Tbelow is one results type that many guitar players don’t usage, not because it’s useless however because of a absence of knowledge… and also yes, I’m talking about compressors.

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A compressor pedal can be the vital aspect of your pedalboard to accomplish an tremendous sustain without saturating your signal with endmuch less overdrive… store analysis to learn more!


What's a signal compressor?

Compressor pedals not just produce sustain without the require of adding distortion/overdrive pedals to your rig, however they additionally attenuate the amplitude of the signal, filtering out spikes and reinforcing weak notes.

This brings us one apparent advantage: we don’t have to oversaturate our original signal in order to acquire a Gary Moore’s sustain. OK, he did saturate a little his signal… I simply miss out on him and also I had to mention him somewright here.

If you don’t know why Gary Moore is the lord of Sustain, stop reading and check this video. NOW.

The point right here is that we can extfinish the sound also once playing clean chords. So this deserve to be pretty beneficial for nation or jazz players, for example.

How is this result achieved?

How is this effect achieved?

The pedal controls just how loud or soft your signal gets, so when a signal is also loud, a compressor limits this spike to a much more reasonable level.

Conversely, when a signal is too soft or starts to fade, a compressor deserve to rise the signal to even out dynamics and exoften tends the duration of the notes, and also for this reason, you no longer should rely on an overdrive to accomplish this same outcome.

Now, tright here are multiple ways to put this right into exercise and also that's what we'll be spanning in the next section.

Types of compressors


(Operational Transconductance Amplifier)

This is the the majority of common type of compressor we have the right to find this day in the pedals sector for its simplicity and also good results. Kind of the conventional type.

Although OTA compressors were recognized to distort the tone (either for excellent or bad), most of the new pedals have actually addressed those issues boosting the deindicators that were provided on old pedals.


Multiband also compression is a digital compression strategy, generally found on computer software application and also modern pedals.

It sepaprices your signal into separate frequency bands and also compresses each individually to the utthe majority of in carefully regulated dynamics.

Multiband also compressors are a great alternative if you are looking for a full control of the compression.


Optical compressors attenuate your signal via a combination of a light resource and also a photoresistor.

These compressors are very smooth and also natural sounding through slow-moving release times.


Tube compressors are optical compressors raised via tube steras that enhance the warmth of your tone.

Although these type of compressor is pretty rare, they are recognized to provide the ideal compression impact.

Pedals like the Effectrode PC-2A or the Teletronix LA-2A are good examples of the finest compressor pedals ever before developed.


(Voltage Controlled Amplifier)

VCA compressors sound very clean and are much less likely to shade your tone.

They’re additionally very exact and responsive and frequently offer you studio-style parameter controls (including Attack, Release, Ratio, Threshold, Knee, etc.)

The Keeley GC-2 Limiting Amplifier is a good instance of a VCA compressor, albeit it’s tough to find


(Field Effect Transistor)

Similar to VCA compressors, the FET form likewise uses the exact same parameter controls.

The major distinction between VCA and also FET is that the last can bring added color to your sound, which is under your own criteria to judge whether this is good or bad.

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Do I Really Need One?

Do you like/practice/usage any of the following?

TappingEconomy picking + legato techniquesRock and also blues leads seeking even more sustain and toneClean rise (level knob turned up and also sustain knob turned down)Even bassists deserve to take benefit of a compressor!

If yes, then you certainly have to have a compressor pedal in your setup.

You will love it! BUT don't rush.

Although compressor pedals are pretty straightforward, you need to take your time to connumber them appropriately so you deserve to get the outcomes you are searching for.

As any type of various other results type, maxing out the compression have the right to produce weird or unorganic sounds, but that’s possibly what you desire, so tright here is likewise room for other type of usages. After all, what we desire out of effects pedals is to experiment and attempt new sounds, so play around as a lot as you can!

Wbelow Can I Find The Best Compressor Pedals?

The answer will completely depfinish on your demands and also budacquire, yet in any type of case, here are some general references.

If you have actually never before tried a compressor pedal before or if you have a tight budgain I wouldn’t recommfinish you to spfinish even more than $50. You have the right to gain pretty decent pedals like the JOYO JF-10 ($35).

Now, if you have even more experience with pedals or you have actually a much less limited budacquire, then I’d recommend you to inspect out the 100 to 200 dollar price variety, where we have actually the following “sub-levels”.

For $100 you have the classic compressor pedals: MXR M102 ($80) and also Boss CS-3 (around the $100)In the top-notch level, we have actually the Xotic Effects SP Compressor or the Wampler Pedals Ego (+$150)

In the adhering to table you have the right to evaluation the specifications of the various pedals we will cover in the next section:

Top 4 Compressor Pedals Under $100

Behringer CS400

Here we have the Boss CS-3 copycat, a cheapy plastic compressor pedal that, contrary to what you might be thinking, functions really well.

The a lot of impressive function of this pedal is that it has dedicated Level, Tone, Attack and also Sustain controls to completely manage the compression parameters.

One of the ideal alternatives for a home-only compressor pedal.

Official documentation have the right to be found here (took me a while to actually uncover anydocumentation).

Behringer CS400

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Joyo JF-10 Dyna

The Joyo JF-10 Dyna is an excellent compressor pedal that replicates the classicRoss Compressor pedal ($200+) through pretty success.

With even more than 200 positive reviews on Amazon, this pedal has significantly attracted the attention of amateurs and pros achoose. Here are some of the key features:

Some people claim that it sounds better than the Boss CS-3 ($100)It bacount adds noise to your original signalTrue bypass, which is the default these daysAluminum instance, however not as resilient as a BossIt also has a lid for a straightforward battery replacement

Wrapping up, if you don’t understand what pedal to select or you are brand-new to compressors, don’t hesitate and pick JOYO Dyna. You won’t regret it

Joyo JF-10 Dyna

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Mooer MCS2 Yellow Comp

The distinctive function of the Mooer MCS2 is that it"s an optical compressor, contrary to other pedals within the very same price selection (~ $50) which are mainly OTA compressors.

What does that mean?

OTA isn’t worst than Optical, nor vice-versa. But the fact that it"s unprevalent in this price range to find optical compressors provides it easier to experiment and also acquire brand-new sounds.

The MCS2 is a minimalistic micro pedal via no battery alternative and also simply three knobs to regulate the volume, the equalization and also the compression level.

It has actually a very smooth and also natural sound through slow release times

Mooer MCS2 Yellow Comp

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Optical compressor


Can’t readjust assault and also release

Youtube DemoBuy at Amazon

TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor

The TC Electronic HyperGravity is a very versatile pedal via an imaginative compression algorithm that provides it stand also out from the competition.

Just like the other TC Electronic pedals, you have the right to download some presets configurations from the main internet. You deserve to likewise develop your own effects using the TonePrint editor software application so you can store it safe and also share them through the human being.

The HyperGravity has actually three various compressor modes:

Spectra: the default compression modeTonePrint: to usage the TonePrint-based compressor configurationsVintage: jump right into old-school compression tones a la Ross. With this setting, you acquire all of the squeeze and also squash connected with timeless stompbox compression. It is perfect for percussive country tones, tight funk sounds or sweet Gilmour sustain.

One thing that I absolutely love about this pedal is that you can set the bypasseither to true bypass mode or buffered mode.

But what renders this digital compressor pedal special is that it provides a multiband compression algorithm that separates the input signal into 3 frequency bands and also uses various quantities of compression to each one. This opens a brand-new world of possibilities.

This pedal has a LOT to play via, a superb quality, and absolute dynamic regulate while continuing to be affordable.

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They also have actually an substantial official documentation.

TC Electronic HyperGravity Compressor

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