Looking for the ideal 3/4 dimension youngsters acoustic guitar? A 3/4sized acoustic guitar will make a perfect beginner guitar for a boy aged 8 and over (approximately 4′ 6” plus), or also simply as a petite choice for players through smaller sized hands.

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We also have a guide for 1/2 dimension acoustic guitars for even younger kids!


What Is The Best 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar?

Yamaha JR-1 – Many Popular 3/4 Size AcousticYamaha APX-T2 Electro-Acoustic – Most Versatile ChoiceRogue 3/4 Pack – Best Budget Option

Scroll dvery own a tiny for an extra thorough look at each of these 3 guitars. If you have a small more money to spend, I’ve likewise said a couple of higher-finish alternatives which you might like to consider if you require the absolute best3/4 dimension children acoustic guitar.

Steel String Acoustics vs Nylon String Classical Guitars

Due to the greater action on a steel-string acoustic, fingers have to be pressed dvery own slightly harder, which deserve to result in sore fingertips. Because of this, many kind of paleas will opt for a classic guitar due to the nylon strings being easier on fresh fingers. However, as a lot of kids will certainly eventually want to play steel-string acoustic, it’s certainly ideal to obtain this physical obstacle out of the means at an early stage.

It’s likewise worth noting that both tools are designed for their very own certain play-formats. For example, a timeless has actually a thicker, broader neck profile bereason it is played through the thumb behind the neck. This will make it slightly more uncomfortable if supplied like a steel-string acoustic which is mainly played via the thumb curvedaroundthe neck.

Best 3/4 Size Kids Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha JR-1 – Many Popular Choice


The Yamaha JR-1 is the world’s ideal selling 3/4 dimension, and also is the perfect beginner guitar for any kind of young player. Yamaha is famous for producing tools that punch way over their price suggest, and also this little gem is no exemption. It is modelled after the company’s legendary FG Series acoustics and also is substantial on sound and also high quality.

It functions a real spruce peak with meranti ago and also sides, natoneck and rosewood fretboard. The 21-1/4″ scale length is going to be absolutely ideal for smaller sized hands, and it also comes via a gigbag for simple carry.

At such a bargain price, and also through so many type of top quality attributes, it’s really going to be tough to beat the Yamaha without spending a lot more cash. Many type of, many players will price it as the best3/4 size kids acoustic guitar. The singledownside to the JR-1 is that it is only easily accessible in a organic finish, although for an extra $30 you have the choice of upgrading to the JR-2 which comes in organic and sunburst.

Yamaha APXT2–Most Versatile Choice


A scaled dvery own variation of Yamaha’s many famous full sized acoustic! If you chosen the Yamaha JR-1 above, yet wiburned it came in some more exciting colors and via a few additional bells and also whistles, then you are going to love the Yamaha APXT23/4 dimension youngsters electro-acoustic guitar. This design is accessible in 4 good colors, has actually a cutameans for boosted upper stress accessibility, and also is equipped via electronics to permit enhanced play. For under $200, this little bit gem is sure to tick every one of the ideal boxes.

The APXT2features a spruce optimal through meranti earlier and also sides, and choose the Yamaha JR-1 above, a nato neck through rosewood fingerboard. The completely bound body gives it the appearance of being an extra expensive guitar. It has actually a nice, brief range length of 22.8″, making it perfectfor smaller sized hands. On-board ART electronics and a System68 pickup allows you to plug into an amp or computer, and also a built-in tuner ensures that you are constantly playing in perfect pitch. For added worth, the APXT2comes bundled with a quality Yamaha gigbag.

Absolutely best for younger kids or for usage as a tiny take a trip acoustic guitar. In addition to the 4 guitars presented above, it’s also easily accessible via upgraded exotic timber tops. See them all by clicking the button below.

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Rogue Starter Package –Best BudgetChoice


On a tight budget, the only guitar I can recommfinish is the starter acousticfrom Rogue. At less than half the price of the Yamaha or Fender over, the Rogue is most guitar for such little bit money.

The first point I’ll should cite is that it isn’t fairly a 3/4 dimension acoustic guitar, however is extremely cshed with it’s 7/8 range. So save in mind that this is a tiny little bit bigger than a 3/4 size, however still smaller sized than a complete dimension alternative. The slightly larger dimension will certainly lead to a nice, complete sound and also should additionally mean that this guitar will last longer than other smaller sized choices.

It’s obtainable in 6 wonderful different colors, so tbelow have to be a guitar to suit everyone’s tastes right here. As you would certainly mean at such an affordable price allude, the Rogue doesn’t come bundled with a gigbag or other accessories. Head to the finish of this web page where I imply a couple of helpful important accessories that you can pick up together with your new guitar.

If you’re on a very strict budgain, this is certainly your finest option. Check it out at the connect below.

Getting Tuned Up Easily

Although some acoustic guitars will certainly come via integrated tuners, namong the tools suggested here are equipped through electronics. For that factor, I highly recommfinish picking up a cheap tuner to ensure that you are playing in correct pitch.

An endmuch less supply of cost-free online tuners are easily accessible, but I don’t advocate these, as a beginner’s ear is going to be nowhere close to excellent enough to tune accurately. My first guitar came bundled with a set of pitch pipes – and that guitar never before sounded fairly right! A guitar which is even simply slightly out of tune can possibly discourage a new player.


The a lot of affordable and also handy alternative will certainly be a clip-on headstock tuner – my favorite is the Snark SN-8 pictured over. At roughly $10 this little device is a must-have, and will continue to be via you for life. Ssuggest clip it on to your guitar’s headstock and also it will tune (exceptionally accurately) by means of vibration. Eincredibly guitarist should have among these.

Best 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar Strings

Because these guitars have a much shorter scale length (the distance in between the nut and also bridge), the strings don’t require quite as much anxiety to reach the correct pitch. This can intend that the strings have actually fairly a loosened feel depending on the gauge of strings that you usage. Looser strings are even more comfortable on the fingers, but will certainly additionally expect that it is less complicated to accidentally bend the string out of pitch, bring about slightly ‘off’ sounding chords.

To compensate for the reduced string anxiety in traditional tuning, some guitar teachers recommfinish using different tunings on smaller sized guitars. However I really wouldn’t suggest this as whatever learned will certainly be shed once moving up to a complete sized guitar in conventional pitch.

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Start out with a collection of light strings at initially (such as my favorites) and also view exactly how you acquire on. I’d recommfinish picking up at leastern one spare set via your new guitar as you never recognize as soon as one of those pesky high strings will snap!

If your boy finds that the strings are as well ‘floppy’, a much better alternative is to ssuggest usage a heavier gauge of strings to introduce more tension. These will certainly be a little harder on fingers at initially, but at the end of the day, all strings will certainly initially cause sensitive fingertips. I uncover that it commonly takes about a week or two of play for the sensitivity to subside.

So tright here you have it folks – I hope this assisted you uncover the best 3/4 dimension children acoustic guitar!

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