honeychrome.net has actually watched the tube-amp market grow by leaps and bounds over the last 2 years. Long gone are the days when nailing the tone of your favorite artists and albums intended borrowing versus your house. In reality, today’s off-the-shelf tube amps are coming via tones, features, and also dependcapability that rival some awfully bougie boutiques — frequently for prices that might surpclimb you.

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Our guitar specialists have actually created this overview as a starting suggest for any type of player who’s looking for a great-sounding, stage-all set tube amp for under 1,000 bones. Whether you’re in the sector for a standalone tube combo or a completely loaded tube head to drive your very own speaker cabs, the amps on this list have you extended.

Best Tube Combo Amps

Blackstar HT Club 40 MK II 40-watt Tube Combo

Sparkling cleans to high-obtain grit from both sides of the pond

Note: The HT Club 40 MK II is available in several colors and also tube configurations. For this list, we’ve stuck with the timeless black, EL34 model.

The HT Club 40 and also its successor, the MK II, have actually been longtime honeychrome.net favorites for spanning numerous ground in a solitary amp. Not just does this amp provide you bluesy cleans with plenty of tube sparkle, however it additionally packs a formidable overdrive channel via high-get textures from both sides of the pond — from California to the English Isles. Onboard digital reverb, a cab-emulated output over analog or USB, and a tube-fed Celestion Seventy 80 12-inch speaker tell the remainder of the story.

Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb 15-watt Tube Combo

The session guitarist’s first-call amp for 50+ years

Here’s an amp that refprovides to autumn out of fashion: the Blackface-era Princeton Reverb. No piece of gear on this list lays insurance claim to even more hits and also rider lists than this unassuming workequine combo. It’s tough; it’s compact; and also, finest of all, it sounds excellent on electrical guitar. You have the right to plug right in and tap into classic Americana country and also blues tones or hit the front finish tough through your favorite fuzz and also drive pedals to unlock some pretty gnarly textures. Cranked up, the 10-inch Jensen Special Deauthorize C-10R speaker in this amp packs a snarl that is pure rock ‘n’ roll revelry. Factor in actual spring reverb and also tube-prejudice tremolo, and this amp will earn its store in simply about any player’s amp arsenal.

Marshall DSL40CR 40-watt Tube Combo

Real Marshall tube tone to go

With its Origin and also DSL combos, Marshall has showed its revered British tone and dealing with are not off the table for the weekender and also light traveler. If it’s a combo you’re after, the DSL40 combo is our pick for tone, output, functions, and also dimension. This welterweight 40-watter offers you the Standard and Ultra channels popularized by the late-’90s JCM2000 Dual Super Lead head and brings them to the phase in an exceptional, club-friendly form factor. With this one amp, you have the right to efficiently cook up any kind of Marshall tone, previous to current. The amp is well paired by the single 12-inch Celestion V-Type speaker, which, in our experience, mics up well and sounds excellent live in a room. It’s loaded via extras, as well — including a 2-button footswitch, an onboard effects loop, and a cab-emulated direct output powered by Softube’s Marshall 1960 cab version.

Supro 1970RK Keeley 25-watt Tube Combo

A participation in between amp and pedal giants Supro and also Keeley

What Supro is to the world of cult amps, Robert Keeley is to the world of handbuilt boutique pedals. So, it’s little bit wonder that the meeting of these tone minds offered climb to the pedal-loving 1970RK Keeley combo — a favorite among honeychrome.net dirt-box and pedal-preamp individuals. This compact, Class A via a 10-inch speaker is tailor-made to be the engine that drives your pedalboard. High-headroom input section? Got it. Touch response and dynamic sensitivity? Yup. A transparent results loop for your delays and reverbs? Got that, also. A simple top-mounted amp challenge keeps knob glut to a minimum; you deserve to simply crank up and also go. Its specially voiced Supro CR10 speaker comes clothed in that iconic “blue denim” Supro tolex and silver piped grille fabric — which certainly gets our vote for best dressed on this list.

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Vox AC15C1 15-watt Tube Combo

It jangles, chimes, and roars through the ideal of them

Ask a fifty percent dozen Vox players their favorite AC15 model, and also you’re most likely to gain just as many type of answers. Obviously, this combo has been about a lengthy time and also has actually come in a dizzying number of variations. But in honeychrome.net’s opinion, today’s AC15C1 is one of the best and also many affordable iterations of this sibling to the iconic, Beatles-beloved AC30. The AC15C1’s chimey-EL84 peak finish and also smooth saturation have actually won this amp a one-of-a-kind area in clubs and homes of worship everywhere the people. Its chiefly British Top Boost channel is perfectly paired via its 12-inch Celestion Greenearlier — a stock speaker that defies upgrading. All the while, an outstanding onboard tremolo and spring reverb make this amp a herbal at creating environment without the need for extra pedals. Be advised that the AC15C1 does have some trouble rising above a complete band also onstage unmuch less you’re searching for full breakup. But for smaller sized gigs, studio work-related, and also making music up on the platdevelop, this amp is a clear winner in our book.

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Best Tube Amp Heads

EVH 5150 III 50-watt Tube Head

A modern classic for rock and metal

The 5150 III tube head mirrors the fanaticism, development, and durcapability that Eddie Van Halen and also his influential technique to the guitar were all around. In our tests, this 50-watt gainiac competently handles pyrotechnic phase rock to the a lot of molten of studio steels via stunning versatility. You acquire three switchable networks (footswitch included), 2 with independent gain, EQ, and also understand volume. These allow you to easily dial in rhythm, crunch, and lead tones and also to toggle in between them from the comfort of your stage command also station. In addition to the 3-band also tone stack, you likewise get those oh-so-essential Presence and also Resonance controls that have actually become a staple of the modern-day high-gain head. Around ago, you’ll find an effects loop wright here you deserve to feed reverb and delay pedals. There’s even a headphone out for silent practice and a 5-pin MIDI link for remote channel switching.

Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister Deluxe 20 20-watt Tube Head

Power-scalable tone monster with onboard Red Box DI

Though its front face might resemble a toaster oven rather of a conventional amp head, the TubeMeister Deluxe 20 is among our height picks for weekend warriors in search of functional tube tone through or without a cab. It’s a real tube head from front to earlier through channel-independent input/output settings, volcanic get on tap, and a switchable Lead Boost for summoning violin-favor unlimited sustain. What’s unprevalent around the Deluxe 20 is that it have the right to be dialed down from the full 20 watts to 5, 1, or even 0 watts to produce a fully noisemuch less stage. Why would you desire 0 watts? Well, the Deluxe 20’s onboard Red Box AE speaker-emulated DI mimics the sound of a huge or little, vintage or contemporary miked cabinet and sends your signal directly into a mixing board or recording interchallenge. And did we cite it’s safe to run this amp sans cab without damaging your tubes? In this means, the Deluxe 20 pulls double duty as a phase amp and a desktop computer tone engine. Other features we prefer are the post-preamp effects loop and also TCS Tube Safety Control, which consistently monitors and re-biases tubes to extfinish life on the road.

Marshall DSL100HR 100-watt Tube Head

A JCM2000 different for under $1,000

This 100-watt head is king of Marshall’s DSL series. And, though it packs sufficient firepower to fill an arena, it’s sub-$1K price suggest may surprise you. The DSL100’s tube match is similar to what you’d find in a late-’90s JCM2000 Dual Super Lead, which means plenty of obtain for crunching up guitars and loads of headroom for climbing over the ruckus of a band. You gain all the bells and whistles of the DSL40 combo above, including the 2-button footswitch and Softube speaker-emulated out, for streamlined phase occupational (no mics!) and also recording.

Orange Rocker 15 Terror 15-watt Tube Head

Ferocious Oarray tone in a lunchbox-sized head

The woolen, riotous Oarray overdrive we understand and also love is available to also more guitarists in the back- and also bedroom-friendly Rocker 15 Terror. This little bit lunchbox lets players paint via a substantial palette of Ovariety tones classic and also modern-day. The Natural (clean) channel couldn’t be simpler; its single output knob is as plug-and-play as amps obtain. But switch over to the Dirty channel, and also you’ve obtained a powerful Orange-voiced 3-band also EQ and independent Gain/Master controls for dialing in the proper amount of pre- and also power-amp distortion. Not only is this head lightweight, however its Headroom/Bedroom switch allows you toggle between 15-watt, 7-watt, and also 1-watt operation. This makes the Rocker 15 Terror a smart solution for the gigging guitarist that requirements good home-recording tones from the exact same head. Dual 8-ohm outputs let you drive two stage cabs without messy chains. You also obtain an impacts loop for appropriately managing ambience pedals.

PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 15-watt Tube Head

Mark and Paul’s gift to get lovers everywhere

A player favor Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti basically needs two things: crystalline cleans and savage rhythm/lead tones. Mark’s signature PRS lunchbox head brings these sounds and more to a solitary easy-loading amp along with a surpclimbing amount of output for the stage. Inside the MT15, you’ll discover six cascading ECC83S preamp tubes (12AX7s) to unearth an insane fill of grit, ferocity, and grind. It goes without saying that this amp has actually no problem with molten forms of modern-day metal. But, as soon as you really dig in, you’ll find a surprising sensibility to its clean and blues voicings — which, considering the man it’s called after, really shouldn’t be a lot of a surpclimb at all. One advanced feature we choose in the MT15 is Paul Reed Smith’s exterior tube prejudice, which lets your technology collection just how hot your tubes run. Factor in an onboard impacts loop for your ambient stomps, a half-power switch to marinate your power tubes quicker, and an contained footswitch for hands-cost-free channel switching, and also this is one amp that’s equipped to come to be the backbamong your stage and also studio setup.

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We hope this list has opened your eyes to some of the truly great sub-$1,000 amps obtainable at honeychrome.net. If you’re chasing a particular tone or attribute set you don’t view reflected in this list, then reach out to your honeychrome.net Sales Engineer at (800) 222-4700. They’ll be happy to aid you uncover the appropriate equipment — at the best price — for your demands.

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