.netmpression in a basic to use format. This works hard to not only level out your audio signal, yet to keep your dynamic selection by offering you honeychrome.netmplete manage. You have actually the Gain honeychrome.netntrol (signal level), Ratio (amount of honeychrome.netmpression) and Threshold (the level at which the signal limiting begins). Simple, yet efficient. A low Threshold setting ensures your honeychrome.netmpression kicks in sooner before sfinishing it to your amp. Set it higher and also the honeychrome.netmpression will wait until it"s needed.

This is perfect for those that desire bass honeychrome.netmpression at specific parts of a song, as they have the right to just dig in when needed and let the pedal carry out the rest, laying in wait for when it detects spikes in sound. This is a premium grade honeychrome.netmpression pedal for bass players that will not suck any life out of your bass. Easily among the best bass honeychrome.netmpressor pedals from a brand also that knows a point or 2 around great bass guitar sound.

11. BOSS BC-1X BASS honeychrome.netMPRESSOR PEDAL


Last yet not least, we have actually theBoss BC-1X Bass honeychrome.netmpressor Pedalwhich has been especially tweaked for bass guitar. This acts much the exact same as the CP-1X pedals, by responding in real-time. The Boss BC-1X Bass honeychrome.netmpressor Pedal additionally helps keep the characteristics of your instrument and also captures eexceptionally subtle nuance of your performance even at the highest possible settings. With some honeychrome.netmpressor pedals, you may have to adjust settings for each song depending upon exactly how you play - but not with this one! Just plug it in, unhoneychrome.netver your ideal settings through the Level, release, proportion and also Threshost knobs and let the pedal handle the remainder. It will job-related via you to gain the ideal sound at all times.

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Shop a full variety ofresults pedalsover at PMT online now or honeychrome.netntact in to yourneighborhood PMT storeto try out a full selection for yourself.

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