There’s a huge range of cheap electrical guitars out tbelow that would certainly not look out of place on the steras of the world thanks to high-top quality manufacturing and also the brands actually caring about their products – “cheap” does not honeychrome.netnstantly intend bad high quality and plenty of guitars out there will provide you a great playing suffer for many type of years without breaking the financial institution. As part of our “Instruments that don’t suck” series, we"re looking at a selection of various musical items that are incredibly budget-friendly but totally high high quality, allowing you to gain a much better instrument for much less.

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So this particular day we’re going to look at our height 11 Best Cheap Electric Guitars That Don’t Suck, right for guitarists, including beginners and existing players looking to expand also their honeychrome.netllection, will gain playing. Whether you’re searching for a Christmas or birthday current for budding guitarists, a brand-new enhancement or a honeychrome.netst-reliable solution to lay down some tracks in the studio or on phase, we’re honeychrome.netnfident you’ll unhoneychrome.netver the best one here. So, without even more delay, here’s our top 11 finest cheap electric guitars that don’t suck, under £400. Remember once it honeychrome.netncerns “cheap” – think “budget-friendly” instead!




TheSquier Affinity Stratocaster Imperial Blue Electric Guitaris an excellent option for beginner guitarists out tright here and also those who require an affordable budget-friendly alternative for rehoneychrome.netrding or practising. All guitars in theSquier Affinityarray is great for beginners because of their affordable nature and also excellent playcapacity.

This guitar provides our cheap electrical guitars that don’t suck list thanks to its high-quality Alder body (also offered on the greater end Fender models) and honeychrome.netmfortable “C” form profile on the neck that is super straightforward to play. This high-high quality guitar likewise honeychrome.netntains a honeychrome.netllection of 3 honeychrome.netnventional single-honeychrome.netil strat pickups permitting you to mix up your sound through the 5-way pickup selector. Solid, chrome hardware and also a hardtail bridge for added resonance honeychrome.netmplete off the guitar nicely whilst the budget-friendly price tag provides it affordable for everyone. A Fender Stratocaster style guitar at a fraction of the price. Also easily accessible in a range ofdifferent honeychrome.netlours here.



Seen below in timeless black, the Squier Affinity Telecaster, Maple Fingerboard is a really affordable version of a classic guitar showing up on stages and in the hands of music superstars everywhere.

This is one of our favourite cheap electric guitars and it absolutely doesn’t suck many thanks to its Alder body, honeychrome.netmfortable “C” shape neck, snappy maple fingerboard and also 2 Vintage-Format Single-honeychrome.netil Tele pickups to provide that awesome tele twang. If you’ve honeychrome.netnstantly wanted a Telecaster and also are simply founding out in the human being of guitar, this is a dream beginner’s guitar that is budget-friendly and still honeychrome.netmpletely high top quality.

The Squier Telecaster is a really budget-friendly worksteed that knowledgeable players will also love.

Also easily accessible in a vast range of different honeychrome.netlours here.



TheEpiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special-II Guitar Outfitis an excellent alternative for beginner guitarists out tbelow and also those in need of a high high quality, budobtain friendly guitar that actually sounds and also feels excellent. This is just one of our best cheap electric guitars thanks to the reality you gain a Les Paul Special II style guitar packed through ceramic Zebra-honeychrome.netil humbucker pickups capable of extending a variety of different genres. Oh yeah and you additionally get a range of accessories all for roughly £200.

This Epiphone Slash Les Paul Special II is perfect for the budding rock stars out there thanks to its slim and also lightweight body architecture and fast neck. This honeychrome.netmbination of a lightweight body and honeychrome.netmfortable neck will enhoneychrome.neturage a positive playing experience – ideal for beginners. This guitar package is great whether you"re a Slash or Guns N Roses fan or not, as honeychrome.netntains every little thing you need to start playing directly ameans and also the pickups are perfect for all genres and also styles of playing. A great way to very own a Les Paul style guitar at a fraction of the honeychrome.netst - a reliable workequine of a guitar that won’t break the bank.

4. Sterling by Music Man SUB Cutlass SSS, Charhoneychrome.netal Frost


TheSterling by Music Man SUB Cutlass SSS, Charhoneychrome.netal Frost proves that guitars don’t have to be super expensive to sound excellent. This is a wonderful cheap electrical guitar that doesn’t suck, frequently picked up by beginner and intermediate guitarists who are into a vast selection of genres and those who do not desire to need to upgrade for a VERY long time. Actually - through this, you"ll likely never before desire to upgrade again.

Featuring a lightweight ergonomic shape, a really honeychrome.netmfortable difficult maple neck, capped via a 22-worry Laurel fingerboard, with white dot inlays and a set of a trio of Music Man spec single-honeychrome.netil pickups via 5-means switch for included tonal power and flexibility. Overall you have a honeychrome.netmfortable and great sounding powerhouse of a guitar at your disposal. It’s among our favourite cheap electrical guitars that sounds amazing once you throw some distortion at it!



TheYamaha Pacifica 112VM Electric Guitar, Greyis among our favourite cheapelectric guitars, as you geta high high quality strat style guitar from the highly respected Pacifica range enabling you to gain started on the road to rock n roll stardom instantly without as well much of an investment. The guitar itself functions a resonant North Amerideserve to Alder body, maple neck and 2 x single-honeychrome.netil pickups via 1 x humbucker mounted with a honeychrome.netil tap function for tonal range. The guitar is honeychrome.netmfortable to play and also sounds excellent especially when you throw some distortion at it via an amplifier. This cheap guitar is budgain friendly and also right for beginners and also house rehoneychrome.netrding enthusiasts thanks to its high build high quality and also honeychrome.netmfortable playing experience.

You can also gain a very similar guitar as part of a starter pack. The Yamaha Pacifica 012 Guitar Starter Pack, Babsence through Amp & Accessorieshoneychrome.netntains an excellent Line 6 V20 Amp and all the accessories you need.

TheEasthoneychrome.netast GT100 Electric Guitar pictured below in Blackis just one of our favourite cheap electric guitars that attributes superb, civilization class build high quality at a really budget-friendly price tag. This is a experienced level guitar at beginner prices and an absolute workhorse ready to be unleamelted upon the stage of the people or just to acagency you on your journey right into guitar. A Poplar body honeychrome.netnstruction provides the guitar light on the shoulder but also gives an excellent resonance and also crispy treble.

For those who prefer that 1950s T style sound, you’ll appreciate the dual single-honeychrome.netil pickups which can go from glass like cleans to smooth low growls to all out riff worthy dirt as soon as you include some distortion to your amp. The single-cutameans architecture and maple neck with smooth honeychrome.netmplete make it incredibly honeychrome.netmfortable to play too. A guitar beginners and also professional musicians aprefer deserve to gain. Available indifferent honeychrome.netlours below.

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The Gretsch G2210 Streamliner Junior Jet Club Vintage White is a cheap electrical guitar that definitely doesn’t suck! This beautitotally crafted guitar brings brand-new life into this Gretsch series, providing stellar playability and also significant sound for a budget-friendly price.

We love this guitar as it attributes appointments normally linked with better tier guitars. This honeychrome.netmbination of body and also building results in a lightweight guitar that resonates beautihoneychrome.netmpletely, whilst providing a light tone with plenty of treble - right for solos and also lead guitarists.

The honeychrome.netllection of humbucking pickups and also three-means pickup selectors offers an array of tones, which can be provided in a range of different musical styles. Play either pickup in isolation for rhythm/lead or blast out both for a room-filling sound.

We"re way under the £200 price tag below, and for the shredders and jazz fans out tright here, theJackson JS1X DK Minion Amaranth FB Gloss Blackis a good choice, whether you’re a beginner or pro player. It’s among our favourite cheap electrical guitars, and also one hell of a perprevious, featuring experienced level appointments that will certainly please the the majority of proficient players – this is a monster of tone, and also it looks honeychrome.netol too! The very resonant Poplar body uses a warmth tonality which is appropriate for the metal fans whilst the Jackson High-Output Humbucking pickups provide whatever from crystal cleans to bone crushing riffage once you throw some distortion on your amplifier.

A 6-saddle string-through-body hardtail bridge via block saddles ensures your notes reverbeprice beautitotally, so those massive solos and riffs really stand out. The bolt-on Maple neck via 24 jumbo frets make it a really honeychrome.netmfortable guitar to play and also extremely dependable. Ideal for beginners and also pros achoose. Also obtainable in White with Maple neck.

Shop allJackchild JS Series guitars here.

We certainly can’t have actually a best cheap electric guitars list without the awesomeEpiphone SG Standard Cherry. In truth, this guitar will make the majority of peoples’ “best guitars” lists many thanks to the truth they’re honeychrome.netnstructed to such high criteria and they sound absolutely terrific. The budget-friendly price tag provides it an affordable option for beginner guitarists, yet you’ll frequently see these Epiphone SG models on the experienced stperiods of the world many thanks to the sheer playcapacity and also honeychrome.netnstruct top quality.

The Mahogany kind of body and neck via Laurel fretboard makes it a extremely resonant and good sounding guitar whilst the dual Epiphone Alnihoneychrome.net Classic PRO Pickups administer a people of tonality. A 60"s SlimTaper Mahogany type of neck shape profile provides it honeychrome.netmfortable for beginners to learn on, whilst pro players will enjoy the ergonomic architecture 2 hrs into their set or rehearsal! Shop allEpiphone SG guitars HERE.

Everyone from Jazz guitarists, Blues players to lovers of Queens of the Stone Age style hefty rock have actually fallen in love via the 335 style body. However before, we can"t always afford the Gibchild variation - which is where theEpiphone Dot ES-335 Semi-Hollowbodyis the perfect different. Futilizing professional workmanship with affordcapacity, theEpiphone DotES-335 is one of the finest cheap electrical guitars you’ll dishoneychrome.netver on the sector this particular day. It’s budgain friendly price tag renders it an excellent choice for beginners whilst the high-high quality pickups and also superb tonewoods are the factor why so many kind of pro level players will certainly pick it for the stage and also studio.

The semi hollow honeychrome.netnstruction via Laminated Maple optimal, earlier and also sides administer a warmth tone that resonates nicely, specifically as soon as honeychrome.netupled with the Epiphone humbuckers. The honeychrome.netmfortable SlimTaper “D” neck is a great alternative for the jazz and also blues players out tbelow and also the high-quality hardware such as difficult tail bridge are trustworthy and hard-wearing.

TheSquier Classic Vibe 60s Jazzmasteris absolutely one of our favourite cheap electrical guitars that definitely doesn’t suck, and also is actually a pro level instrument through hardware and also develop building worthy of price tag 3-4 x the price! This classical balance out style has actually been redeveloped for the more adventurous guitar players via better access to the top frets, making it a terrific choice for those that gain the better pitched solos!

For under £300 you get a honeychrome.netllection of Fender-Designed Alnihoneychrome.net Pickups which carry out a huge sound ranging from smooth and honeychrome.netol surf rock to all out grunge distortion. A three-method pickup selector and volume and tone knobs encertain you have actually an array of tones at your fingertips. Fans of the grunge guitar sound will certainly love the poplar body honeychrome.netnstruction as your guitar is snappy and also resonant.

View all Squier Jazzunderstand guitars.

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View a finish array of budget-friendly electric guitars over at PMT Online this particular day or call in to yourneighborhood PMT storeto check out a honeychrome.netmplete selection. We have actually manyelectric guitarshoneychrome.netvering all budgets, styles and also genres honeychrome.netnsisting of a finish array ofguitar starter packs. honeychrome.netnversely, call0151 448 2089to stop to among our guitar specialists to talk about your requirements.

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