Welconcerned the bass distortion pedal overview that’s going to aid you invigoprice your bass sound with some sweet distortion. Here’re the reviews of the 6 best distortion pedals for the bass guitar effects pedals you deserve to buy best now.

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If your bass amp alone is struggling to give you the aggressive edge you want for punk, difficult rock, metal, or anything in between, take the too much procedures of making use of a bass distortion pedal. Or, if you simply can’t get the deep bass you need for modern-day pop, EDM, indie, and comparable genres, tweak your sound with one of the effects I’m listing.

I’m featuring the finest bass distortion pedals liked by the pro players and also our bass heroes – each pick on our bass distortion pedal list has actually been closely vetted.

Don’t worry about the prices, though: I’m offering you both high-finish and also budacquire bass distortion pedal choices.

DIs concerned existence in the mid-’60s and they have progressed much given that their beginnings. Even so, they are an excellent enhancement to residence studios.

The optimal 6 finest bass distortion pedals reviews

I researched the finest choices for you. I provided my personal opinion and also expertise, and also the popularity of bass pedals on the expert human beings.

Let’s dive right right into the reviews of the height 6 finest bass distortion pedals.

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MXR M80 Bass D.I.+

This is the mothership of bass distortion pedals, it’s so excellent I truly don’t understand also how the price is not at leastern twice.

The MX80 series is famous, acdeclared, and also professional. This certain pedal is supplied by some of my favorite bass players, which are also some of the the majority of successful bassists in history:

Duff Mckagan (Guns ‘N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver);Les Claypool (Primus, solo artist);Robert Trujillo (Metallica);Troy Sanders (Motorhead)Mark Hoppus (Bconnect 182),David Effelkid (MegaDeath);Finneas (Billy Eilish’s band)Melissa Auf der Maur (Smashing Pumpkins)

As you check out, this is not only the definitive metal, it’s additionally good for modern-day pop and digital music as it thrives on low-end bass rhythms.

The MXR M80 does somepoint that was taken into consideration impossible for bass pedals back in the day. And it does somepoint not many kind of pedals have the right to deliver. What’s so distinct about this pedal is how it have the right to deliver a true distortion whilst keeping the low-finish frequency undamaged.

Priorly (or with various other pedals) you had actually to break-up your wet and dry signal right into two amps, which requires two amps, so it’s exceptionally costly. But the MXR Bass Distortion gives you so much regulate over the clean & dry mix appropriate out of package.

That’s because the M-80 is so much even more than a bass direct box. Its functions incorporate a distortion channel through Gain, Volume, and Blend controls (pretty self-explanatory). Plus it has a Noise Gate (the Trigger knob) to help keep the sound clean, and a 3-band also EQ (Bass, Mid, and also Trebble) to dial in the exact tone you want.

Other attributes incorporate a phantom power and also a parallel output jack to give you even more adaptability on your routing.

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So, whether you prefer clean, warm, spicy or tasty sounds, this distortion DI box deserve to carry out it all.

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