One look through the bass section of the website reveals a people of low-finish options that run the gamut from old-institution thumpers to high-finish energetic deindicators through stunning exotic tonewoods. Each bass has actually its own shape, controls, products, and also feel. We understand that for someone simply beginning out, it deserve to be overwhelming shopping for the finest beginner bass guitar. So what execute you look for as soon as picking your very first beginner bass? We’ve gained answers for you.

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We’ve selected five electrical bass guitars that the bass experts here at think are some of our best beginner bass guitars, ideal for players looking to dip their toes right into the low-end side of music. Amongst these 5 basses for beginners, you’ll find active deindicators for modern hi-fi tones, short-range building to nail vintage thump, and also even more. Tbelow are plenty even more fantastic alternatives for the beginning baid easily accessible at But we’re confident that these five will offer you a head start on finding the perfect one for your musical journey.

Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass PJ


This is a beginner bass that would certainly be a welcome addition to any kind of bass arsenal. The Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass PJ is straightforward, through a maple and rosetimber neck bolted to one of the the majority of popular bass body shapes in history. Onboard, you’ll uncover the pickup duet of a split-P single-coil in the neck and also a J-style single-coil in the bridge. This offers you the tonal ability to nail whatever from raw, Steve Harris-like rock sounds to Jaco-esque solo tones via ease. In truth, the P Bass body and the PJ pickup combicountry is just one of the most videotaped and used combinations in electrical bass guitar history. Oh, and did we point out that the Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass PJ is astoundingly affordable?

Fender Mustang PJ Bass


Sticking with the Fender family tree, the Fender Mustang PJ Bass is easily coming to be a favorite instrument of beginning bassists and touring pros aprefer. As quickly as you acquire this bass in your hands, you’ll notification that it is fairly a bit more compact than various other basses. This bass guitar is terrific for smaller-framed players and also kids. But this short-scale construction also injects the instrument with a ’60s-style thump that is very popular. Including a PJ pickup configuration comparable to the Squier Vintage Modified P Bass, the Mustang PJ Bass has actually the majority of tonal array waiting under the hood. When it concerns finding the finest beginner bass guitar, this short-range beauty brings a truckload of Fender quality and also tone to the table.

Ibanez GSR206 GIO

With contemporary forms of hip-hop, jazz, and also even metal, extended-variety basses such as this Ibanez GSR206 GIO 6-string are all however required equipment. The 6-string design of this active bass uses both a fat low end and also a greater selection that’s perfect for single-note soloing and chords. It accomplishes this by including a higher C and reduced B string to many basses’ conventional 4-string building and construction. The dual volume and also single tone regulate layout is simple for up-and-coming players to navigate. And the bass even boasts an active bass rise for rattling the wall surfaces on demand also. If you’re looking to gain into fleet-fingered formats of playing or slap-based approach, you’ll be very hard-pressed to find a far better value on a beginner bass guitar than the GSR206 GIO.

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Yamaha TRBX304


If you’re as excited about obtaining into steel bass as you are into jazz, or you discover as much inspiration in funk as you do laying dvery own a walking blues line, then the Yamaha TRBX304 active 4-string bass might be the best beginner bass guitar for you. Its fast-playing and also comfortable neck is basic for fresh hands to gain around on. And through its 5-item building and construction, it might have the most stable neck of the bunch. Also, the body boasts well-thought-out contours that make it surprisingly ergonomic. But this beginner bass really shines in the electronic devices department. Not just does the bass sell a switch for preset EQ settings that are easily accessible on the fly, but its energetic 2-band also EQ even more sculpts and also shapes your sound to whatever style you’re finding out. Placed all that in a bass through attrenergetic lines that will certainly look excellent onstage, at home, or in the studio, and also the Yamaha TRBX304 is a beginner bass that’s all set to groove.

Epiphone EB-3


The Epiphone EB-3 is an affordable take on among the a lot of legendary classical rock bass deindications of all time. Though sharing its tone and look through basses famously uncovered in the hands of iconic players such as Cream’s Jack Bruce, punk pioneer Mike Watt, and Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones, the Epiphone EB-3 has actually its very own personality to share. With a full 34″ scale size, this beginner bass boasts an included level of punch and aggression that many kind of of the shorter vintage examples can’t touch. It additionally comes in at a portion of the price of those old-institution 4-strings, making it one of the finest beginner bass guitars on the industry. But via the EB-3’s enormous Sidewinder humbucker in the neck place and also NYT Bass mini humbucker in the bridge, the heralded sounds of good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll are never before far away.

See more: best tube amps under 1000 cares around your musical journey. That’s why, even at beginner bass worths, you’ll never find a bass that we won’t stand behind 100%. All the beginner bass guitars we carry, specifically the five highlighted below, are high-quality instruments that are certain to proceed to inspire you for years to come. Still have actually a question before pulling the trigger?’s Sales Engineers are all set to answer any type of question you may have and assist guide you obtain your extremely own beginner bass guitar. Give us a call at (800) 222-4700.

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