Finding the best acoustic guitar under $1,500 that feels excellent in your hands and sounds good isn’t straightforward. There are tons of acoustic guitar in the $1,500 price array, but not all of them enhance your playing style.

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You require somepoint that fits your tone. It’s remarkable what the distinction in timber type does to acoustic guitar tone. Harder woods choose maple sound bappropriate while softer woods like cedar and also koa sound heat. Somepoint else to think around is the body form. Full-shaped dreadnought guitars don’t have actually cutameans to reach the greater frets, yet they do have actually a louder sound. Whether you gain strumming or fingerstyle playing, we’ll help you discover the best guitar.

Let’s testimonial the top-rated acoustic guitars under $1500, so you have the right to compare their features, tonewoods, and benefits and pick our your next guitar.

Compare the Top Acoustic Guitars Below $1,500


1 Compare the Top Acoustic Guitars Below $1,5001.1 Martin OMCPA4 Acoustic Guitar1.2 Taylor 214ce DLX Acoustic-Electric Guitar1.3 Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar1.4 Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar1.5 Guild D-20 Acoustic Guitar1.6 Yamaha L-Series Trans-Acoustic Guitar1.7 Ovation Melissa Etheridge Signature Elite Acoustic-Electric Guitar1.8 Seagull Maritme SWS CW GT QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar1.9 Blueridge BR-160 Acoustic Guitar1.10 The Loar LH-700 Archoptimal Acoustic Guitar

Here is a list of the finest $1,500 acoustic guitars that are made of actual tonewoods, look wonderful, and sound exceptional.

Martin OMCPA4 Acoustic Guitar

Specs, functions, and also benefits

As much as acoustic guitars go, few brands can contend through CF Martin’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-end guitars. Finding a Martin on this list is by no means an indication that it is an inferior high quality product.

The OMCPA4 is among the guitars in the brand’s Percreating Artist Series, which focuses on acoustic-electric guitars that make performance on significant stperiods a lot less complicated. It is a dreadnought body acoustic-electrical guitar via Venetian cutameans.

It attributes an all-solid lumber building and construction – a solid spruce height and also sapele sides and also back. To better minimize the manufacturing expense so regarding make this guitar even more affordable, Martin provides some man-made products. These include: white corian nut and also saddle, fretboard and bridge made of black Richlite and also binding made of black Boltaron.

This guitar supplies a simplified Fishmale electronic devices device, which includes a tuner and also exceptionally standard controls.

This guitar provides a tone that is both warm and also sweet and with its superb playcapacity, owning and also playing one is pure bliss.

Pros and HighlightsTone – It has a warmth, sweet tone.Playability – It’s simple to play.Build – It is lovely and also well-constructed.Cons and Potential FlawsControls – The controls that come through the digital area is sporadic.Bottom Line

This is an excellent option for anyone that has constantly dreamed of owing a Martin yet hasn’t been able to afford one. At this affordable price point, you gain a lovely, well-developed guitar through a lot of the Martin tone and also high quality.

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Taylor 214ce DLX Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Specs, attributes, and benefits

Taylor Guitars is just one of the companies well-known for creating height top quality acoustic, semi-hollow electric and also acoustic-electric guitars in America. You can’t maybe list high-finish guitars without consisting of a couple of its assets.

The 214ce DLX is an improved version of the traditional 214ce. The 2 sport is the Taylor’s desired Grand also Auditorium body size through the expected narrowhead waste. The two likewise attribute solid Sitka spruce optimal.

The ago and sides are but various with the 214ce DLX featuring laminated roselumber rather of the original laminated koa.

The similarities proceed via the neck, which is the exact same, featuring a sapele timber building and an ebony fretboard.

Aside from the difference in the soundboard timber, the various other significant distinction is the electronic devices. This guitar comes through the Expression System 2 electronic devices from Taylor.

A few various other minor differences incorporate the inlays on the fretboard, which are now tiny diamonds, the gloss finish and the rosette, which is, currently single-ring.

All of these integrate to supply a visually pleasing instrument that is also comfortable to host and play while likewise carrying a wealthy, heat tone.

Pros and also HighlightsTone – Rich, warmth and also balanced.Build – Well-made and visually pleasing.Case – Comes through a hardshell case.Cons and also Potential FlawsControls – Sparse and not well-defined.Bottom Line

You deserve to always suppose excellent quality from Taylor and also this is no different. For less than the price you will certainly pay for some guitars, you will certainly get the exact same top quality and worth with this purchase.

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Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Specs, features, and benefits

What Takamine Guitar stands for is the manufacturing of top end guitars at affordable expenses. This is what it has actually done through the EF341SC from its Legacy Series.

The Legacy Series represents some of the iconic guitars that have made the brand also proud over the years. These are currently redeveloped to give them a new lease of life.

The EF341SC is a dreadnought body acoustic-electric guitar through a single cutamethod. The peak is made of solid cedar while the sides and ago are made of maple laminates. All of these are covered by a piano babsence complete and also this contrasts nicely via the white binding and also sound hole decorations.

The neck is made of mahogany with rosehardwood fretboards that host 20 frets inlaid via small diamonds.

For the electronic devices, it comes through the Palathetic under-saddle pickup and CT-4B II preamp device, all from Takamine. These come through an in-constructed tuner and a controls system that consists of a 3-band also EQ and a volume slider.

This is a classy looking guitar that delivers a warmth, affluent tone that also projects nicely. Plugged in, you obtain that exact same organic sound.

Pros and HighlightsAppearance – Has a basic, elegant look.Tone – Delivers a warm, affluent and loud sound.Case – Includes a hard case.Cons and Potential FlawsCost – Expensive for some.Bottom Line

Just in instance you didn’t recognize, this was the guitar that Bruce Springsteen offered for his concerts. You deserve to therefore be sure that for this price, you are getting good worth.

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Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar

Specs, functions, and also benefits

This is another product from Martin Guitars. While the initially one we looked at was an acoustic-electric, this is a complete acoustic guitar from the 15 Series. The 15 Series has actually some relation to the Format 15 models that the brand also offered in the 1930s.

Today, this series represents some high top quality, mid-selection guitars offered by the brand of which the D-15 is one.

This is a flatpeak dreadnought body guitar through no cutamethods. It’s made entirely of solid mahogany type of and finished through soft satin. This gives it a herbal look.

Underneath the bookmatched top is an A-framework X bracing which gives a a lot needed assistance. The neck through its Indian rosehardwood fretboard with 20 frets is additionally made of mahogany and also gives a smooth, basic play.

The other parts of this guitar incorporate a Delmar faux tortoiseshell pickguard, a continuous bone nut and also saddle and also open-geared nickel tuners via butterbean tuning pegs.

With an all mahogany type of building and construction, it’s no surpincrease that it delivers a rich, warmth and also mellow tone. Given its body shape, you have the right to of course also mean a totally resonant tone.

Pros and HighlightsTone – Rich, warmth and mellow.Build – Well-made and also beautiful.Playcapability – Comfortable and also straightforward to play.Cons and also Potential FlawsThis doesn’t have the D15-ce’s flexibility.Bottom Line

This is a lovely guitar –visually and also sonically. It will certainly fit ideal right into a lot of playing layouts, strumming, fingerstyle or flat-picking. If you play blues, then just gain this guitar because it is perfect for that genre.

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Guild D-20 Acoustic Guitar

Specs, functions, and benefits

The Guild Guitar Company kind of has actually been recognized as manufacturers of quality handmade guitars for decades. Though the name currently exists as a brand also under the Cordoba Music group, its basic values still remain the very same – structure guitars that make playing a joy. One of the guitars from this brand is the D-20.

This is a dreadnought body acoustic guitar made of mahogany all-through. The peak, sides and ago are all made of solid mahogany type of while the neck, which is also made of mahogany type of features a rosehardwood fingerboard.

Underneath the solid mahogany type of height is a scalloped X bracing which provides assistance while also helping the soundboard to vibprice successfully sufficient to produce its unique tone.

This all mahogany building and construction lends a warm tone to the effective sound generated by the dreadnought body. This is of course aside from the lovely look of the dark coloring of the lumber plus the vintage sunburst design.

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This is a beautiful guitar that is also incredibly enjoyable and easy to play and also likewise delivers a tone that provides it all worth it.

Pros and HighlightsPlaycapability – It is extremely playable.Construction – Lovely looking and also well-built.Case – Includes a situation with a humidifier.Cons and Potential FlawsVoicing – May not market that traditional dreadnought voicing.Bottom Line

The D-20 is a testament to the fact that even under a brand-new agency, the requirements and also the original Guild viewpoint are still being maintained. This is an excellent high quality instrument that anyone will be happy to very own.

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Yamaha L-Series Trans-Acoustic Guitar

Specs, functions, and benefits

Yamaha is a brand also that has actually affected the human being of music greatly. One of the things it is well-known for is innovation. This a lot is pretty noticeable in this guitar.

The Yamaha L-Series Transacoustic Guitar is an acoustic guitar via a technology developed in to improve your playing endure. It’s not simply an acoustic-electrical guitar however likewise one through the capacity to impact how the guitar sounds in an area.

Everyone knows that the acoustic guitar is best delighted in as soon as played in a room via a lively response. The Transacoustic guitar recreates the sound of playing in a live room with a reverb and also chorus impact. You do should plug it right into any kind of amp to hear these results as it provides the ago of the guitar as a speaker. It’s a great tool for livening up your play.

The guitar itself is excellent with its solid Engelmann spruce optimal, solid rosewood ago and sides and a 5-ply mahogany and also roselumber neck with an ebony fingerboard.

Further adding to the guitar’s quality is the Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (A.R.E) treatment that the height received. This is Yamaha’s proprietary process that provides brand-new hardwood the very preferable aged lumber tone.

Pros and HighlightsTone – Has a wealthy tone.Electronics – Adds excellent tonal value.Playability – Very playable.Cons and Potential FlawsSetup – May require some setup.Bottom Line

This is a guitar that supplies amazing tonal worth. A combination of its organic tone plus the magnified acoustic variations makes this a delight to play.

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Ovation Melissa Etheridge Signature Elite Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Specs, features, and benefits

Melissa Lou Etheridge is an Amerihave the right to singer and songwriter that climbed to fame on the stamina of the underground success of her 1988 self-titled album. Many kind of successes later and also a couple of Grammies to boot, she joined the rank of musicians to have received a star on the Hollytimber Walk of Fame.

The Melissa Etheridge Signature Elite Acoustic-Electric Guitar was designed by the artist in conjunction via Ovation and also Adamas’ research study and also advance team.

This is a super shallow body guitar through a solitary cutameans. It has actually a solid spruce top via is mid-depth bowl back made of Lyrachord. The height is reincompelled through an X bracing pattern, offering excellent support and resonance.

The neck is made of 5-Piece mahogany and maple and sports a satin end up. On the ebony fretboard, you have actually 20 fully available frets and four others that are available in a descfinishing order, via the highest possible E string having accessibility to all 24 frets.

The electronics area attributes Ovation’s OCP-1K Pickup and also OP Pro preamp through an on-board tuner, 3-band also EQ and also even more. These controls assist you fine tune the tone of the guitar to taste.

Pros and also HighlightsBuild – Beautiful and also well-made.Electronics – The featured electronic devices are of good top quality.Case – Comes through a hardcase.Cons and Potential FlawsThe composite bowl earlier will certainly not appeal to some.Bottom Line

This Melissa Etheridge Signature guitar is a lovely guitar for anyone that desires somepoint distinctive and various from the norm. This is not for a traditionalist.

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Seagull Maritme SWS CW GT QIT Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Specs, attributes, and also benefits

Seagull Guitars is a Canadian company concentrated totally on the manufacture of acoustic guitars. In its over three decades of guitar production, the brand also has actually been focused keeping a level of quality in its production. It additionally ensures that eexceptionally timber provided is responsibly sourced while it also functions proactively with various replanting programs. The brand also is presently marketed as a sub-brand also of Godin Guitars.

This guitar is part of the brand’s Naval Solid Wood Series (SWS). It functions a solid spruce height that is pressure tested to ensure best performance and also solid mahogany type of backs and also sides that lend some warmth to the whole tone. The neck is likewise made of mahogany kind of however sports a Richlite fretboard.

This guitar’s highly glossed optimal, the ebony bridge, lovely pickguard and rosette architecture all add to its alentice.

Being an acoustic-electric guitar, it comes with some electronics. These encompass Godin’s tradition QIT device that renders amplification straightforward and effective and also the in-built digital tuner via auto shut dvery own which boosts the guitars user friendliness.

This is a lovely guitar that supplies a lovely tone plugged and also unplugged.

Pros and also HighlightsTone – It has actually a sound that is bold and clear.Playcapacity – The cutaway and also neck market great playcapability.Appearance – It is well-made and lovely.Cons and also Potential FlawsCase – Does not come via a gig bag.Bottom Line

If you are searching for a great quality guitar that is affordable but also has actually a great tone and also personality, you should take into consideration going for this.

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Blueridge BR-160 Acoustic Guitar

Specs, functions, and benefits

The Blueridge BR-160 Acoustic Guitar provides excellent bang for the money. It is part of the brand’s Historic Series so it’s no surprise that it functions a vintage dreadnought body architecture.

This guitar renders usage of some of the well understood tonewoods. For the peak, it has actually a solid Sitka spruce tonelumber and supplies Indian roselumber for the sides and also earlier. The neck on the other hand is made of mahogany kind of yet via rosewood for the fretboard.

Looking at the develop of the guitar, the lovely pickguard and white peak binding, you will automatically appreciate the mindful craftsmanship that went into developing somepoint of such top quality.

Other little bit determinants that add to making this guitar what it is include: a conventional rosewood bridge, a bone compensated saddle, bone nut and also open up ago nickel plated tuning machines (vintage style).

It however is not all around looks. The tamong this guitar takes you ago in time via its vintage slur. Its tone is rich and also warm and well projected by its dreadnought body.

If you love the vintage sound, feel and look, then you have to get this guitar.

Pros and also HighlightsBuild – Great craftsmanship.Tone – Warm and also sweet tone.Hardware – Good quality.Cons and Potential FlawsSetup – May require some setas much as shine.Bottom Line

If you love vintage guitars, then you will certainly love this guitar. Its vintage theme is not just limited to its looks. The very same layout is apparent also in its tone, which is warm and also extremely “vintagey”.

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The Loar LH-700 Archtop Acoustic Guitar

Specs, functions, and benefits

Loar might not be an extremely famous guitar brand also. However before, it made this list bereason this product from the brand shows good promise and therefore merits a point out on this list.

This is a 24.75 inch scale length, archtop acoustic guitar. Its height is made of solid AAA-grade spruce that was sculpted and also graduated by hand. The very noticeable point you will certainly notification around this guitar is that instead of a sound hole, it sporting activities two F shaped holes located on either sides of the bridge.

The sides and also earlier of this guitar is made of solid AAA-grade flamed maple and also to achieve that vintage look, the whole body is stained in a dark tobacco end up and also then completed with hand-buffed nitrocellushed lacquer.

The single-piece, V-profile neck is made of maple with an ebony fretboard. On this fretboard are 19 frets, which are inlassist through mother-of-pearl dots.

For hardware, it provides 18:1 gear ratio Grover Sta-Tite open-geared tuning makers through butterbean style tuning pegs, a compensated adjustable ebony bridge, a floating tailpiece (trapeze-style) and also a continuous bone nut.

This is a well-made guitar that can supply a heat and also well balanced tone that’s also loud.

Pros and also HighlightsTone – warm and also well balanced.Build – Well made.Case – Comes with an archtop situation.Cons and also Potential FlawsCost – Some may not think it’s worth the price.Bottom Line

This is a nice guitar. Yes, it might not compare to some others however will appeal to players that particularly love jazz of the 30s.

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What We Recommend and also Why

Tright here are constantly the majority of things to take into consideration once picking a guitar, height of which is individual preference. Based on this, it is normally hard to choose one guitar from a list as the “best”. However before, because we have to select, our option for Top Acoustic Guitars Under $1500 from the list over is the Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar. We feel that this guitar offers the finest balance of complete musical worth and price.

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