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No guitar is complete without an amp, of course. Whilst high-top quality guitar amps demanding high levels of investment in the previous, those days are thankcompletely coming to a close. Because of this, tbelow are a selection of decent guitar amps under $500.

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What provides a good guitar amp

When you dip into the reduced price selection, it’s all too basic to end up via cheaply made horror stories. Here, we’re going to look at the best guitar amp under $500 and also, just as importantly, what you must be trying to find in a low-expense amp in the initially place.

Power rating: This is, properly, exactly how loud your amp is going to be. How loud you want your amp counts on where you arrangement on using it. For the stage, you want to go with a higher rating, however if it’s generally for playing in the garage or learning as a beginner, you don’t need to go so high.

Speaker size: Speaker dimension additionally affects loudness, yet the bigger the speaker, the more the sound transforms. If you want a clearer mid guitar sound, you can opt for a smaller sized speaker, while steel lovers will most likely likewise love the bass rise of the bigger kind.

Additional effects: Tright here are arguments to and also for the inclusion of results prefer reverbs. While some execute prefer the included flexibility, others will certainly argue that added impacts on amps tfinish to lack in high quality compared to pedals.

Now that you understand what you desire to look for, it’s time to answer the question: what is the ideal guitar amp under $500?

Best Guitar Amps Under $500

1. Fender Champion 100


This tiny, 10lb, 10-watt, 2×3” battery powered amp is designed via a various sort of usage in mind than the others mentioned so far, below. This low-volume amp will certainly not be filling out many venues however is rather right here for those who favor to get playful via their sounds. It’s a exercise amp and also a recording amp, mostly, coming through a metric ton of results and settings that deserve to assist you accomplish all kinds of sounds at a reasonably low price.

While a solid state amp, it also brings the ability to produce authentic tube tones, without the weight and also the regular need for repairs that those amps frequently lug through them. In addition, it uses clean, crunch, bass, acoustic, contemporary amp selections, EQ, volume, and obtain manage, and also even more options besides. If you’re searching for adaptability, you’ll uncover it in this desktop amp in spades. Tright here are 5 presets so you can save your favorite sounds and accessibility them with ease at any type of time. Connect it to a computer system through the USB 2.0 relationships and also the Cubase AI allows you to customize the sound even even more.

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In addition, the truth that it can run on both eight AA batteries or AC makes it brilliant for the recording lounge, the bedroom, or the campfire. If tbelow are any type of complaints, it’s that the babsence plastic parts of the casings are relatively cheap feeling, so you may want to handle it with some care.

Lastly, the have the obtainable, highly functional, and featured packed Line 6 AMPLIFi. At this price range, you’re looking at the 75 watt variation at 12 inches, so sufficient power to fill smaller venues, but maybe not sufficient for the bigger gigs.

Versatility is the main drawing aspect of this amp, yet. The smartphone editing and enhancing capacity thanks to Bluetooth connectivity suggests that you have the right to access a vast selection of tones, add backing tracks, play to complement mp3 tracks, and also perform much more besides. For those who want an amp that can reach the much corners of all venues, however, it doesn’t pack rather sufficient power.

Thus, the AMPLIFi is finest used for those want to practice or document various sounds. The lack of a pedal means that you’re not adjusting your sound on the fly so a lot as you’re avoiding to pick up your phone currently and also then, yet the sound quality continues to be regular throughout.


Which of the options above is the finest guitar amp under $500 relies on what, precisely, you’re trying to find. For acoustics, the Fishguy Loudbox Mini is undoubtedly one of the finest on the industry. For those that want to gain truly speculative or to uncover their signature sound in smaller sized venues or their own bedroom, the Yamaha is your finest bet. For powerful, venue-all set amp that still brings plenty of flexibility, however, we recommend the Fender over all else.

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